February 8, 2023

1st video with momma kent

My mom has cancer uh she’s going to be joining us a little bit later in the video uh via zoom to talk a little bit uh she wanted to talk to you guys a lot of you have been asking how she’s doing and she has been wanting to come back on the channel since the last time that she was here one second if you guys don’t know mama kent uh you guys named her that she filmed

A couple of videos with me i think it was last year and let me tell you i am forever impressed and proud of her for filming those videos because her daughter is a youtuber okay like there’s a lot of stuff in this room and you know i have lights and cameras and mics and it’s like a whole thing she walked into this room and gave us two incredible videos an interview

And then a q a and she killed it and she’s never done that before a day in her life so you know she gave me some charisma but this is like a very i don’t know like learned skill to talk to a camera and it’s kind of intimidating and it’s a lot and she killed it so i will link her interviews down below but she has been wanting to come back on the channel because she

Sees the comments and she knows that a lot of you guys have been asking how she’s doing oh so what about i want to say a month ago i don’t know my timeline is kind of crazy because this year has been very dramatic but i want to say about a month ago she called and said that the doctors had found a mass on her lung it’s on her left lung and they weren’t really sure

At that moment if it was cancer so she did a lot of testing and it came back i guess a couple of weeks ago now it came back that it is cancer we don’t know what stage it is yet we’re gonna find that out any day now and then they’re going to have a treatment plan for her she just had a biopsy done a few days ago and we’re gonna have the results of that biopsy soon but

From what they can tell and what they speculate is that she is somewhere in the ballpark of stage two and stage three lung cancer and it’s scary she’s scared i’m scared we’re all really scared but she’s gonna kick cancer’s ass and she’s being so brave about it i’m doing my best to be you know her cheerleader and be strong for her at first she wasn’t really sure if

She wanted to go through with any of this treatment because it is scary and it’s a lot and as is her right you know it’s it’s her decision it’s her body i’m grateful that she is moving forward and she wants to do whatever treatment plan they have in mind for her and we’re all staying positive um she’s staying positive she’s so brave she’s gonna kick cancer’s ass

She really is this is so new you know so a month ago it was like maybe is it is it cancer and now that we know that it is i don’t even know i don’t i don’t know if i’ve had enough time to like process all of this i haven’t had a lot of time to process much of anything this year and it really has been a very traumatic and very difficult year but i think staying

Positive when you receive a diagnosis like this is the most important thing the mind is so powerful she is going to have hard days in this and it is going to be you know a pretty intense journey despite knowing that you know she’s gonna have hard days we just have to stay as positive as humanly possible and come together and yes that does mean all of my siblings

Including but not limited to voldemort i’ve been pretty vocal about blocking people that are disrespectful or toxic or disrespect my boundaries or uh have caused me you know just stress or unnecessary drama or pain and unfortunately a couple of my siblings have done that and i i think it’s more important to set all that stuff aside and just really rally around my

Mom and make sure that she has all of the love and support and encouragement and jokes that’s where i show up my dark humor and i really just want my whole family just to come together and really just be there for my mom however we can whether that is a ride or a phone call or some edibles you know you gotta come through with the edibles i just believe in my heart

And soul that she’s gonna kick cancer’s ass and she’s got the ride or die crew and we’re all going to center love and positivity and encouragement because that’s mama kent and we must protect her at all costs choose my history you know she’s my history our parents are our history i know this journey is going to be tough but i know that she’s a hell of a lot tougher

I mean okay i’m gonna add my mom to the screen be right back mama kent welcome back to the channel why thank you so i told them a little bit you know that we know that we have cancer we’re gonna kick cancer’s ass yeah we are um and really that’s it so you know how are you feeling with everything past couple days i felt great my appetite is already diminishing

For a lack of a better term uh and i’m not happy about that either i mean it’s not the appetite’s diminishing it’s just i’ve already got the nausea going on and i haven’t even started any treatments yet which we don’t even know yet right now what that treatment is gonna be or how long it’ll be anything like that yeah um the hopeful option would be keytruder which

Is just from what i understand it’s the same side effects as chemo but just nowhere near as bad yeah but i don’t know when i’m gonna find this out we don’t know what type it is we don’t know what stage we don’t know there’s a lot of unknowns yet we do know that it’s lung cancer mm-hmm but is there like is this a stupid question is there more than one kind of lung

