November 29, 2022

I wanted to tell my story in order to help others with their struggle with acne. Currently I am on a very low dose of spironolactone (25 mg) in which I am titrating off of. In order to simplify my life by taking more natural approaches I started taking DIM plus (a natural supplement) a month ago which I think is the major contributing factor to my now clear skin! Hope this helps!

Hi i wanted to talk about acne today what my acne story is all about what i have used that hasn’t worked which is a lot of things and what has worked um this is like my 50th take so hopefully i get through this ok anyways so um i know that when i was like at my worst with my acne i looked on youtube a lie and actually a lot of people’s stories have helped you have

Pretty clear skin right now which is amazing but um trust me that it’s not that has not always been the case for the majority of my life okay so of course i got acne when i was a teenager got really bad in high school and once i got done with high school i got a little bit better and then it got worse again in my mid-20s i tried everything i and it was just at an

Old time old time bad i was real bad so i had seen i have seen several dermatologists and they haven’t really helped very well i guess i could say babes prescribed me a ton of stuff so some of those things that i’ve used i have written down here and this is just to name a few i’m sure there are way more out there um well i’ve tried proactiv whatever that’s just

Like the basic you know cleanser astringent and a moisturizer so i went off birth control a few months ago and i was terrified of going off birth control i didn’t break out initially i got some rash and all this weird stuff um but i did start breaking out and for and it’s important to say i’ve also been on spironolactone at this time which is an androgen blocker

Which is a male hormone essentially a meal hormone blocker and i have tried a bunch over-the-counter stuff everything over-the-counter i’ll just say that everything clindamycin which is a antibiotic a prescription oral antibiotic and that was temporary helped retin-a they just may miss gonna really flaky kind of helped like a prescription grade benzoyl peroxide

Which has dried out my skin i’ve tried no wheat and then when it was at its very worst i tried accutane and of course that worked but what i have found out is that most acne and especially for me is a hormonal issue and accutane work temporarily it did work temporarily for me but then it came back in a year so it basically just shrinks up all your pores and it

Has all these side effects and it’s just not the best choice i don’t think unless you have severe severe acne which i didn’t have severe acne um so and then during this whole time i was on birth control pills um and that was uh in my head that was the only thing that was kind of keeping it not severe you know i’m saying it was still pretty bad but um you know

The birth control pills i just felt like i had to be on um so recently i’ve was i’m trying to simplify my life a little bit i don’t want to be on medications i just want to do more natural approaches because i think i’m so spironolactone of birth control pills i thought worked great together hardly had any acne but i don’t know i don’t want to be on that stuff

Anymore so i have gone off the birth control and i’m titrating down to where i’m barely on any spironolactone right now i started you know i i started to see acne and uh you’ve ever had acne it can be very it can really take a toll on you on your self-esteem i know it’s like was just a couple pimples here and there no it hurts you feel like you constantly have to be

Covering up at least scars i have permanent scars you know from it it’s just it’s just it’s a lot worse than i think people would imagine if they don’t have it do my research because i decided i have this hormonal you know fluctuations or imbalances whatever it may be and i don’t want to go back on birth control pills so i saw a few natural supplements that people

Were taking such as extra step that was the number one supplement that i saw that was really helping people to regulate their hormones and it was kind of pricey for every month you know spending i think like 40 something dollars so i was wanted to see i looked and wanted to see what the main ingredient was in it and that was helping you know with controlling or

Balancing hormones and i saw that it was this stuff called di m which it’s dental ethyl methane dental a filmer thing di m so i went ahead and went to my natural grocery store and got it it was under $20 and i thought what you know can’t hurt right so i got this di m plus by nature’s way yeah um and i just want to tell you that this stuff has really helped i can’t

I don’t know how i mean it’s just amazing um i’ve been on it for a month now and i i do have a little bit of breakout debris now on that but hardly anything i do feel like my my cycle is a lot more balanced my acne is i can’t believe that i’m off birth control and basically off almost off spurr right spironolactone and i have hardly any acne i never thought that

Could be i really did it like it’s just amazing and i do feel like this stuff has really helped balance me out and my hair doesn’t fall out anymore like i noticed that whenever i was in the shower and have clumps of hair just coming out and i just don’t have very much hair that falls out anymore i think i counted how much hair i pulled out the shower and like during

My blow-drying and everything and i had like 15 trans of hair this last like shower that i took so um i just think that is really um it’s really helped and i really want to you know tell people if you’re looking for something so women if you’re looking for something to regulate your hormones maybe this is what it is that would help it i want to say too that it is

For women who have estrogen dominance because it blocks those extra estrogens in your body and and a lot of the times that can be toxic and cause acne and demetrios as’ and other various disorders and it’s basically just like a constant concentrated vegetables which is i never thought that could work but that’s what it is so ya di m plus you can get it at a natural

Food store and i hope that helped please leave any comments of what has helped for you or if it hasn’t helped for you whatever that is um okay thanks bye

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My acne Story- Spironolactone, Birth control pills, DIM plus By Snicme85