March 24, 2023

@Dr. Megan – Prednisone Pharmacist talks to @Reclaim Labs founder Ron Lev about her Prednisone experience and how it inspired her to create the first-ever supplement meant to counter the many horrendous side effects of Prednisone (steroids).

Today i want to introduce dr megan she’s a third generation pharmacist and i want to discuss with dr megan um friendly zone in general nice having you thank you so much for letting me join you partner zone is my favorite thing to talk about of course my pleasure so you all know my story already uh that i i basically was 22 years on steroids to treat my rheumatoid

Arthritis and then four years ago i started uh exploring cannabinoids and did my research and created my own formula my own blend uh and i was able to go off ready zone after three weeks without oil and i never looked back now it’s four years uh later never never had the need for prednisone anymore um taking my my oil cbd twice a day um so the whole goal yes

It’s going off pretty soon but what if you are taking credit zone are you aware of the horrendous side effects that can happen and how do you mitigate those side effects and dr megan can talk about this whole topic wonderful so i come to you not just as a pharmacist who studied frenzone in pharmacy school and it was one of those medications that’s like i never

Want that prescribed for me i that’s one i don’t want and so when i had this crazy rash just spread from my chest down to my feet with these little tiny red dots and my doctor called and said you need to go to the emergency room right now and i said what he’s like yeah i think you’re bleeding inside and so i went and i was literally bleeding internally and uh

Platelets are one of your important blood cells normally is 150 to 400 that’s a normal range i had three i was this close to bleeding to death if i if anything had hit my head i probably would have bled internally and just died and so that night they started me on prednisone in the hospital and i was like no that is the one drug i never wanted to take i don’t want

Anything to do with it but i also wanted to live so i took it and i thought it was just going to be a few weeks and then i would be back to myself and then it wasn’t just a few weeks it was a few months and then it was like oh my goodness i’m going to go on a year here and thankfully i got to go on chemotherapy and i’m i’m now off prednisone and it was only

Nine months only nine months that i was on prednisone but when i was prescribed it what was i concerned about what were the side effects that i was concerned about i was concerned about that night insomnia i wanted to sleep that’s one of the that’s actually the number one tweeted side effect is insomnia i was worried about gaining weight because prednisone

Causes high blood sugars which then causes hunger cravings and weight gain and so i did not like i had just lost the baby weight from my last baby and i was had worked so hard to get there and now i was suddenly coming back so i was worried about the weight gain and then i was worried about something that some people never even find out about from their doctor

And that’s osteoporosis i was really worried because it runs in my family i didn’t need any other problems to you know contribute to my genetic this predisposition to having osteoporosis so those are the three biggest things i was worried about there are actually a hundred and fifty or more documented side effects to protozoan can you believe that oh that’s crazy

That’s crazy yeah and how did you do you have a list you compiled with all those 150 yes actually i did compile a list because what i was surprised to find when i just googled pronouncing side effects like i’d taken the test i’d passed it in pharmacy school but you know i just want a refresher to see what what can i look for like what should i be worried about

And every list i saw was different and like they were inconsistent with each other and none of explained like what i was experiencing and i was shocked and then i discovered that because pronoun is such an old drug it was discovered in 1955 right that it was actually grandfathered in it never had to go through safety testing and so there’s not actually like a

Drug manufacturer created a list of side effects that shows up consistent everywhere i didn’t know that so every list you see online is actually different because it’s their list this is like webmd’s version this is you know all the different websites this is our list of products on side effects so what i did was i i have friends who have the very expensive paid

Subscriptions to the drug databases and i asked for you know i just want prednisone and they would send it to me and i compiled that all and so one had 48 side effects one had 74 one had 120 and when i combined them all there were over 150 different side effects and that was when i was combining similar terms as well like there were hundreds if you were going for

This like slightly different terms like hypercholesterolemia versus high cholesterol you know like i combined those and there was still 150 so prednisone is full of side effects it is stunning so now you have the lists uh you have your pharmacist you have the knowledge what do you do what did i yeah so right after i started that chemotherapy i well actually i

Had to start the chemotherapy because the protein zone was no longer working my blood had crashed again so it was just this roller coaster of high doses of prednisone and then my blood following like if i went lower on the prednisone then my blood would crash and i would have to go back up on a higher dose and so it would just over and over high doses what’s the

Highest so they actually tried me on a sister drug to protozoan called dexamethasone and they did 10 of the highest strength tablets so 40 milligrams of dexamethasone which is equivalent to 225 milligrams of prednisone wow that i was taking every day three days four days wow it was horrible that was so horrible and so that was the face what did you get the

Moon face oh i got the moon face i got the pregnant looking belly oh it was no fun at all and so then they said like you either have to give up an organ because that’s what’s causing your problem or you’re gonna have to go on chemo and i was like okay fine i’m not you’re not cutting me open i’ll go on chemo and so my blood was low they had to put me put up

Way back on those high doses of prednisone i’m going in for eight hour long infusions and the day after one of them i’m just staring at the ceiling trying to take a nap because i’m so tired with the high doses prednisone and the chemo the side effects are horrible and i’m just like there has to be something better than this what could be done and all like all

Of these ideas came together and clicked in my head and i was like oh my goodness the side effects are from nutrient depletion how did i never see this before that every pharmacist knows that the osteoporosis is because there’s low calcium and vitamin d like that’s on the board exams like you can’t become a pharmacist without knowing that and every prednisone

Patient according to the doctors who prescribe it the most should be taking calcium and vitamin d like this is baseline knowledge all pharmacists know whether they share it with you or not who knows so i knew that but then it was like wait a second that high blood sugar those hunger cravings oh my goodness there’s an actual depletion of a nutrient involved in

