February 1, 2023

Project for RN pharmacology

All right so for the sake of this interview i don’t have anyone else with me so i’m just going to pretend that there’s someone here all right so my drug of choice was metoprolol and i have a dialogue that goes with that um all right um sir my name is amanda and i’ll be your nurse today um so you’re going to be discharging today so i was wanting to go over a

Couple of your medications with you just to make sure that you know how to take them and you know everything about them is that okay with you all right great so you take a drug called metoprolol does that sound familiar to you yeah that’s your blood pressure medication and that’s what keeps your your blood pressure lower and do you remember um how many times a

Day you take that medication you don’t remember okay so i can go over all of that with you just to make sure i know it can be complicated when you’re on a lot of different drugs so yeah we’ll go over that um so it says here that you’re taking 250 milligrams per day and that’s once a day so just and it’s in one tablet um so does that sound familiar to you yeah

Um so the thing about that drug i just wanted to make sure to tell you um that you’re really going to want to take that at the same time every day and you are going to want to take that with a meal as well so a lot of people will take it in the morning while they’re sitting down before they eat their breakfast um that’s a good time uh to take it right when you

Remember in the morning does that sound familiar maybe your doctor probably went over this with you before a little you remember a little bit okay so it’s always good to just go over this stuff just to make sure and um also because we did take you the doctor did take you off of that medication when you first arrived at the hospital and then we put you back on

Recently and so because of that we just want to make sure that you’re aware of the drug and a couple of things that you need to do okay and i’ll be sure to include all of this with your discharge paperwork just in case you don’t remember i know it can be difficult when you’re getting ready to leave the hospital you’re excited to go back home and you’re tired so

Don’t worry about a thing i’ll have all that for you if you have any questions all right so what i wanted to go over was i wanted to ask you if you had a blood pressure cuff at home like the automatic kind you do have one okay so you probably have done this before then um you remember taking your blood pressure okay so just to go over that one more time just to

Make sure you’re clear every other week you should check your blood pressure and it should be close to baseline which i have here is your baseline blood pressure is 135 over 70. all right so i’ll also put that in your paperwork just so you can know if your blood pressure is way out of whack if by chance that happens you don’t want to take that medication that

Morning you want to call your health care provider call your doctor right away and just let them know what your blood pressure was and then he will consult you from there okay so that’s pretty important every other week so every two weeks put it on a calendar somewhere you could set it in your phone on an alarm just anything that works for you to remember to do

That that’s important another thing is i noticed you had a fitbit on your wrist so that is really helpful for this next part when you’re getting ready to take that medication so say you’re gonna take it in the morning uh right when you eat your breakfast it’s a good habit to check your pulse daily just to see what your heart rate is um and if you have a pulse

That is a heart rate that is below 50 50 or below you want to not take that medication as well and the same goes you would call your doctor right away and just let them know that your pulse is really really low um another thing is you would want to let your doctor know if you’re feeling dizzy um if you’re feeling like your hands and feet are really really cold

What else if you’re feeling like you’re really having a hard time to breathe you would definitely want to call your doctor if you’re feeling confused or even a one side effect is to feel extremely depressed so um definitely call if any of that happens also if you’re feeling a sore throat definitely call your doctor do you have any other questions about this drug

No i think i went over everything with you like i said um you take that one 250 milligram tablet oh one thing if you do happen to forget uh your dose say it’s the middle of the day and you forgot you can just take that as soon as you remember the only thing is if you wake up the next morning and realize you didn’t take it the next day don’t double up on that pill

Just skip it for that day but it’s okay to take you know if you miss it in the morning and you realize it later on in the day it is okay to take that medication so it’s really important not to go off of this drug unless your doctor tells you to um because it affects your your heart rate and your blood pressure and so we definitely don’t want to do that you

Would consult with your physician the only time you’re going to go off of this drug as if he tells you that you’re going to go off of it so it’s really important you get good you understand so um like i said if you have any more questions if you think of something i will be around again with your paperwork and i will have all of that ready for you and it’s been

Nice talking to you thank you so much bye-bye

Transcribed from video
Metoprolol Nurse Patient Education By Amanda Gooley