Cancer i guess there is i always thought lung cancers lung cancer there’s there’s small cell lung cancer and that’s just in the bloodstream before it attaches itself now that if that were the case that could have been caught had my primary uh care physician had been doing routine ordinary doctors think this could have been caught a long time ago and it wouldn’t

Be the size it is now but um but there are i think at least i’m not sure don’t quote me on this but i think there’s at least four types anywhere from two to four types so we know that it they found a mouse on your left lung we know that it is probably between stage two and three we think yeah and it’s lung cancer yeah so right now it’s the size of a half dollar

This is a hard thing to break but you know what i’m gonna get through this i’ve had my meltdown i did so once i did that i was like it’s time to move on now i feel like we’re all gonna have meltdowns throughout this like this is a lot but we’re all gonna come together and i’m even gonna unblock voldemort um yeah and hopefully we can just you know put all that stuff

Aside and just rally around you and maybe i have to get on a plane and go to new york because um all of her doctors are in new york i’m in chicago and it would just be too hard on her to like come to chicago for all of it it would be a lot um so i’m gonna do everything i can to help from here and you know come visit or hopefully they clear you to come here because

I know how much you love coming here you know one day at a time yeah and this isn’t something i can ask my pulmonologist all the pulmonologist does is she right she’s the one that runs the tests yeah uh like i said she called and oh and then from her then it goes over and over to oncology so if the writer die crew wanted to send you a card or a letter do you have

A po box still i don’t right now no um that’s certainly something that’s easy enough to arrange let’s go tomorrow and get you a po box that way if they want to send like a get well card or just a nice note then they can do that because i know that a lot of them haven’t asked if if they can maybe even just draw you something connection unstable so is my mental

Health computer okay um we’re gonna kick cancer’s ass it’s gonna be okay yeah and the ride or die crew is you know incredible and they’re gonna leave so much love and positivity and if you guys know um really of just anything that’s going to help her feel better anything with nausea and appetite besides thc we’re working on it um then just please let us know

And you know just any suggestions that you guys might have because i know that there’s someone watching this that is either going through this or has gone through this uh and you know maybe we can even create like a discord chat you probably don’t know what that is no chad it’s an apple maybe we could just do a separate mama can’t discord um for everyone that

Has experienced cancer or everyone that wants to just join and you know just have that that commentary every day and like positive affirmations and stuff you know whatever we can think of and i you know we’re open to ideas and suggestions um with this nausea right now which is what’s preventing me from eating nobody feels like eating when they’re nauseous right

Um i shouldn’t even be having pain at this stage even even at where the size of it and everything the reason i’m having the pain is a it’s location it’s like right right practically almost to the exterior of my lung uh and she said it’s pulling on something i can’t even begin to pronounce a six mile long medical term uh and so i do take ibuprofen for that twice

A day right now it’s the only thing that’s working i can take it three times a day but i also have bad kidneys so i don’t take as much as they say i can so i sent my mom a whole like cbd care package and one of them is a like pain bomb um or i think it’s a gel actually it’s a gel but i use that i don’t know if it’ll help but like anything you know anything that

We can think of that will you know give some relief they should probably up it you should get the good drugs now you know yeah they did give me zofran but i haven’t had to use that yet so i don’t even know if that’s even gonna be something that’s going to work or something throughout treatment they’ll they’ll keep on board or for nausea whatever or what they’re

Yeah yeah mentally how are you feeling right now mentally mentally i feel great i’ve been able to get a lot of stuff done around here today except for what i need our friends help with um but mentally i’m just taking it a day at a time looking at this is right now anyway as a bump in the road just gotta get over it and just get over it she says just yeah just

Pass that speed bump yeah we’ll just we’ll just get over it no but it’s it’s gonna be okay and um i i am a huge believer in how strong and powerful our mind is and we’re going to stay positive and we’re gonna do all the that they’re saying and see more that we’re gonna research and i know the ride or die crew will have suggestions for what you know how to

Help through pain and how to help with like nausea or whatever because someone out there has experienced this and you know i we are just so grateful for all of you guys love and support and i was telling them before that you have mentioned several times like recently that you want to come on the channel and i’m like that’s crazy that she wants to come back on the

Channel because she walked into this whole ass youtuber’s house the lights and cameras and all the sat down and gave us two awesome videos first time out the gate like maybe it’s where i get it from you know it could be this is a lot of stuff it’s a lot of stuff um but mama can’t but mama can’t will come back on the channel in person either in new york i’ll fly

