March 24, 2023

Suffering from chronic migraines? In this video, I’m talking about Topiramate, and an update with my Migraines. My Migraine Treatment Update! I talk about what happened, changes I’ve made and what has been working.

Hi everybody welcome back to my channel in today’s video i want to talk about my migraines and pretty much just give you an update as to where i’m at with them and what’s going on i’ve been getting several messages and questions about what i’m taking what i’m doing if you haven’t already please subscribe to my channel hit the notification bell so you’ll be

Updated of my uh videos when i upload them all right so to get started um currently um i and a disclaimer here i am not trained certified any of that i just want to give you information on what i’m doing what’s helping me and share it with you i guess i’m going to start with certain medications that i am not taking and i am no longer taking um i believe it is

Amitriptyline that was uh given to me for my migraines to help and topamax i know topomax is a big one um and the generic form is to pyramate and that is a huge one and that’s what i’m getting lots of questions about so i stopped taking the to pyramid i want to say about a month ago and the reason for that are obviously the side effects that are not working with

Me and a lot of it now i’ve come to find out uh was i had a lot of hair loss and now i can attribute it to the topiramate i thought it was my current eating lifestyle which was ketogenic i was doing carnivore at one point and i thought it was that because i started doing i want to say i started taking the okay let me not get all crazy with dates and things

But i started doing the ketogenic diet all forms i want to say september of 20. so prior to that i want to say october no december of 19 i started taking me to pyramid um for my migraines i stopped taking it after a couple of months because i started the side effects were just more headaches i was waking up every morning with a headache and i didn’t know if it

Was because of the medication it was just terrible and as we all know we’ll do anything to um not have a migraine i’m sorry i’m looking for one of my pets here bear with me okay i’m back he went into his kennel where he likes to relax and so i just put him in there while i’m doing the video okay so um what was i saying uh yeah so i was waking up with a migraine

Every morning and it was devastating you know um i didn’t know if it was the topiramate i didn’t know if it was just coincidence you know whether playing a role i did not know so i decided after a couple of months to get off of the topiramate and at that time i hadn’t really been losing my hair that i noticed or a significant amount that i noticed so i um just

Decided to stop and i did and i you know and i can’t remember if i was still getting them just as bad or not but and i think i was because then in march or april of 20 i got back on it and i stayed on it up until two months ago or i’m sorry a month ago march of 20 all the way to you know all the way through up until like i said a month ago um i was doing a lot

Of you know well not a lot of lifestyle changes i had made a lifestyle change in october of 19 to eat better and i was losing weight from october of 19 all the way you know from october of 20. you know i was losing weight um i was anyway that lifestyle changed you know so i thought okay well i’m dropping weight you know every month i’m wondering if that was

It and of course you read all this information that if you you know start dropping weight different lifestyle changes it’s your system is going through so much so that could attribute to the hair loss so i thought okay so there was the medication there was my diet lifestyle change um and of course we were in a pandemic and still are you know those stressors so

There was just a lot going on i couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was then of course i was doing a lot of um reading on the ketogenic diet on you know a lot of people lots of people were saying that when they did the lifestyle change to ketogenic diet they had significant hair loss and then all the gurus or people that i follow on youtube as far as you know

The keto diet carnivore diet there was always questions about hair loss hair loss hair loss so i thought okay it’s the diet it’s this is a diet so when i started reading all about that i thought okay you know what i probably need to up my intake of carbs not the bad carbs just more carbs you know because of the nutrients you know the green vegetables and things

Like that so i started doing that and i realized the hair loss was still happening so i thought okay let me get off the ketogenic diet did that for you know a couple weeks and nothing was sustainable nothing i wasn’t on anything for a long period of time as far as the diet switch up and things like that to say oh that’s what it is that’s what it is i was just in

A world when what is it trying to figure out i started taking minerals upping my collagen intake you know just doing all this stuff and nothing was changing so i thought i’m going to stick to what’s working for me and that’s my lifestyle of you know ketogenic diet that can’t be what it is you know i’m taking vitamins minerals i’m eating healthy my calorie intake

Was sufficient for me um so i it couldn’t have been that because i had never had issues with um you know being the weight that i am now in my past you know i’ve always been you know in the range that i am now 120 223 pounds never had issues so i thought that can’t be what it is so i know i’m going on a tangent as to you know my eating lifestyle that’s not what

It is but it all leads into it so i decided to just keep my diet change the way it is my lifestyle the way it is and continue on well the hair loss continued i got sick of reading all this stuff of what to do what not to do up your fats up your minerals i been there done that i knew i just stopped reading on it so i decided to take the plunge and get off to

