March 28, 2023

I’ve suffered from migraines for over 6 years. Every symptom known to man I had!

What’s up world of sugar ashley welcome back to my channel we’re here with another video so today we’re going to talk about some medicine i started taking um you don’t know i’ve suffered migraines for years okay years six seven eight years migraines so bad i couldn’t work these lights would just kill me so um a long time ago i went to the doctor i had like

My eyes were dilated like a cat okay my people was like huge found out how like these girls on my eyes non-cancerous but tumors on my eyes you know nonetheless long story short almost got prescribed um this medicine called tuple max um topa taupe per a mate tupper max this little tiny pill little tiny tiny pill okay there are a lot of pros and cons to this

Medicine for myself i outweighed the pros and cons i would say do your research okay listen if you are not a person that can take this medicine every day like you’re supposed to take this medicine do not start this medicine do not start this medicine do not start this medicine the side effects oh i read everything i read everything and what are the side effects

And i am experienced on this medicine all um all of them i really experienced some of everything um when you first start this medicine you have to wean yourself on and you have to wean yourself off you can’t stop cold turkey because you will make your body have withdrawals did you hear me you will make your body have withdrawals withdrawals from the medicine

Yeah it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s is it worth it all in all yes because now i can be a functioning person in this world i can have these lights in my face and not feel like oh man i cannot function in normal sunlight the sun is killing my face i have to walk around like oh my god i’m fine i literally could stare into the

Sun and not have a migraine i don’t have migraines at all and i was having a migraine all day long five to six days a week every week that’s in a 30 day period i’m having migraines 25 days a month side effects tingling you know your foot falls asleep you’re gonna get that in your feet your hands your face me i also get it on my lips and my tongue it feels

Like um the tingling feeling you feel feels like on my tongue so you’ll i’ll bite my tongue to see if i’m losing my mind another side effect you can’t drink soda i mean you can drink soda but soda will start to taste like it’s flat every carbonated thing will taste like it’s a old flat soda and it could be fresh cracked canned soda and it will taste flat as

I’ll get up red meat will taste weird everything will start having a metallic taste i don’t eat much because everything i eat kind of tastes like metal another side effect you lose weight because it is a appetizer person this medicine is for migraines seizures bipolar disorder weight loss um this and this and this and a whole bunch of other things you know

This is like a one-stop pill that treats a lot of things another side effect the one that i hate the most memory loss my short-term memory loss is of a gnat i am a person who used to remember everything verbatim now honestly i have to set reminders for reminders if i need to do something i have to write it down in my phone because if i write on a piece of

Paper and put it down i’m going to forget that i wrote in a piece of paper and i have to put a timer to say hey ashley make sure you do such and such because i’m going to forget for instance it’s thanksgiving mike i’ve been on this medicine for two months it’s thanksgiving i’m like okay all i have to do is go in the grocery store and get these five six items i

Can’t remember this i said this set these items to myself in the parking lot i remember saying this to myself in the parking lot by the time i made it to the first aisle i forgot every single thing i needed i left my phone in the car on purpose because i said i will not be dependent on my phone that’s a no go need the phone because i can’t i can’t there’s no

No there’s no my son has to remind me mommy eat because i’ll go all day like oh hey what time is it 7 49 already dang i need this it’s bad your memory loss your memory is horrible memory is horrible thank god my son is old enough another bad side effect you’ll go to sleep at the top of a dime and not even know it it’s that’s not a good thing that’s not a good

Thing i’ll be texting won’t even know i fell asleep so i woke up and the phone is in my hand i’m in many texts well no i fell asleep until i wake up and the phone is in my hand and i’m like that wasn’t me yes i felt a bit light they didn’t feel sleepy at all next thing i know i’m stopping and i remember i was just so lumped as soon as i stopped i was just and

If my son wasn’t in the car and just hit me he was like mommy and i was like huh the police department would have been waking me up ma’am are you on any type of drugs yeah tofu max tote mix so he cut my prescription down uphill because you start off week one you start off with one pill in the morning that’s it for that whole week then week two one peeling day

Time one pillow at night time week three two pills in the daytime one pillow in that time week four two pills in a day two pills at night and then they figure out what works for you so now since two pills in a day was too strong for me apparently that’s why i felt sleep i’m in one pill in daytime and two feels at night that’s been working for the last week or

So so it’s i mean all in all you have to figure out what’s best for you but i can’t say i’m a happy camper because i have no migraines i can deal with the metallic taste of food that’s 30 pounds since the beginning of november almost 30 pounds 2 pounds away from 30 pounds so you know taking this medicine in stride um another side effect that i’m getting is

Um hair loss because it cuts off some of your nutrients from your body but to combat that you just take your multivitamin and you’re fine because i started taking me a liquid vitamin and i’ve seen a um a difference since i’ve started taking the vitamin and how much hair i’ve been losing so good thing i have a lot of hair huh because baby so you have to just

Do your research figure out okay is this a pill that i would want to take because once you start this pill you can’t just abruptly stop because the withdrawal symptoms the side effects from stopping cold turkey are not good you don’t want to make yourself have seizures could you just stop this cold turkey so if you can’t commit don’t even start but i would

Say if you want to look into it if you’re having migraines you have any questions comments concerns want to know if i had any other side effects let me know in the comments below i’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have because it’s been a journey and i’m telling you no bs no lie the past six plus years migraines almost every single day but now

Nothing i can deal with the numbness i can deal with biting my tongue to make sure my tongue is still there i can deal with the can’t taste the food because it tastes like metal i can deal with all of that because i feel like a human being okay i feel like i’m alive i don’t feel like a zombie walking around until next time you all love peace and hair grease

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