February 1, 2023

How to get a Diagnosis ➡️

What’s up ehd crew today’s video i’m gonna talk all about the modafinil otherwise known as provisional its usage and my experience with it so stay tuned but definite is classed as a new jarek and this is a class of drugs that promote wakefulness and alertness and modafinil is specifically meant for the use of sleeping disorders such as narcolepsy and daytime

Sleepiness and there’s a theory that modafinil can be quite useful for treating adhd and this is because of its ability to improve dopamine levels in the brain which enhance your mood and sense of well-being however it’s not meant to be used for adhd so using it for adhd would be classified as off-label use most research regarding the use of adhd modafinil is

Inconclusive so it’s very much a try it and see method a lot of people say that modafinil is kind of like the drug from the movie limitless nzt 48 where the main character bradley cooper has the access to a hundred percent of his brain power however i don’t think it’s quite as miraculous and magical as this drug but i can see why people think it’s quite similar

How it works is not entirely clear and it could be related to the sleep cycle and the long-term safety of medical hasn’t really been determined by science so first of all it was introduced in 1998 in the united states and the fda classify it as a schedule for controlled substance and in the united kingdom where i’m from it’s prescription only the good news about

Modafinil is that the dependence and addiction rates of modafinil are pretty low so you’re probably going to be alright with that unless you’ve got a history of drug addiction and even large scale studies have shown no real evidence of tolerance in therapeutic dosage even a prolonged use some people might say that modafinil is classed as a nootropic which is

Otherwise known as a smart drug so this is why you’ll see a lot of people like students and people who work night shifts or long hours in the military taking modafinil but the only problem is they tend to abuse it because of its ability to stay awake and be productive so if you get yourself some modafinil that typically come in dosages of 100 milligrams or 200

Milligrams i first tried modafinil at 100 milligrams and it didn’t really have an overwhelming effect they had it was very subtle so i was quite disappointed actually so after that i increase the dose i had 200 milligrams and i found that was pretty powerful so what are the common side effects you’re likely to experience things like anxiety insomnia nausea and

Headaches and there are even some more serious side effects that are rare but still something to consider those are anaphylaxis hallucinations and something called stevens-johnson syndrome which is a rash skin disease so the main effects i experience personally with modafinil was a massively reduced appetite i hardly a thing and secondly i had insomnia it was

Very it was just impossible to fall asleep but they are the negative side effects i don’t think there’s anything else apart from those two but the positive side effects i felt i had an extended effortless focus it was really smooth it was just completely effortless and i could just transition from one task to the other and i could shut out external distractions

It was really quite powerful i also had an improved mood i felt pretty happy and upbeat and good about myself and confident and i felt more creative as i was able to think on my feet more i was able to be more introspective about things probably a bit like bradley cooper in the film limitless and something else i know this which is quite unusual is that kind

Of flatlines your emotions it makes you quite stable you know i think there’s an aspect of modafinil that can cause emotional blunting which is similar to why experienced with antidepressants and strattera do note though that it’s not gonna just magically make you focus on things and be super productive it doesn’t quite work like that what modafinil does is it

Gives you the ability to do that but it doesn’t sort of get you to do it on its own so don’t expect to be super productive and focus on things that you need to be focusing on on the struggle um because you need to do that yourself if you just go in in the mindset of oh i can just take modafinil and i’ll just be super productive wrong you need to actually make

Yourself do it first then modafinil will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the task so you need to be careful you know if you’re gonna take modafinil you don’t want to be doing the same old procrastination habits like playing video games because all you’re gonna do is just end up having insane hyper focus on all the wrong things and you still gonna waste

Your time so be smart about taking modafinil use it to your advantage an important question to ask is can you take it with other stimulant medications and i would say i would not advise it because two reasons mainly because it’s largely unknown what the risks and side effects are but modafinil can increase concentrations of certain medications in your system it

Can increase the speed at which certain medications are processed so i would say you’re putting yourself at risk of some harmful side effects if you’re going to be taking any other drugs alongside so if you’re really curious to know about the interactions of certain drugs so you can check it on the link below so just be careful and the other point is that if

You do combine medications you’re likely to be awake for days because two stimulants and modafinil it’s just you’re just putting your mind into overdrive it’s far too much so if you can get modafinil take it sensibly don’t take too much to begin with try one hundred milligrams to start out with that’s why i did and i only took it for a week just to give it a

Trial and error but i didn’t really find any better than consider it’s just different thanks for joining me guys make sure to hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already and give us a like and i’ll see you next time bye

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💊 Modafinil For ADHD? 🤔 By Stuart Anderson