December 8, 2022

#lockdownfam #mldreactions

Get out aka mr mississippi boy himself and two of mine left this time is not my wife but my crazy brother my i changed my name no longer going by g or g ball i’m g mega super lion but anyway i my wife came to me and she said uh babe someone want you to react to some on your channel and i said i’mma let g introduce the gentleman because he’s new and he’s

A producer so he’s gonna give you some pointers or he’s gonna just we’re gonna be blown nuts oh jesus point that’s how we do it here ain’t no cabin no caps no caps cap button off blunt end on us come on father be with me i okay first thing first man uh no capping and keeping it real with you i like the fact i like the idea of what he’s trying

To do but i cannot understand what’s being said because it sounds like he did this on something like maybe mix craft for something like that uh or just some inexperienced recording uh so my first pointer to you bro will be you know invest in yourself man i know everybody didn’t get it you know come jumping out the gate but you want to try to invest in yourself

So you can sound your best hey you want to beat with no tags in it man because that’s interfering well you know i’m trying to hear what you saying i keep hearing the tag in the music so if you can’t uh uh if you don’t have a producer behind you man feel free to call me hey b uh if you’re gonna put some out there man make sure the tags not in it bro uh another

Thing you’re really to want to invest in a better recording uh doll system because and possibly michael just you know get on youtube get you some partners on recording because i’m struggling to hear what it is you’re saying for real for real you know what i mean so uh but it sounds like it’s a good idea i like the piano the choice of the loop or the music that

You chose uh you just want to hit those producers up man get that clearance or whatever get that license so you can use this stuff without having all the tags in it man cause that’s that’s that gets annoying after a while like trying to i’m trying to hear you and i keep hearing the tag in the middle so you know nine times out of time 10 by me being a producer

And putting music out there owning it people are still the sample that you put out there on the net and start uh rapping over it you know because they’re too cheap to invest in itself don’t be one of them people man you know if you don’t if you’re gonna do it do it for real man because it’s a lot of money to be made in this industry bro so i like what you’re

Trying to do i just wish i could hear more of you and better hit you better you know what i’m saying and i’m not trying to uh dump on you i’m just giving you some straight up pointers bro we’re not done i’m done like we say in mississippi one up one down mississippi on lockdown my brother i wish you the best

Transcribed from video
My BIG BRO LAST A 1:34 ON LISTEN TO JUGG TRAZODONE (Reaction) By Mega Lockdown