March 22, 2023

It is saturday may 8th at 9 00 a.m and i am my patient is due to receive 25 milligrams of metoprolol um so before going to the pixas um i need to assess the patient uh ask them if they have any allergies do pre-assessments and check for any contraindications with metoprolol you need to assess the patient’s blood pressure and apical pulse parameters that are

Set for us we need to hold the medication if the systolic blood pressure is less than 100 if diastolic blood pressure is less than 60 and if heart rate is less than 60. also when i’m assessing the patient i need to make sure that they have something to drink now i’m at the pixis with the mar i log into the pixis i find the patient’s name match it up with the

Mar with name mrn number mrn and date of birth and then i find the drug and here’s where i do my first check checking the drug metoperol the dose 25 milligrams the route by mouth the time nine o’clock and the reason based on my pre-assessments i also did dosage catch calculation for this um there are 25 milligram tablet so i will be getting one 25 milligram

Tablet of metoprolol um so after doing my first check i can get the drug hit enter it’ll dispose i get it out and i perform my second check making sure it’s the right drug in the toefl wall right dose 25 milligrams right route by mouth right time nine o’clock and right reason based on my assessments i also need to check the expiration date make sure that it’s

Not expired it is not i place it in the cup and now i’m ready to go to the patient’s room so entering the patient’s room i perform hand hygiene hello mr johnson i have your photoprolol here for you this is your blood pressure medication to help keep your blood pressure low um and i need to check the patient’s id band um you state your name and date of birth for

Me and i’m matching it with the mrn date of birth and uh name on the mar um thank you and do you have any allergies no okay and then this is when i do my third check in front of the patient checking the right medication metoprolol write those 25 milligrams right route by mouth right time nine o’clock right reason based on my pre-assessment i need to make sure

The patient is in upright position that’s safe for swallowing so raise the head of the bed mr johnson would you like me to put your medication in the cup for you so i will open the medication into the cup hand him the cup hand him his water and while he’s taking the medication i can take this time to teach the patient about metoprolol for instance for home use

Need to be regularly checking blood pressure and heart rate and keeping a record of it also teaching them signs and symptoms of hypotension like lightheadedness and dizziness also instruct the patient to change positions slowly as this may cause as this medication may cause orthostatic hypotension as soon as the patient is taking the medication i will chart it

Perform hand hygiene and come back and check on the patient in the proper time for medication effectiveness

Transcribed from video
Metoprolol PO Med 5 8 21 By mike adams