January 26, 2023


My suffering and agony and pain discomfort hi guys ashley sapphire here back with another video and today i’m going to be talking about migraines my suffering and agony and pain discomfort from having migraines i have chronic migraines so that means i have them often and rather frequently i’ve had migraines since about 2010 i want to say so yeah i’ve been

Suffering since about 2010 and it’s definitely been a journey um i’m probably gonna keep looking at this lint on my hat but whatever um i’ve been suffering for a very long time now i’ve seen doctors neurologists gynecologists uh like literally every doctor that i could possibly see to get some kind of answers or resolve and i have pretty much ended up nowhere um

I’ve had cat skin ct skins mris like diet tests i’ve had blood drawn i’ve had pretty much everything up to this point that at least i’m aware of as far as you know help um and there’s like nothing conclusive because at some point i was suffering so often so much that at some point i was just like it must be something more like it it’s more than migraines at this

Point like what something’s wrong and i’ve had headaches before but if you have migraines there’s a huge difference between a headache and a migraine like a huge difference so ultimately there were two medications that i tried over the course of time um the first one is sumatriptan i believe it is let me just look what they were uh sumatriptan 50 milligrams

I was on that for a while um but not consistently but i was trying it and it is to treat um migraines and like cluster headaches so i was on it i i don’t know you know how you kind of trick yourself into thinking something’s working or not working because you want it to work so bad so you’re like it’s working but ultimately it really wasn’t working for me um

I felt like it was kind of like making me worse some days i was just like oh i’m fine but other days i was feeling like i was dying um it was to the point i was having numbness and tingling like really bad on my left side to the point my arm and leg like my left side was completely weak and i feel like is this what it’s like to have a stroke um i could barely

Move my left side it was really weak i couldn’t like lift or do anything i was pretty much disabled and so i stopped taking them because i was really scared like this is not normal so there was another medication they gave me which was to peer remove my left side it was really weak i couldn’t like lift or do anything i was pretty much disabled and so i stopped

Taking them because i was really scared like this is not normal so there was another medication they gave me which was topiramate 25 milligrams now i also had bad side effects from this medication as well it also i can’t really say either one of these prescriptions help me because i guess i didn’t give it a long enough time to help to help um but also i know

I felt like crap i mean if i could just be honest um there wasn’t really any relief i still had migraines and mind you i usually have three to five migraines a week okay at minimum two two for sure um so it’s a weekly ongoing recurring thing it’s not like oh once a while or when my period comes like it’s literally all the time and it was to the point that i

Could barely function it was difficult to get out of bed i can’t work like to full capacity because i’m so uncomfortable and if you suffer from migraines you know the pain that i’m talking about like it’s just it’s overwhelming and so i was suffering very uncomfortable the medications where i felt like practically killing me it wasn’t helping me and so i just

Pretty much gave up ultimately i do use like the regular um kind of tips and tricks they give you to deal with migraines so i usually stick to those methods which are pretty much natural i guess you could say so i pretty much take a nap depending on the pain level or where it’s hurting in my head i’ll take a cold or really hot shower and i usually let it run

Over my head which fun fact is why i have short hair that’s why i stay bald um like really short hair because any kind of like irritation to my scalp like pulling and combing and brushing i can’t i literally cannot take it like it’s literally like nails on a chalkboard for me considering i have migraines so i can’t stand for nobody to be playing or touching

In my head um so that’s one of the reasons why i keep short hair it’s just less hassle for me to deal with especially during um a migraine but yeah the medications weren’t helping me so yeah i do hot or cold showers i do ice packs which helps me probably my go-to thing for sure i do ice packs like just completely around like my forehead and my temples and i

Mainly get my migraines on my left side so it’s usually like the front area up here definitely in my temples and sometimes it’s like down to the back of my head down to back to my left side um i also have noise and light sensitivity which definitely makes it even worse at this point i can practically function and i do get occasional numbness and tingling on

My left side and this was before the medication so i was having all of these symptoms even before trying any medication so um like i said it just became disabling at one point that i could barely function and it’s just really hard to like get through the day when you’re in pain and the light hurts your eyes the sun hurts your eyes noise like any kind of noise

Hurts like music i love to listen to like jill scott and stuff everything just annoys me like i don’t want to hear anything and then i have kids so when they start screaming and they’re playing they’re having a good time they’re laughing i love to hear my kids laugh okay i love hearing kids laugh like it’s just the best thing like they’re having a good time

They’re having fun but i’m just over in the corner like i’m just trying to get through today okay because i’m not trying to rain on everybody else parade because i’m in pain so i’ve tried to become a functional migraine sufferer but some days it’s just impossible so for me i gave up on a medication that just was not an option for me because i feel like it was

