January 26, 2023

What my experience was like mixing Adderall and Alcohol. How it affected my body along with how it felt from my personal experience.

What happens when you mix adderall and alcohol together adderall is a stimulant alcohol is a depressant i am adhd i have taken adderall for a very long time i take 10 milligrams in the morning 10 milligrams in the afternoon what happens when you mix adderall with a depressant like alcohol i was a hardcore alcoholic and these two drugs were not good drugs to put

Together it pretty much fueled my addiction it made it a lot worse a lot quicker and this is my personal experience i don’t share to glorify any kind of drugs out there i share so that nobody feels alone and to let you know that it is worth getting help if you are struggling out there links down below to n a and a a just remember that you matter if you’re new to

The channel hit the like and subscribe button what’s up guys my name is eric i’m not a doctor i’m not a counselor i lost a wife and a father to suicide i attempted suicide i’m diagnosed with adhd ptsd gad and mdd level one autism and i’m also recovering cocaine and alcoholic addict now through all that i have had a lot of experience i’ve had a lot of experiences

With medication i’ve had a lot of experience with alcohol when it came to what happens when you mix adderall and alcohol it’s not good it is not good because what happens is adderall is a stimulant so stimulant drugs like crystal meth cocaine i was also cocaine addict adderall anything that is a stimulant reacts with your system a lot differently when you are

Drinking alcohol and i was a very heavy drinker i was drinking two to three fifths of vodka a day and part of the reason i drink so much and could drink so much is the stimulant almost overrides some of that effect of the alcohol you don’t feel the effect of the alcohol is much as quickly and the problem is is if you have done this before you’ll realize that the

Alcohol seems to hit you harder but later on and what i mean is when i would start drinking i would take my adderall every morning even through all my addictions i was very systematic with my adderall because it helped me function so i take my adderall between like 7 30 8 in the morning and on my way to work i would stop and get a case of 99 bananas that’s how

Bad of alcoholic i was there’s 10 of these little mini shooters in it it’s pretty much a fifth i would drink those on the way to work with a red bull and smoking cigarettes that’s that was my morning routine and because the stimulant was in me the alcohol wouldn’t hit me right away i still felt like i had my motor skills very good i still had my verbal skills

Very good and if you know what it’s like in a morning empty stomach taking shots your your verbal skills should be off but the stimulants almost overrode that of how it affects your brain how it releases all massive amount of dopamine so i’m in a great mood because alcohol released dopamine adderall release dopamine felt great but i didn’t feel the effects of the

Alcohol right away i didn’t feel them as much as i should have as soon as i should have so it continued me to the point that i would keep drinking blacking out for me and passing out for me was extremely common and that’s what happens when you mix these two drugs because stimulants in your system you don’t feel that until it’s almost too late because when it hits

You it hits you like a baseball bat to your head where you’re like geez i’m messed up or you have that feeling where you stand up and you’re just like man that’s what’s happening though when you take those drugs that’s a daily occurrence especially if you’re an addict like me and you’re taking those two together that you’re not feeling the facts and it is not

Good for your system you’re having a downer on your whole system taking your system down with a stimulant and what ended up happening i would usually spiral i would spiral really bad because with any kind of adhd met especially with adderall my thoughts were very cl just zoned in and honed in and i would get focused in on depressed thoughts i’d get to focus on

Thoughts of suicide i’d get thought you know my ex-wife i kept telling her how she needs to leave me how i wanted to die it took me down a very very dark hole and that was an every night occurrence because here my brain is focusing in on such a depressing on my system i don’t remember these stories fully like at all like i had to wait when i was showering with my

Wife in the morning to find out how bad it was the night before because again i could keep drinking and drinking but then also when it finally like hit my system and it hit my brain man i black out and i don’t remember this i don’t remember the nights just bawling nonstop on my hands and knees naked crawling through the house because i’m so focused now son almost

On these negative thoughts and i could pass out i would pass out usually twice a day i would pass out right around two in the afternoon if i was off and i would take a nap and i’d wake back up go back at it and i’d pass out right around ten and then i’d wake up and i’d do it all again i mean that’s how bad my addiction was and adderall fueled it with the alcohol

Because i didn’t man 10 shots i didn’t feel it now my body felt it was in my system i did feel it but but my brain was almost overriding it so i could function i was a very functioning uh alcoholic which was not good either because i took a lot of my problems then to work but it made me extremely ultra depressed a lot of times yes there are you know alcohol does

Bring people naturally down but this brought me down even harder where you know i’m glad that i didn’t own a gun because i would have killed myself when i wanted to attempt suicide the whole thing was i was going to slam a fifth vodka that’s literally what saved me as a frozen vodka because vodka doesn’t freeze that that was reality i i started to relate alcohol to

This depressant if i wasn’t on adderall and it was my day off and i didn’t take it man i was all just joy and cheerful and raw and when that downer hit it wasn’t as extreme as it was when i took my adderall when i took my adderall that down was so much more extreme it’s like i was focused in on just the negative energy the negative life negative everything i need

My wife to leave me i need to die i need to leave this earth everyone’s going to be better off without me i’m a burden i’m damaged i’m broken i didn’t break anything i just broke inside a lot and it was a struggle it was a daily struggle and i mean if you’re struggling out there i i get it i understand when you’re mixing though these these medications when you’re

Mixing any medication with alcohol consult your doctor let them know because man some of these effects are not effects that we expect or that we want and so when you’re mixing these two man it took me to a whole different level of darkness it really did and it was bad and that’s where my self-medication with cocaine came in and then now i’m medicating with adderall

Cocaine and alcohol three massive st you know two massive stimulants in my system of massive depress in my system it wrecks you and i’m glad to still be standing i mean if you’re out there right now and you’re struggling with addiction i have links down below a n a i mean it all starts with just letting everybody know hey i’m struggling with addiction i need help

Believe me they already know you’re an addict even though we think we’re hiding it you’re not hiding it they know you’re an addict but that’s where it starts at and when you’re mixing these i mean i don’t know if anyone else out there can relate to how dark and depressed you get versus when you’re not taking adderall or a adhd med if you’re adhd that focus use you

In but for me took me to a dark dark place and man’s struggling i’m glad i’m still here and if you’re out there right now struggling i’m glad you’re still here but reach out and get help i mean i’d love to hear your experiences down below i mean it’s all about not feeling alone realizing that we’re not alone we’re not the only ones that done this and we’re not the

Only ones also that can get clean and sober from it so i’d love to hear your comments down below hit that like and subscribe button because it’s all about sharing our experiences the more that we share our experiences the more that nobody feels alone and the more that somebody might hear something or see something go man you know what i want what they got so i’m

Gonna start taking the steps to do it just know that you matter and together together we got this

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Mixing Adderall and Alcohol (My Experience What Happens) By Eric B Zink