June 4, 2023

In this video Dr. Michael Hennes talks about how the different stages of sleep impact your thyroid symptoms. Be sure your thyroid doctor understands why this is important.

Hey it’s dr michael hennis and today i want to talk about how the different stages of sleep affect your recovery after thyroid issues thyroid problems cause all sorts of changes from decreased neuronal functioning to sleep disturbances inflammatory changes and all of that results in poor sleep so this information comes from a study that was released just

Yesterday as of the time i’m recording this video and the study comes from brown university and what they looked at is which part of sleep is is more important to the learning ability of the brain rem sleep or non-rem sleep which one improves those learning skills better the answer surprisingly or not is all of the above they’re both important but in different

Ways alright what they found is that the type of sleep you’re getting influences the state of your brain and essentially there’s two different states stabilization and plasticity now i’ve talked about plasticity before but this is the stage where we can see performance gains so when we’re doing rehab we want a very plastic brain stability on the other hand is is

When less important connections between neurons are actually pruned away making the remaining connections stronger so if you learn something that’s not important for you to remember the connections that were made are taken away and the ones that are left become more efficient all right now obviously both of those phases the stabilization phase and the plasticity

Phase are very important to learning or training or rehab in different areas of the brain and what they found during non-rem sleep or deep sleep suggests an increase in the plasticity phase and rem sleep is more of a stability phase letting you reap the benefits of the increased plasticity you experienced so if you’re waking up throughout the night or not going

Through enough sleep cycles your brain will be very plastic that is very easily moldable but because you’re never entering rem sleep you’re not going to remember or solidify those results so it’s going to be very difficult to keep your progress going all right this is why good sleep is essential to any kind of recovery but especially neural metabolic recovery

After something like a hypothyroid episode or a hashimoto’s flare because these things change how well your brain works and how well your brain works changes your thyroid function understand if your sleep isn’t as good as it should be we have to figure out why is your cortisol system waking you up in the middle of the night is your pelvic floor unstable making

Use the bathroom all the time is your thyroid not working well leaving you tired but unrested are you unable to fall asleep because your reticular activating system is firing too high whatever the reason is we need to figure that out and start getting good sleep so you can reap the benefits of all the learning all the experiences all the rehab you had throughout

The day so that’s some great brand new information as of yesterday please make sure you’re working with someone that that understands what i’m talking about so you’re not just spinning your wheels waiting to get better because your brain isn’t ready to heal my name is dr michael hennis and i’ll talk to you next time you

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Minneapolis Thyroid Doctor How sleep can affect your thyroid symptoms By Dr. Michael Hennes