May 29, 2023

Do you know the difference between Metoprolol Succinate and Metoprolol Tartrate?

Hello everyone men made easy here today i have a video about the differences between metoprolol 8 and its hope ralts heart rate the majority of people have no idea what the difference is between these two medications there are differences and this is what i want to go over in this video i first want to go over the similarities between the two the first thing that i

Want to talk about is to explain tartrate & soosan 8 just briefly they are both the salts the active ingredient in both of these medications is metoprolol what do they do basically they both relax the blood vessels and they slow the heart another similarity is how they are both started they are both started at low doses and then they go up from there another

Similarity between metoprolol susini and metoprolol a are the side effects and the final similarity that i want to mention before i go into the differences about these two is that how they’re stopped so if they needed to be stopped for some reason you want to you want to slowly stop them taper them over one to two weeks you do not want to briefly stop them that’s

Super important now let’s jump into the differences the first difference i want to talk about is how long each one of them stays in the body now motoko sissonne or metoprolol we are extended-release it stays in the body for a longer time than the heart rate does the tort rate is more of an immediate release and thus it it doesn’t spend as much time in the body

One of the ways that you can remember the difference between the two is to think suisun eight stands for slow a slower release throughout the day and this kind of leads into another difference between the two is how often these are taken because the metoprolol er or mature parole suisun eight acts slowly it’s usually taken once a day because it’s released slowly

Throughout the day and then metoprolol to heart rate it’s it needs to be taken more often than once a day usually about twice a day so how you can remember that is just think with metoprolol tartrate twice a day tartrate and twice so just remember the teen that that’s a great easy way to remember that another important difference between the two is whether or not to

Take them with food now with the metoprolol er susan eight you don’t need to take that with food the other hand metoprolol tartrate should be taken with food if you can just think of the t turkey tacos tamales whatever just make sure it’s healthy though but if you can think of that as a way to remember that you need to take with food or if you just want to think

Of the t as take with food another difference between metoprolol a and machopper also sunny is that metoprolol eight tops susan eight for the amount of diagnosis that it treats let me show you a chart here so you can see the differences here’s the chart that you can see a comparison between the two one that stands out to me particularly is the arrhythmia atrial

Fibrillation but so people at art rate it does treat at arrhythmias aunt it is used as a rate controller another difference between these two medications is that metoprolol trait specifically helps to prevent myocardial infarction where susan eight does not another way that you can remember this is if you think of metoprolol to heart rate with the tea to me for

Tough guy in preventing heart attacks i wanted to give you a chart here that summarizes the differences and the similarities between the two medications the two you can screenshot it or whatever you’d like to do to be able to have that for your reference alright everyone i hope you enjoyed this video make sure to hit the subscribe button and also put the thumbs

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Metoprolol Succinate vs Tartrate-Is There a Difference? By Med Made EZ