March 22, 2023

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We are back we’re back we’re back it’s sunday uh it’s sunday uh we have two songs suggested by mortis on instagram um so nice guys there you have it if you want to suggest some songs sometimes i put the youtube songs i get sometimes i get some from patreon sometimes i get some from instagram a little little bridge too we have something special we do uh here

In holland actually it’s a german uh tradition we have advent and that does that means that and i have a very nice one i think it’s not international no it’s not i looked it up um oh look you can speak it’s like 24. go on 24 little drawers so you guys can put a comment in and you you stated it on youtube what people can do is you follow us on instagram both

My son taunt and mama taunt and then you can slide in my dm and you can make your suggestion yeah and if you’re a patreon i put a special code i’m not going to say it here uh on the patreon place because then your suggestion will go in twice so they’ll all go into a bowl and then we’ll pick 24 and put them in this place but thank you uh if you do a suicide boy

Suggestion obviously we have sue sunday we won’t stop that so if you do a suicide boy suggestion that will be rolled into a sunday video right so uh normally we do one video a day so it’d be one song but if there’s a suicide boy suggestion we’ll put it on the super sunday i’ll probably pick one from instagram and then one from patreon i’ll fill the blank in myself

So my son todd is gonna grind because it’s gonna be 24 days 24 songs up till christmas we thought we needed to do something special uh in this coffee time to do something nice guys we were having technical difficulties mom i’m so sorry mom is on standby mode we’ve been here for two minutes waiting until she can function again maybe you should just let that down

Yeah i’m just gonna can i say it now or at the end of the video you can say it now okay well because of the covet because i’ve been told that there’s a lot of people who cope with or cannot cope with anxiety and depression i am a coach a mental health coach so every day i will choose a topic as well so it’s going to be two notes here a song and a special tip and

Follow my channel the momentum channel it’s going to be in the description the youtube channel and every day i will try to help you with some tips to get through this awful time and of course it’s all free yes you can always join the discord you can talk to us there um i’m sorry but i messed up it was for a good reason because now you guys know um and i already

Teared up but it’s from laughs yeah we had a little uh malfunction all right so the suggested songs by mortis were pontiac sunfire and i forgot to pronounce it uh getaway it’s a drug yeah we totally did not just search that um yeah i was gonna butcher that now i i thought it was so um which sounds great too yeah but i think it’s an awful thing and then uh last

Up for the patreon we got golden calf featuring pat nick andy baker um i hope all the bts they’re good you can appreciate it there there is a reason why um mortis chose d2s these two songs oh and i wonder if you will pick up on it all right oh okay just gonna say i know the guy mortars or is it girl you’ve seen him in the twitch streams all right let’s go yeah

This is a music video by the way it’s been a while since i’ve listened to this song i like the sample myself did you understand his lingo that’s the question no i didn’t i have to be honest always be the same don’t let that affect us just some scumbags you almost did listen you see it the hair if i let it grow out more all right should i put a

Guess in why he picked this song or do i need to get the other one uh as well did you make a guess i guess uh he wanted me to listen to this because this is um one of the first songs uh the early suicide boys well it is early suicide boys let me quickly make sure that i get this right i think i know on which almond it was i thought i loved the laundry effect in

It it’s not that aggressive yeah it is on great gray i was about to say it’s either gregory or taminy street but um yeah it is that yeah it’s one of their first albums or at least the first album that’s why he wanted to uh make me listen to it too early well you said there’s a reason he picked these two is that a reason well probably yeah it’s it’s not the most

Um there’s it’s not his explicit reason for it there is a different reason which i hope you will find out in a second but uh we can’t know that until we start the other song going back to this one three two one seven and a half dang not a fan of the slow ones you like the bumpy ones more oh yeah this one has a loungy vibe and um i i liked it imagine smoking a

Doobie and listening to this i do not smoke you ever imagine how can i by imagining okay so imagine yeah close your eyes right now close it close it keep close close nice what are you doing what are you doing you were smoking a doobie no i’m not all right so um i love the laundry fight seven and a half lounge g5 um yeah we’ll take that seven out that’s good

