November 29, 2022

Pharmacology II Video

Assassin scene safety hi my name is shivani i’m going to be your nurse today you please tell me your name and date of birth fresh tip cameras on 340 96 okay honey hi i’m marge i’m i’m my sister is it okay for your sister to be here yeah okay i’m gonna perform hand hygiene okay so i am putting the water on getting silk and checking the see if the water is the right

Temperature now i’m putting my hands under this tank and i’m scrubbing my hands and washing them for it’s 20 seconds okay i’m drying my hands discarding my tissue taking another tissue turning off sake and discarding that tissue okay great now can you tell me where you are right now a doctor’s office can you tell me what you had for breakfast i had eggs with

Extra salt pancakes and can you tell me what your reason is for today’s visit for my high blood pressure high blood pressure okay i’m just gonna confirm that with the chart okay i’m gonna check your vitals now and i’m going to take your blood pressure i’m here and heart rate okay is it okay if i touch you to perform these assessment yes i’m going to ask you to do

You have a specific arm okay so your blood pressure is a little bit elevated it’s 142 over and randy is we’re gonna take your pulse your pulse is one away okay i’m just gonna document my findings patient is a neural x form dress of her feeling for whether speech it’s clear and appropriate patient is comfortable is the name operating and is pleasant do you have

Any chest pains or any trouble belief breathing no chest pain difficulty breathing my legs get a little swollen let’s do a quick assessment to check out that swallow it shouldn’t be i’m going to ask you to please take off your shoes and your socks i do see this lowly beggar talking about sometimes there when i go out no that is not normal plus one do they hurt

Sometimes yeah okay can you just tell me how often do you go out to eat and look do you eat three four times a week that’s what they say that word like three toes rolls and pastas okay so after two health care providers and this can cause water retention as well as make your blood pressure higher than what it is okay hello my name’s monica i’m a nurse practitioner

I’m gonna be taking care of you today he’s on your name is nubert okay i’m just checking out with my record alright great so i’m gonna check with the nurse or your blood pressure-wise i’m gonna check her chart see what we got here all right see it’s 142 over 92 that they even though i mean it’s it unfortunately your sister has hypertension right and she’s had

A three month grace period to make these lifestyle changes right but now i want to try to get that blood pressure down using this medication called metoprolol or lopressor okay so why don’t i try some herb purple’s like garlic or apple cider vinegar i do understand the rising popularity in using herbal such as like you said garlic or apple cider vinegar but the

Fda doesn’t regulate the efficacy or how well those substances work in lowering your blood pressure so to avoid any complications of hypertension such as organ damage heart attack or stroke i’d really like to put you on this medication it’s a beta blocker it’ll help lower your blood pressure and harmony because i notice your heart was also a little high right and

The garlic and apple cider vinegar well that can lower your blood pressure i don’t want you taking it with the medication since it might have an additive effect of lowering your blood pressure so that’s a great question like i said motoko is a beta blocker what this does it’s gonna work on specific cells in your heart and cause vasodilation it’s gonna relax the

Blood vessels in your heart this is gonna cause a drop in blood pressure and also heart rate my own right can raise your blood pressure and should not be taken with any antihypertensives now i know a diagnosis for any family member it can be difficult but with your support we can get your phantom river tree and have the best possible outcomes so i just take this

Move on well while the medication itself has a mechanism of lowering your heart rate and blood pressure the best way to treat and maintain your hypertension is with regular regular exercise a diet low in salt so one or two grams a day all right and taking as medication as prescribed i use an extra products well it’s kershel breeze to keep your salt intake under 2

Grams like our health care provider type just david also how i stated before which i’m good to reinstate is that salt increases water retention which worsens your peripheral edema which is to swelling into your ankle as well as it raises your blood pressure because there’s more fluid in the body so we want to keep the salt to the minimum of well it does seem like

You’re having a barrier with these lifestyle changes so what i can do is i can write a referral for a dietitian and they can educate you better on better meal choices food choices they can tell you about the – diet right and together we can help manage your diet dietician is something that you can accomplish right and great i’m just gonna be running this prescription

I’ll leave the prescription at the front desk right just so you know exactly how much you should be getting right as well as different instructions for the medication you should take home with you in a pamphlet and so you can make the follow-up appointment do you want to me following you closely since you’re starting this new medication that does affect your

Blood pressure this medication may cause fatigue weakness bradycardia so your heart rate will lower hypotension and bronchospasm if you’re asthmatic also if you have diabetes and i’m asked to sign of hypoglycemia okay great question so if your parents planning they become pregnant or you are pregnant you should know that there is not a safety established for this

Medication this drunken cox cross the placenta and enter the breast milk a may causes fetal or neonatal bradycardia hypotension and respiratory depression okay i’m not pregnant so i’ll just take this stone so it’s my blood pressure so there are some rules when taking a medication especially this for blood pressure it’s important to take the medication as directed

By your health care provider at the same time each day if your blood pressure is normal or you feel well it’s important for you to still continue to take your medication if you miss a dose you don’t double up you have up to eight hours to take it until after you stop taking the drug your blood pressure will go back up high and it puts you at risk for a heart attack

And a stroke so now the nurse is gonna teach you how to take your pulse and blood pressure at home so the health care provider from bordeaux review their electronic blood pressure to make it more easy for you so i’m just gonna show you how to use this and then i’m going to teach you how to take your calls okay so make sure the batteries are and that’s important it’s

Gonna start and i tell you it comes with two pieces so this woken up into the monitor you can hold back you can actually have your family member healthy because it could be a little challenging putting it on my arm you’re going to put it onto your left arm left arm is prefer only because it’s closer to your heart so put it on and on this cuff you guys wanted to

See a picture i’m just going to tell you how to so if you forget it shows you here as well i believe this has to line up with your artery it doesn’t say it on the cuff but that’s what i’m teaching for okay so this will end up with your artery so right in the middle of your antecubital space so do you understand back what’s anti q so the antecubital space is right

Here in the plant of europe i just want to like that you just want to line it up in the middles to give an accurate reading try and have your arm at heart level so if anything you can have like a table press your hands it’s not okay to put it down and you just press start it’s automatic

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