March 24, 2023

Beta blockers are a group of medications that are used high blood pressure, angina, anxiety, essential tremors, heart failure and abnormal heart rhythm. Beta blockers are generally safe to take, and side effects tend to be annoying and not life threatening. The incidence of the most common side effects is between 1-10% of the population taking beta blockers.

Welcome back my name is lucy i’m a pharmacist and  a nurse and, in this video, we’ll talk about the   most common side effects of beta blockers. beta  blockers are medications that end with lol. these   medications are used to treat high blood pressure,  chest pain, abnormal heart rhythms, heart attack   essential tremors, anxiety

And migraine. examples  of these medications are metoprolol, bisoprolol,   atenolol, labetalol and carvedilol. even though  beta blockers are used to treat high blood   pressure and fast heart rate, sometimes they can  work too well and cause low blood pressure and   slow heart rate. also, since your heart beats more  slowly

When you take beta blockers, it can lead   to poor circulation because the slow heart rate  makes it more difficult for blood to reach your   hands and feet, and you might experience coldness  or tingling in your hands and feet. beta blockers   can also affect your central nervous system which  can lead to muscle fatigue. this

Is because of   beta-2 blockage in blood vessels that supply blood  to the muscle tissue, and brain tissue which leads   to slight drop in blood flow to the tissues. they  can also cause nightmares, insomnia or lack of   sleep, and depression. beta blockers can cause  bronchospasm and should be avoided in patients  

Disease like asthma and copd because they can   cause lung muscles to spasm which can make it  difficult to breathe. beta blockers can mask   low blood sugar symptoms, like sweating rapid  heart rate, irritability and anxiety, shaking   and this can lead to hypoglycemic unawareness.  this is particularly important to patients

With   diabetes. high blood pressure in itself can lead  to sexual dysfunction, but studies have shown that   many medications that are used to lower your blood  pressure can cause sexual difficulties. in men,   the decreased blood flow from use of beta blockers  can reduce desire and can interfere with erection  

Vaginal dryness, a decrease in desire and   difficulties achieving orgasm. if your sex life  is affected talk, to your health care provider   switching to another medication. beta blockers   can affect your lipid metabolism. this can cause  an increase in triglycerides and a decrease   in hdl cholesterol so your good

Cholesterol. but  newer beta blockers such as carvedilol or coreg   affect your cholesterol levels. beta blockers   which can lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea,   and nausea. they can also cause weight gain. the  average weight gain is about 2.6 pounds or 1.2   kilograms. weight gain is more likely with older  better

Blockers such as atenolol and metoprolol.   most of the weight gain occurs within the first  few months, and they can also inhibit weight loss.   do not stop beta blockers abruptly, due to risk  of increase in blood pressure and heart rate. it   can also cause chest pain and increase the risk of  heart attack. notify your health

Care provider if   the plan is to discontinue the beta blocker,   your healthcare provider will taper it over a  couple weeks. thank you for watching please like   channel if you like this kind of content.

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Most Common Beta Blockers Side Effects | Pharmacist Review By Lucy The Pharmacist