That whole situation chromium it’s this metal mineral that’s usually really quite rare in your body that is being depleted by the prednisone your body is being told to pee it all out by the prednisone so you don’t have any if you had it and it was in this beautiful matrix with the insulin and the sugar you would feel more calm and stable and less hungry and have

Less blood sugar swings and potentially less diabetes but it’s there and so it’s like oh no there’s the calcium vitamin d there’s the chromium and those are just like the tip of the iceberg when i started diving deep i discovered there were at least nine nutrients that prednisone steals from your body and then i was able to match it up with that side effect list

To discover that they they match up this the nutrient depletion causes the side effects so i was like why did it take me this long to figure this out like i’ve been suffering for eight months and i could have been taking something to make me feel better this whole time i was like so disappointed that i didn’t have something and so i i was like that’s it i am

Going to create this i’m going to not only replenish the nutrients that prednisone steals i’m also going to find ingredients that directly counteract side effects so it’s not just giving back those nutrients it’s also other ingredients that help to counteract side effects so i put all that together and i invented a supplement and it’s called neutronized zone and

So oops let’s turn it the right way here we go so we’ve got the morning neutronize and it has ingredients that help with staying like having your appetite under control and having your mood under control during the day and then we have the bedtime and we take that to help obviously to sleep at night so you can feel calm and rested and so it not only gives back

The calcium and vitamin d but all of these other nutrients too that you need to build strong bones that’s that’s cool that’s an amazing story uh i like the entrepreneurial aspects of this uh you know hey there’s a real problem there’s no solution out there i’ll build a solution so it’s pretty cool so how long did it take you to develop this uh and then how long

Are you taking that or you know oh so that’s okay that’s another question before before we go back to the points i’ve mentioned a if someone manages to go off renaissance do they still need to take uh these replacements for a while or or forever or for how long how does it work yeah so everybody’s different everybody had a different dose everybody had a different

Baseline inflammation had a different baseline nutritional status and so is really your like how you are feeling when you stop the prednisone do you feel a hundred percent again i know i didn’t i still like three months later was like i’m not myself yet i don’t feel well yet i don’t feel like i’ve recovered from all of those side effects yet and so it’s because

I was so depleted of all of those nutrients my adrenals hadn’t fully recovered my like i had dug a pit and i hadn’t quite gotten out of that pit nutritionally and so yeah you take it until you’re feeling like i’m me again like this is this like has picked me out of that pit uh so back to that um you know the process how long did it take you to develop that and to

Get it to the market and yeah did you take it i um came up with the idea while i was on the prednisone way back in 2018 and it took about a year to um figure out all of the nutrients we need to depleted to figure out what new like ingredients would counteract side effects to figure out the best manufacturer i didn’t want just some run-of-the-mill manufacturer

I wanted the very best because i wanted pharmaceutical grade ingredients i wanted somebody who could give me as close to the quality of a prescription drug as possible because i you know i’m a pharmacist snob like i know all about the testing and the rigorous nature of of creating a drug like i used to actually you know compound drugs i used to actually make them

In the pharmacy and i i know there are pharmacies that don’t make them very well in my family’s pharmacy is all about eye quality using the best ingredients so i took that and it took me a long time to find the best manufacturer the best ingredients and then to finally get the product to be able to sell it was over a year yeah that’s cool and since then you’ve

Been selling it where online yeah on that’s where i sell it that’s cool and you have uh like a subscription base um yeah you can buy it one time or you can save 10 and subscribe and save um and have it shipped to your house every month or however whatever frequency you want we can help you get to the right schedule that works for you cool that’s very

Cool you have any like success stories with people that are faking it oh so many so many people constantly are like dr megan i have two people to say first god and then you i’m like what okay um and then i’ll tell you kelly’s story so kelly has a condition called lupus and lupus means ongoing inflammation your whole life probably on prednisone potentially your

Whole life or maybe just on and off from the zone and she said she was exhausted was gaining weight like just felt like she couldn’t even be the mother or the wife she wanted to be just couldn’t play with her kids just stuck at home and just suffering her condition like that’s all she could do and then she followed me for six months before she was like well

What could be worse than this like she has a hundred percent money back guarantee like what do i have to lose and so she tried neutralizing she bought it she took it and her doctor had told her before that her potassium magnesium all of these were really low and they were really concerned for her and after she took this her labs went back to normal she was able

To play with her children again she was able to she said she lost a pound a day i am not going to claim anybody else is going to lose a pound a date but in her situation the nutrient imbalances meant she was retaining water and gaining weight all of this stuff she lost a pound a day and so it just changed her life she said it was a game changer for her that

She felt like herself again so that’s i mean i get that at least once a week somebody tells me that these guys change their life yeah there’s nothing like customers that on their own initially come and tell you wow this was a life changer that’s like the best yeah for me exactly to get through those those hard days when like yesterday for me when my my website

Went down it’s like okay it’s worth it to figure out how to fix this you know like to get through those hard days when people tell me that it’s like this is so worth it if all i hear is just those amazing results that’s pretty cool that’s a very very good story uh and again i’m inspired by your entrepreneurial approach uh you know to problem and solution it was

A pleasure talking to you uh of course our goal is to get people off ready zone however if you aren’t ready zone or you’re kind of in in you know aftermath of off-prediction after you stop then there’s something um something real to try out here that can really help you yep exactly i it’s been a privilege being here you can find neutronize at yeah

And we’ll give all the details uh afterwards all the links and everything oh yeah we’ll get you some special deal right that’s right special deal from ron all right thank you so much dr megan i appreciate it and i hope to see you again all right thanks ron all right take care bye-bye bye

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Mitigating Prednisone Side Effects By Ron Lev