June 4, 2023

Mike Tyson And Ric Flair REVEAL They Smoked Weed Together…

Take a side snoop dogg mike tyson and ric flair want in on the marijuana fame mike tyson a well-known athlete has been in the marijuana business for some time and is always looking for partnership opportunities in this video we’re going to look at what tyson and flair are up to and what the streets of chicago have to say about this first off why is tyson smoking

Marijuana such important news no one openly talks about it but it’s pretty obvious that most athletes love their occasional drinks and cannabis consumption at least we can safely assume that from american sports history mike tyson doing anything marijuana related is news because he makes his living off of it tyson a former heavyweight champion turned business tycoon

Has been working on his marijuana empire since 2016. he started off with the label tyson holistic and is now launching tyson 2.0 he earns an estimate of around 576 thousand dollars from his marijuana business which offers different strains of cannabis edibles extracts and more not only this but as it turns out he’s also expanding his empire into land development as

He plans on constructing a 400 acre big marijuana themed resort and he hopes to give tough competition to coachella by making this marijuana themed resort a destination spot for music festivals well we wish tyson the best of luck with that coachella could be just a tad bit difficult to beat in the festival game so if an athlete turned cannabis enthusiast openly

Smokes a blunt on the streets of chicago we’re sure the paparazzi will want a shot of the action but how is this news any different from his other marijuana rendezvous following up what exactly happened between mike tyson and ric flair after their business conference tyson 2.0 mike tyson’s newly launched second marijuana business has partnered up with another

Former wrestler rick flair they are currently collaborating on a new cannabis line called ric flair drip and while doing a promotional conference they decided to light up a blunt and they let everyone know that it was from the ric flair line the world got to know of their marijuana-induced bonding through flair’s social media where he posted a video of tyson and

Himself lighting a joint in the streets of chicago standing on a sidewalk in the video tyson and flare both have their own joints and they are seen joking around now we don’t know if they actually find each other to be that funny or if the buzz of the weed had something to do with it we can safely assume that anyone would love to be in the bunt rotation circle with

These two former athletes and by the looks of it there were people behind the camera waiting on their turn to take a hit of the quality tyson flare marijuana strain during the conference flair and tyson promoted the health benefits of marijuana saying it was better than xanax or any other painkiller rick talked about using cannabis for his long-term injuries caused

During his championship wrestling days and how no medicine has ever helped him as marijuana has then again of course rick will say that he has money to make guess there’s only one way to find out if his words have any truth to them on that note tyson and flair were already pretty buzzed from smoking during the conference mike tyson and ric flair were invited to

The benzinga cannabis capital conference held in chicago where they of course promoted tyson 2.0 marijuana products and the ric flair drip line while the former boxers talked about all that their business had to offer mike tyson got a little bored so tyson asked the crowd if anyone had a joint he could smoke and we’re not surprised but someone did mike took a few

Hits off the joint and then thanked the person who gave it to him following up with now that’s what i’m talking about and is it possible for tyson to smoke in the presence of rick and not cher rick also smoked a few hits with mike while he opened up about how he landed in the weed business telling the crowd that it was out of sheer luck moving on let’s talk about

Ric flair’s comments on the launch during the benzinga conference rick was asked how the collaboration happened to which he told the audience how chad bronstein chairman of tyson 2.0 approached him with an offer to collaborate with their cannabis business believe it or not flair wasn’t always cool about selling weed he actually told the audience that he had a lot

Of issues at first he claims that his old school thinking made him believe that being affiliated with marijuana would be a disgrace to his name being out of touch with the modern generations wants and needs he said that he was unaware of how in demand cannabis was globally so basically rick saw a business opportunity and he told himself to drop this boomer mindset

And get into the money making business or should we say the money rolling business for all the wrestling fans out there it may not be news that flair nearly died due to his battle with alcoholism ever since rick has gotten into the cannabis business he’s been really open about his previous addiction 73 year old former wrestler gives credit to cannabis for helping

Him get rid of his alcohol problem saying that marijuana helped erase his previous addiction to wrap it up ric flair drip by tyson 2.0 let’s talk details the ric flair drip cannabis launch is a month away and some products in his collection will be edibles and pre-rolls just a tip rick talks highly about edibles also all packaging has been designed by the former

Wrestler now apparently turned artist rick flair so that’s something we’re excited to see there are three strains to choose from sativa indica and hybrid the official distributing channel for this launch is verano and they’ll be launching the ric flair drip products in arizona illinois and nevada first tyson 2.0 and verano then plan on launching these products in

Other major states like massachusetts new jersey ohio florida and so on if you’re in any of the three states that get to try the ric flair drip line in october you are lucky now on to other news the real reason why mike tyson and hulk hogan will never fight each other hulk hogan a wwe wrestler and mike tyson a professional boxer have been talked about a lot mostly

In hopes that they fight each other but it has yet to happen we’ve heard rumors that tyson didn’t want to lose to a wrestler and wwe didn’t want hogan to lose to a boxer but all of this is actually false during a japan tour mike’s management had cameras filming him at all times and one of the cameramen ended up capturing mike’s confession after vince mcmahon told

Tyson that he wanted to put him in a ring to fight against hulk hogan and mike instantly replied saying he’s huge he’d kill me with a shoe following with how he doesn’t ever want to be in the ring with hulk he didn’t have any personal issues with hulk or an issue with losing to a wrestler his issue was that he was scared of hogan mike believed that if rocky could

Get beaten up by hogan then he had no chance against him which is why he has never even wanted to try ric flair thinks cm punk is doing a great job at entertaining the audience even though everyone is super mad at aew’s cm punk for the stunt he pulled at the all-out media scrum ruining a happy night for everyone ric flair finds it entertaining cm punk told the

Media things about the executive vice president of all elite wrestling and hinted that they were at fault for colt cabana’s demotion which resulted in a physical fight between wrestlers crew and of course cm punk ric flair spoke about this on a podcast he told the host that he had been watching this drama from a distance and regardless of how real it may be it is

Entertaining at least to the fans he said that if the aew fans want entertainment then cm punk was spot on with his stunt because that is exactly what they’re getting he even went on to appreciate punk’s courage and applauded the bravery he showed in his words flair was practically laughing when he said that this whole drama reminded him of the old school style

Wrestling days exo is failing tyson 2.0 or is it tyson himself hexo a canadian cannabis production corporation has partnered up with tyson 2.0 to sell marijuana in canada but canada wants nothing to do with this brand quebec and alberta have already turned down wholesale offers for tyson 2.0 saying they don’t want to be associated with mike tyson’s image or his

Name why because he was convicted of rape in the 90s and he also bit evander holyfield’s ear during a game canadian law also prohibits the selling of marijuana through the depiction of public figures not like tyson has actively tried to change since tyson 2.0 literally offers edibles in the shape of a disfigured ear hint he’s taking a hit at holyfield even decades

Later we don’t know how to feel about this one to be honest but we hope hexo doesn’t have to suffer that’s a wrap for this video would you want to be in a punt rotation circle with mike tyson and ric flair make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more videos like this see you in the next one foreign

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