June 1, 2023


But that’s kind of like my big fear here is that i am just going to always have chronic back pain okay so the last four days have been complete okay so i’m on a new medication the medication is called robaxin it is a muscle relaxant some kind of skeletal central nervous system inhibitor supposed to help with pain has not done anything for the pain it’s just made

Me very tired life happens all the time i mean i’m either gonna figure this out and move on and figure out how to live with this or i’m gonna just stop taking that medicine figure out how to deal with your adversity the sooner you figure that out the sooner you can move back to getting results that you want from starbucks not bad okay so starbucks didn’t have

Cake pops so we are at culver’s and we’re gonna try to get ice cream strawberry ice cream with sprinkles and chocolate ice cream with sprinkles hi thank you for choosing culver’s what can we make fresh for you today i’d like to just get uh some ice cream um like a kids cup uh one chocolate with sprinkles and one strawberry with sprinkles give me one second sure

What kind of coupon do you have sir uh no coupons okay so you’re just asking for a scoop of chocolate with you on sprinkles on top yeah one uh cup you know in a cup one chocolate with sprinkles and one um a separate cup with strawberry and sprinkles did you want the strawberries on top of the vanilla custard uh no custard just do you just have like strawberry ice

Cream and chocolate all of our we don’t have ice cream so what you’re ordering is mustard and then we just have the chocolate and the vanilla base okay yeah whatever it is chocolate one chocolate one strawberry both with sprinkles okay okay we did our best to make your strawberry that’s okay thank you you too i have no idea what that was all about maybe flutter

By butterfly is in the hive no not dale is she here she is let’s read it again okay where are we going where are we going his bathroom you gotta go to the bathroom yeah with me i have to go with you yeah okay so come on go right now all right we’ll go to the okay we’re gonna but that’s kind of like my big fear here is that i am just going to always have chronic

Back pain uh this is something for me that’s like come and gone in my 20s and most of my 30s but now it’s like it’s just here and it’s not getting any better with physical therapy it’s not getting any better with medication what are you doing back there but i’m gonna keep trying and do you pop the balloon what are you doing what are you doing over here so one

Thing that really bothers me if you look over there on the screen you’re not going to show up you got to look here you

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