Just making my life worse so i just stick to my natural remedies and just try to deal with it the best way i can which is also difficult sometimes um and ultimately i feel like it’s just something i have to deal with it’s unfortunate i feel kind of like an outcast you know um when you say to somebody hey you know i don’t feel good because i have a migraine

The natural assumption is you have a headache so you’re fine why can’t you get your work done why can’t you clean up why can’t you run these earrings because your hair hurts like the headache that’s not so bad a couple of times let me stop you right there okay because that’s that’s and i know everybody doesn’t understand the capacity of migraines but for me

It’s just a little insensitive now that i’m a sufferer like headaches and migraines are two totally different kind of pains okay you know the headache you might be oh but a migraine can be disabling debilitating like you can literally just be completely dysfunctional with a migraine and it’s serious it’s serious pain um so instead of trying to be insensitive

Like you know claw somebody eyes out because they don’t know the pain i’m suffering in my head i just try to explain like my symptoms ultimately like you know i’m hurting this this and that and ultimately they’re kind of like whoa okay maybe you should sit down or you know but it is hard i feel like nobody understands me when i complain about it and i try not

To complain because once again they’re just like oh it’s just a headache um also regular over-the-counter stuff is just like a joke for me there is everybody’s like take some excedrin headache i think there’s an eccentric migraine as well tylenol things like that the only over-the-counter i take is tylenol p.m and that’s because it’s going to put me to sleep

I can’t even say that it relieves my pain or makes me feel better but it makes me feel better because it puts me to sleep and that’s even sad i feel like to even say that like i’ve been i’m in so much pain like just give me something to put me to sleep because i literally cannot function everything is irritating me because i’m in so much pain like i said noise

Light everything sometimes even temperature like if it’s like super hot that can make my migraine worse if i’m super cold that can make it worse some foods i hear are irritants as well i don’t really know what my food triggers are i haven’t really had a time where i ate something it was like oh my god my head is on fire um but i know like some people say like

Chocolate and coffee things like that um triggers or makes their migraines worse i can’t really say what makes my migraine worse and i have done it i’ve done food journaling i’ve done all kind of um like side notes to see what may be my trigger but when you have migraines anything could be a trigger like honestly i don’t care what it is food the day the weather

I mean you know like anything could be a trigger so you never really truly know for sure but it’s definitely a hard life living migraines and i try not to complain too because i feel like things could be worse there are people out here with cancer lupus like literally terminal illnesses and i’m complaining about a migraine but i feel like it is a real issue

In the medical world that you know kind of needs attention because people are suffering from this um i don’t even know what to call it it’s not a disease or whatever but it’s it’s something and it’s recognized as something but i don’t think um we’ve really given it any kind of traction because it’s just like like i say oh just take some tylenol lay down but

Sometimes that’s just not enough but i’m still open to everything so i haven’t completely given up but it is just kind of discouraging ultimately my mind frame is just just deal with it deal with it the best way you can just get through the day i’m making it i’m making it and being that i’ve been suffering so long i have like i said just pretty much trying to

Ignore it and just become numb to it like i’m hurting so bad my head is hurting so bad my left eye is throbbing my head feel like it’s on fire my vision is doing stuff my arm is tingling like i’m going through a lot but i’m still sitting here like okay i need to go to target i need to go to the post office i’m trying to still function as normal because if i

Were to shut down every time i get a migraine i’d probably just be bedridden at this point it’s it’s so bad so i don’t know you guys let me know how if you have suffered from migraines have you tried any prescription medications do you have any tips and tricks that works for you when you’re having an episode um let me know and sometimes my migraines last for

Days like i’ll be having a migraine episode for like two days and then it’ll let up and then i feel like probably the next day it comes back it just doesn’t stop it’s just like constant torture like i don’t know i don’t know if i’ll ever be able to explain that to anybody like the true pain like a woman who’s pregnant she can’t really explain to you the pain

Of a contraction or the pain of giving birth you know what i mean that’s how i feel with my migraines like i can’t really put into words but that crap hurts and it’s uncomfortable okay and it’s it’s a big deal for me but i’m dealing with it but you guys share your experiences your prescriptions your tips and tricks your remedies the stuff you do just to make it

Through the day or you know to get to your episode what works for you um but i’ll probably be updating you guys on my migraine journey and keep you guys updated on if i try any other medications or stuff like that so you guys let me know your feedback and all that good stuff down below because i will gladly gladly read it and until next time i’ll see you guys later peace you

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