March 28, 2023

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Hey guys welcome back to meds made easy my name is tarun burma with telfair specialty pharmacy today we’re gonna talk about metoprolol it’s not know also known as lopressor or topper also it comes in two major formulations ones one where you take it twice a day sometimes you take it once a day and then there’s the extended-release version that you generally only

Take once a day so it just depends on which one your doctor gives you but both of the same medication so it is a beta blocker it actually slows down the way that your heart pumps and so with that come a lot of good things that can happen it’ll lower your blood pressure it’s used for people who’ve just had heart attacks if you’re in heart failure hypertension

Several other things like that all in the realm of your heart because again it works strickler in your heart doesn’t work on the plumbing aspect of it if you’ve ever seen the other videos i do i talk about the cardiovascular system your heart system your vessels as a plumbing system because that’s the best analogy to use so there’s medications that work on these

Vessels in these vessels or these vessels down here but metoprolol works strictly on the heart and so it actually controls how it pumps and it essentially slows it down that’s how it works so let’s get into some of these side-effects that you’re gonna see right here plus them up right here also if you have any sort of liver issues you need to make sure that your

Doctor knows about this or if you’re using several different doctors using specialists make sure they all know because the medications that give you will go through your liver and we don’t want that so metoprolol is definitely one of the ones that goes to your liver beyond that there is a black box warning for this medication for abrupt cessation what does that

Mean it means don’t stop the medication without doctor’s permission you need to be titrated on titrate it off because if you all of a sudden stop taking the medication you could in severe rare cases have a heart attack so too if you’re trying to prevent a heart attack you stop the medication does not help the cause so just there have been a lot of issues with

It so just guys please watch out don’t abruptly stop it or if you’re off of it for too long it will cause a problem so just make sure that you always have in abundance and you don’t forget it when you go on trips because this is one of those medications you need to be on every single day a lot of pharmacists will tell you you need to take your medications every

Single day but there are some medications that you don’t need to take every day you know quote-unquote don’t you know some medical advice but i’m just saying this is one of those that you have to take every single day this is not one of those were it’s like it’s okay that you’re not on it for a day or two no this is this is not one of those no so beyond that for

Women who are pregnant and going to be pregnant sure you talk to your doctor about taking this medication it does get excreted in your breast milk so to those that are lactating you need to make sure that your doctor knows because then you don’t want your baby to be on a medication that’s gonna lower its blood pressure that’s not good so make sure that you know

You let them know and i’m sure they already know if they don’t but you know you also double-check the doctor so it’s all health care is all about you know everyone double-checking each other now there are some know no side effects and if these happen you need to make sure you call your doctor things like if your limbs start turning colors that means your heart

Isn’t pumping enough blood so it’s slowing it down too much so if there’s fingers and your toes start to turn a little blue or a little purple that’s not good at all i mean you’re not getting enough blood we need to either put cut you down on the dose or put you on something else entirely different confusion problems with your eyesight chest pain fatigue passing

Out if you just randomly are passing out those are not good things you need to call your doctor right away let them know that you’re having side effects fatigue is a big one so that’s the one that i would consider a tolerable side-effect if it can be for you because it’s slowing down your heart if you’re a very active person you’re a marathon runner you swim

You yoga you do whatever you’re gonna notice yourself cutting out on breath a little bit and if that’s a huge problem for you you need to let your doctor know but otherwise that’s just a normal side effect to have don’t freak out if that happens to you that’s just normal because now your heart slowing down you know what is that gonna feel like it just feels like

You’re just gonna gas out a lot quicker say you are a marathon runner or something like that or if you just casually jog everyday if you normally run about two miles and you notice after about a mile you’re starting to have breathing issues a little bit it’s a little bit harder to breathe that’s a side effect of medication not necessarily bad or good if you can

Tolerate it great if it’s not then make sure you let your doctor know i think that kind of covers metoprolol heart rate and sus innate don’t worry about the names doesn’t even matter but again if there are any in-depth questions please make sure that you call your doctor or your local pharmacist or call us here tell for specialty pharmacy we’d love to talk to you

And be sure to leave us comments down below letting us know what helps what doesn’t help what you would like for us to add to the videos at the end of the day these videos are for you guys we we just we make them to help you and if we’re not helping you then we want to make these videos better so again thanks for tuning in guys and we’ll see you next time on meds made easy bye

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