Pyramid i just said you know what that’s got to be what it is because you know like i said it couldn’t be anything else so i decided to do that a month ago and another reason why is because i started aimabig for migraines it’s the once a month injection for migraines and it’s supposed to significantly reduce the number of times you get your migraines per month

And on average i want to say at the time within the past year i was averaging probably seven to eight migraines a month okay so sometimes i i would get seven in a row you know it was horrible terrible whatever the case so i just thought you know i’m gonna try the aim of egg and hopefully that helps at that time i was still taking the topiramate and that was

In december when i tried aymavig for the first time i tried it on december 15th so from december 15th to january 15th i had not had one incident not one migraine that was awesome so i thought okay well i’m gonna go for the second dose for february is it yeah february 15th up until now so okay so i took december to january january to february and then february

Until now so and i’m keeping a log of when i’m getting my migraines etc so from december to january no incident from january to february i think i got one and that’s because i stopped the pyramid that’s what i’m attributing it to because again all of december to january and part of february um i’m sorry december to january and then part of february i was not i

Was taking it to pyramid so i believe it was the first week in february is when i got off of it is it the topiramate that helped with the aim of egg i don’t know but what i can tell you is they’ve dropped whether it’s the combination of tepirame and aim of egg they’ve dropped significantly um i can tell you that in the within the three weeks if you want to say

That i’ve been off the tapermate i took a shower today obviously i wash my hair today and very very little fallout of hair very little so i’m pleased to say that the fallout and and also too when i wash my hair prior there was there wasn’t that much but i didn’t want to you know um jinx myself at that time but again with this hair wash i did not have a lot so

I can say without a doubt two hair washes the hair loss has subsided quite a bit so i think the hair loss is due to the pyramid i was taking my sumatriptan for my migraines i i was i get nine pills per month and i was finishing the nine pills in that month so that just goes to show you i was doubling up on some days i was just running out of it so i am i still

Have the bottle of my suma triptan that i got in december so i’m still in that same bottle so that just goes to tell you they’ve come they’ve just really subsided but i’m gonna continue fourth moving forward with not taking the to pyramid and just doing the ema big so i just figure if it’s helping the number if it’s decreasing the number of migraines so with

The tripyramate and the aim of egg i i’m just assuming i don’t know for sure because it hasn’t been long enough i didn’t have any incident but now that i’m off of it i’ve had a couple so even if i get a couple of migraines per month with the aim of egg not being on the topiramate i think i’m going to just stick to that plan because the number one side effect for

Me was the hair loss and to me i feel like that’s important to me just because knowing how much hair i had before i kept losing and losing and losing i i saw no light at the end of the tunnel with a hair situation i did see new growth and i talked about that in other videos but the loss was still there so i wasn’t comfortable with that then you throw in the

Other side effects uh brain fog and i know i had that for a fact because when i was talking to my husband talking to anybody i would want to say things and it’s like i need i know i knew those words but i couldn’t get them out it was like i couldn’t think of the word like i would really have to think what’s that word what’s that word what am i trying to say

And i know it was because of that but i can tell you that the hair loss has subsided i can tell you that you know fatigue wise because that’s another thing i felt is fatigue don’t feel as fatigued already i’m seeing three side effects that have you know diminished but this is what is working for me this is the path that i’m choosing and yeah you’ve got to do

What works for you and this is what’s working for me this is doable for me um but i feel to those that haven’t tried aimavig if you’re able to get your neurologist or primary care or whomever to give you a sample of the aim of egg because i know some of them can some doctors can try it try it i mean and i’ve heard there’s side effects with the aim of egg too

Like hair loss and you know some other ones i can’t remember i haven’t had any just yet that i can say that are for from the aim of i i can’t say anything on that so i just thought i’d come on here and let you know the status and the you know the update and you know again because i was getting a lot of questions about the two pyramid it’s helped and i know i

Went on a tangent with the diet and i just felt like the diet part of it was significant because i didn’t know um what the hair loss was from so on and so forth but um now that i know i just thought i’d come on here and share it with you um but yeah i want to thank you for hanging out with me um and please give it a thumbs up if you like the video if you have

Any questions or any other things that might come to your mind and that i didn’t mention in the video please ask me i have no problems with that and i want to answer your questions and again like i said i’m not a medical expert i don’t give medical advice this is what works for me what’s helped me and i just want to share it with you but you’ll have a wonderful

Thursday and the rest of your week i will see you soon bye you

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Migraine Treatment Update! By fullpinklips01