That’s good um next up i’ve gotta pronounce it again gabapentin gabapentin it’s it sounds like a we i don’t know it sounds like a drug like a drug all right um it is let’s get straight into it okay oh my mama we lit uh i can’t do it be little shout out if you know you know let’s go i’m disappointed i did not know it said as simple as pie i always sang

Something different oh what did you see something with sprites is that the reason to shock mama with some lyrics no you did not notice the reason you have not noticed it that’s why i said i’m disappointed in the beginning of the song you didn’t notice it and i even gave you a very nice tip at the end of the last song but you still didn’t get it with smoking

Thing closing my eyes all right i’ll oh guys i’ll i’ll just let mama out for a second here just listen yeah the song this is the song in the background is the next one yes is that the reason yeah why to see if you actually know uh like pay attention i would ah you got busted yeah wow you never pay attention what the hell you did it all the time you have background

Music and people guess uh what it is i i i there’s nothing on now but i can guess what it is the song right now in the background yeah wow i i’m pretty sure it’s going to be bones because they were so hyped that uh i don’t know i love the album i would put songs from scraps as instrumentals but i don’t think people have already made the instrumentals oh people

Remake them so otherwise that would be right uh no because i put the uh i put songs in the background of videos that we’re doing so if people people have paid attention last week i used a lot of danger incorporated music maybe this one has the same who knows danger any danger well i’m sorry i missed this one i didn’t know i i no i i thought i was supposed to watch

The lyrics or or listen to weird samples but yeah we’ve been rambling let’s continue okay i swear to god it’s something with sprite just listen simple and bright and maybe yeah i thought always it was something was right like cody it doesn’t no maybe is this there lyrically no this is so cold we shadow oh she knows she knows what she’s doing otherwise i

Would say well maybe this is wrong what the whole mix-up with the beat and everything that was really well run it back okay thank you thank you scoby i sell colby yes um listening to this makes me wonder if i put gray gray too low on my uh suicide voice tier list shout out to that video um still going great did you just gave a shout out to your own video

Very well did because i have power but why did you like this song uh less than the other one that’s understandable and um i don’t agree well that’s okay too um i’m not a big fan of the distortion of voices as you know so this sample where they put the voice really low and everything i know you love that you play with it all the time here now yeah i found out

How to do that i’m not a big fan i don’t know i love honest voices but now you’re going off of samples which is i mean when you use them yeah it’s a huge part of the song yeah it repeats all the time very true very true but speaking of the boys would they actually like wrapped on there that was okay okay okay all right more than sufficient more than sufficient

We’ll take that so your score will be three to one six and a half more than sufficient yeah all right we take those like i said before if all your grades were up six and a half and up i’ll be a great mom well have i not passed a test these past two years well i don’t know have i have i the ones you told me about you’ve passed bro this is cap you know she knows oh

And i know let’s not go there this is going to be a very long video not do that 60 minutes but we had like the two minutes laughing so i bet there were three so um key takeaway from this video um mom liked it but also i did hit up us on instagram hit us up on instagram yes yeah if you like us both on instagram yeah follow us put in a request in a dm yeah follow

Us and then the emma’s your suggestion again if you put a suicide voice suggestion that’s totally fine but it won’t be one of those 24 days that we upload uh it will be on the super sunday which is one of the 24 days yeah but to sunday is like it’s its own entity you know yeah but do do give suicide suggestions because i love them what suicide boy suggested it’s

Gonna be if possible we love underground but don’t send us stuff that has like 1k views it’d be nice for mom to like get to know some known artists as well some newer ones because we want to make sure it’s not because we did a lot already make sure it’s a new one exactly to me yeah we’re ah we’ll see okay we’ll let us we will let you guys surprise us bye-bye

Bye-bye be nice

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MOM Reacts to $uicideboy$ [PONTIAC $UNFIRE/Gabapentin Getaway] By TaunT