There and we can interview you and you know maybe even just go live and like answer some questions or hang out um or you can come here hopefully all we’re waiting for now is the approval of the pet scan and then i’m free included come out whenever um let me if this helps let me describe this pain maybe that’ll help yeah bring in suggestions it feels like cardiac

Pain that’s what i that’s what i thought i was having the pain will be in my left arm and it just like i’m having a hard very mild heart attack that’s how it feels but it’s adult very dull achy pain but it’s it’s enough to be noticed it’s tolerable with ibuprofen but it’s enough you know to wear so like it’s on the the same side it’s on your left side yeah what

Did the doctor say about that well again they’re telling me it’s pulling on this whatever this six mile long medical term not i don’t know it might be some sort of nerve i don’t know and the size of it being that of a half dollar i it’s really the pain i’m having really is not from the actual cancer it’s from its location and the fact that it’s pulling on again

Whatever god um but the pain sometimes it’ll get so bad it it again it’s like cardiac pain sometimes it’ll hurt to sneeze it’ll hurt to cough if i had to uh and there there are coughing spells with that sometimes to the point where i’ve already gotten a little sick not bad but what this idiot do i still drink my coffee hey listen coffee is important okay coffee

Coffee’s a necessity sometimes i need that by iv sometimes i remember you saying like i think it was like six months ago or so now that you had thought that you threw your back out because your back was like really sore so i wonder if like that’s what that was well i love you i got this we got this i’m gonna get through this i just you know the only fear i have

Right now is that of the unknown what what’s this poison gonna do to me yeah it it’s a lot and cancer by itself is a really scary word and there’s a lot that we don’t know we don’t know what the treatment plan is going to look like how long it’s going to be which options we have if it’s going to be chemo or the other one that you said and there’s just a lot um

Or just one step at a time one day at a time and you have an entire army of people on the internet and in real life that have your back and you’re not you’re not dealing with this alone i have a lot of people praying for me and telling me you know what he’s got you and i know this um it’s kind of hard not to be emotional well yeah cry as much as you want to cry

It’s you know it’s gonna be okay and i am here and i got your back and they got your back um but for now let’s end this video um and hopefully they’ll see you you know and not in person you know what i mean we won’t be on a zoom call i’ll be there or you’re gonna be here yeah do you want to say anything else to the ride or die crew well i thank you for your love

And support um it’s i was thinking of you and i created my name for zoom i know this is going to be tough i know this but you’re tougher i’m trying not to view it what i said but you’re tougher i’m trying not to view this as a big uphill battle i mean i might be surprised i might get my treatments and all that that’s what it’s gonna okay whatever i’m i’m

Hoping for that reaction well that’s how it went with the the biopsy you know you were so scared and you’re like that is horrible i’m like well how bad could it be and you’re like this is the process and i’m like holy that does sound horrible the worst part of that is having to drink this cake cup not even full of what looked like gorilla glue it was lidocaine

Immediately now jimmy it looked like gorilla glue but that was that was the worst part of it but next thing i remembered they were putting this stuff in my iv to slap the snout out of me basically so but yeah i remember like opening my eyes a few times during the procedure i mean at this point they had the scope down there where the hell am i going to go right but uh

And i remember looking because they moved that screen like like literally over top of me so that the pulmonologist that she was doing this could see what she was doing um i wouldn’t want to see i didn’t know what was going on though i’m like yeah you know like that’s that sedative whatever it was in my iv so i wasn’t completely unconscious but i was definitely

Out of it and the worst side effect was i had a scratchy throat for the next three four days after that but what’s that i get a sore throat i reach for pickle juice it works trust me they’re gonna think that i put pickles on pizza like prison pizza and put pickles in my ramen because you i don’t just eat a pickle or like drink pickle juice i know you don’t it

Works wonders for a sore throat though especially if you can’t tolerate drinking straight up vinegars straight up vinegar is recommended i know i can do it so i’ve done it but she was just she’s born in another time this generation is tough as hell just drink some vinegar what you don’t even have to take no more than what two three tablespoons they’re just built

Different back then i’m not drinking vinegar but i will burn off every single taste bud on my tongue eating salt and vinegar chips you know but mama kent will be back soon on the channel and we’ll have an update for you guys soon hopefully together in the same room i will leave mama kent’s p.o box in the description box of this video if you want to send her a get

Well card or just a little you know a little note or something to to cheer her up i know that she would appreciate and love that so much um but we’ll see you guys in the next one bye everybody

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momma kent has cancer By Jessica Kent