January 26, 2023

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Hey guys so i wanted to give an update on the trosset down the first two nights it like like knocked me out no problem and then like after that it was back and forth between just not being able to sleep and knock me out and about two months went by and it was like pretty much unaffected so i went back to my doctor and i told her she told me to i’m just gonna take as

Needed to help with my insomnia um but she she today she prescribed to me um celexa celexa is like for depression and like anxiety and like like panic disorders so i’m gonna start that and i guess the trials are down i’m just gonna like sit on it until i need it like if i just cannot sleep for a couple days i’ll just like take one of those see if they’ll uh help

Me sleep i guess since i went ahead and i did the two hunts i’ll go ahead and give my review on the tres down again with any kind of like medications for mental health everyone’s different it’s gonna affect everybody differently but for me like i said before the first couple nights and it was great you know it helped me sleep and after a while you could tell that

I was um there’s a point like it’s technically you know i was addicted so whenever i stopped the medication in order to get on this current one i was feeling nauseous i was getting headaches couldn’t sleep but i’ve been relying on it for sleep for a while so it’s not very big surprise that it’s harder for me to sleep man i stopped taking it i mean you grow relying

On something and then you take that away of course of course you’re gonna have problems again it gave me odd dreams and it helps a little bit with the anxiety it made me confused a lot i was clouded after maybe a week it didn’t so much help me sleep anymore but the sedative part i was still tired and even though it wasn’t really like even though i wasn’t like

Sedated the following day i was still very groggy very tired not to say that this is a bad medication i just don’t think trazadone is right for me for using it consistently maybe uh according to what my doctor says it will help with my sleep as needed um i’m not sure we’ll see how that goes and i will update you guys i will also keep everyone updated on selex i

Have never heard of it before so yeah i guess i guess i’ll just try and keep everybody updated on that sorry for the late update on the medication if anyone is interested in trazodone i would just i suggest that you really contemplate whether or not you need it because if it’s something that you don’t necessarily need you’re going to become reliant on it and it is

Gonna be a whenever you decide to get up whenever you want to go to bed and it might not affect everyone the same way you know whenever i was looking stuff up about it before a lot of people said that they they just help them sleep all the time like it didn’t for me but it’s not to say that i won’t bring you and yeah i’ll let y’all know how to selects it as

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my 2 month Trazodone review By KayLeigh