June 4, 2023

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Okay so your provider is sending you home on the medication metoprol the brand name for this medication is lopressor and the generic name is metoprolisinate this medication can be used in patients who have hypertension stable angina pectoris and to help prevent reinforcation in paris i’m sorry patients who have had a myocardial infarction so that means that it can

Be used for patients who have high blood pressure or stable chest pain due to a blockage uh the medication works is it blocks beta receptors in the heart and the kidneys that cause the sympathetic nervous system from causing an increase in blood pressure and that stops the heart from becoming more excitable it also works to decrease cardiac output which decreases

The cardiac workload and decreases your blood pressure um this medication is taken directly with food or immediately after eating the medication should not be chewed or crushed but if your doctor has prescribed you a dose of medication that requires you to cut the pill you should use a pill cutter and only cut where the pill is scored with this medication you

Need to make sure that you check your pulse before taking the medication if your pulse is less than 60 beats per minute then you should not take this medication you should hold the dose of course you can always call the provider if you have any questions if you also have diabetes this medication could change your glucose levels when you’re taking your blood sugars

So when you start this medication we need to make sure that you’re checking your fasting blood sugars more often than you normally would to make sure that you can accurately regulate your blood sugar levels we also need to monitor your blood pressure when you’re on this medication since it works to decrease your blood pressure when your provider decides to take

You off this medication we need to make sure that you’re tampering down your dose meaning you are not stopping it immediately you take a little bit less every day and you gradually reduce the amount you’re taking over about a week to two weeks um because you don’t want to stop taking the medication subtly if you do stop taking the medication suddenly you could

Experience an ex excavation of pain in your chest also known as angina or even a mitocardial infarction which is also known as a heart attack you should avoid driving and other things that require mental awareness while taking this drug especially until you know how it affects you specifically it’s also a good idea to notify you to notify any other providers that

You are taking this medication including your dentist because it could affect your care with them especially if you’re planning any other surgeries there are not any studies that have currently been done on any patients who are taking this medication and pregnant so make sure you notify your provider if you are planning on becoming pregnant or if you find out

You are pregnant some common adverse effects are fatigue dizziness headache insomnia mental confusion and changes in level of consciousness it can also cause bradycardia which is a slow heart rate or heart failure edema palpations and stroke it can also cause bronchospasm dysphenia and wheezing so shortness of breath you should call your provider um if you ever if

You are experiencing any shortness of breath it is very important that you call and let them know what’s going on it’s also important to withhold this medication if your heart rate is below 60 as previously mentioned but you should notify your provider if your heart rate is below 60 beeps per minute as well so let me know if you have any questions and i will list my references thanks

Transcribed from video
Metoprolol By Ashley Smith