March 22, 2023

Do you have any experience taking Wellbutrin? Or are you considering taking it? Let me know in the comments!

What’s up guys it’s david so i have a confession to make i am delusional i realized i was delusional very recently and in particular i realized i have been completely deluding myself on my own struggles with depression i want to start you know talking about that on this channel and i recently was prescribed wellbutrin and i want to document that i think that any

Sort of mental health journey is really unique and it can kind of be messy so i’ve sort of started to take my well-being seriously and my mental health seriously but not really um sticking to it and i i’m sort of wanting to commit to myself you know now to um to do so um so i’m gonna start vlogging my uh my journey at least taking medication because i’ve taken

Lots of over-the-counter stuff herbal remedies and none of that has worked enough for me so i was able to get prescribed some wellbutrin and for anybody else who may be on a similar journey or thinking about what it would be like to take something to help themselves i just want to share my experience so you’re starting that so yeah um stick with me i’m gonna try

To be as raw and honest as possible i hope i can you know just give an honest depiction of what that’s like so if you want to watch i’ll be posting other videos soon okay thank you bye all right day two so today was my yesterday sorry it was my first day of taking wellbutrin i think it’s a placebo effect but i feel like i’m already feeling a little bit better

Um i can’t 100 tell but i think that would just be a placebo um i haven’t felt really any side effects yet so just vlogging the second day and saying how i feel so here’s my second dose of wellbutrin see how it goes okay it’s the end of day two i don’t notice anything like in terms of it making me feel well i don’t know it’s having one side effect it’s making

My dick numb it’s just like a subtle numbness very subtle but i know i even noticed it on the first day i’m super sensitive to medication so like whenever there’s a side effect like i usually get it um so we’ll see how that progresses but otherwise um i feel okay like nothing not super depressed um i know it says it takes a while for it to work but um i can

Already feel that one side effect so i guess i’ll check in tomorrow on day three and let you know how it’s going okay good night hey what’s up guys so today is day three of taking my 150 milligrams of wellbutrin so after i signed off last night um i noticed two things um my downstairs is definitely a little bit effective not like when i took ssris um i had

Taken zoloft celexa i think just so left in celexa before which ssris and they made my dick definitely numb um this was like a little bit akin to that but not as strong i started noticing that yesterday but then also like muscle aches like i noticed my shoulders were hurting but i haven’t gone to the gym recently so it’s like my shoulders were hurting my arms

Were hurting and like my neck and i was getting a headache and then also on top of that um um i feeling good and i don’t know if it’s a placebo i noticed some people on reddit say that they felt like euphoria as a side effect i don’t know if i feel euphoria but i honestly already feel better like i’ve noticed that my focus is better like i was having a lot of

Trouble reading i bought this book a couple weeks ago and i just wanted to sit down and read it and i was like who am i i don’t know i like helped with my phone which is like so quickly just like having taken it a couple times i don’t know i just feel like i’m feeling a little bit better so i’m like i guess that’s good it’s only the morning um but i guess i’ll

Check back later and see if i’m how i’m feeling later what’s up guys day four i’m feeling something i’m not sure i think today was the first day i felt anxious i was at the doctors this morning unrelated but um i noticed myself like my chest kind of felt tight and it was almost hard to breathe like i could breathe but in the way of like panic attacking anxiety

Attack type of thing i noticed that my chest was getting tight if i was trying to just like take more deep breaths like foreign just to like you know clear some space i do feel a little dip in my mood today i kind of felt it last night as i was going to bed and it kind of carried into today so um yeah i’d say like the mild anxiety but it’s hard to tell like i

Never know for sure if it’s like um just like anxiety that you can get even if you’re not on a medication or if it’s because of the wellbutrin i don’t know oh and then last night i also noticed some heartburn as i was going to get because as i was going to bed and i usually don’t get heartburn so i was wondering if maybe what future can cause heartburn i’m not

Sure i’m sure there’s like tons of side effects but i haven’t looked up all of them but um i’m okay um i feel like i’m at a better point than i was right before i started taking it so um yeah i guess i’ll check back in tomorrow on day five okay we’ll see you then what’s up guys today is day five on wellbutrin and i’m working from home today so i’m going to be

Responsible and take my mental health seriously and go work at a park slash coffee shop just to get outside and be amongst people because i hate being alone all day all the time so i will be going out okay i told you guys i was gonna be honest as i’m gonna be honest i think that wellbutrin i know i told you a couple days ago that it was making my a little

Numb there’s a residual of that that is there i don’t really feel it anymore but now it makes me feel over excited to the point where i’m like start and done quick thank you i’m like okay i don’t know if it’s from that but that’s just something going on in my body that i’m noticing maybe from that so honesty hour um but otherwise um i was kind of feeling

Down yesterday um so i looked up how long it takes wellbutrin to work and i said like six to eight weeks oh i can’t wait six to eight weeks but i can i can it’s just hard you know like when you don’t feel great and like you really want to feel better so you start taking a medication and then the medication doesn’t work for two months i’m like oh my god anyway

That’s me that’s day five um almost at a week that’s kind of exciting um and so far i haven’t really had anxiety which is crazy because i feel like that’s that is the reason i stopped taking it like a year or two ago when i took it the first time so yeah that’s great um still a bit depressed but um i’ll um check and check in with you guys tomorrow what’s up

Guys it’s day seven there was no day six that’s not completely true there was a6 yesterday but it was such a hard day oh my god my depression was crazy yesterday and it was just gnarly i wanted to run to like try to get my mind off of it and it i don’t know dude it was like oh yeah it was bad it was bad i had like one of my close friends him and i could

Talk about it and and talk to my parents and stuff but it was just like a hard day you know so day six was not good but anyway today we’re on day seven i can still feel it a bit i’m a little bit better i had therapy earlier that did help a bit um and basically at this point now it’s been my seventh day of taking 150 milligrams of wellbutrin um because it’s not

It doesn’t really work for like six weeks to eight weeks up at least that’s the you know the prescribed um date or timeline for when it said it will work to get through you know now i’ve done the first week so to get through the next five weeks i need to have a strategy to get through this next five weeks so i’m just gonna focus as much as i can other things

So that my mind does not have time to just it just gets overwhelming so that i don’t get overwhelmed i try to just focus on things and pivot and focus i swear to god i listen to like six hours of podcast today just like political podcasts cultural podcast and it made me feel so much better because focus like i was with people it just really helped i was outside i

Went to the plaza by where i live and just like sat out in the courtyard with other people so that’s my game plan for the next um i guess five weeks before i go i wanted to just name off some of the main effects that i felt this week from taking the medication um just as a a summary of the past week okay so i’m reading what i wrote down heartburn i don’t usually

Suffer from heartburn but i noticed after i started taking it last week that i’ve had just like random heartburn sometimes just like in the middle of the day before i go to bed and it’s not i haven’t really been eating like spicy food or anything but just like feeling of heartburn number two i had really weird body aches i think i touched in it on one of the previous

Days i had a lot of body aches like in the first 24 to 48 hours are like really weird body aches and then the first night second night i had like really vivid crazy dreams some differences it’s actually you know down there first it was like a bit of a numb feeling and then it moved into like too much sensation um i can’t really tell you know what that’s gonna be

Like but there’s that and then something that there’s i feel like gotten better is my focus i feel like i was really curious if i had you know adhd or something because i felt like for the longest time i’d have a really really difficult time focusing on things and i noticed on like yesterday my focus was absolutely horrible like i really struggled to get through

The work day so i was not able to focus but in general since i started taking wellbutrin last week i just feel like my mind is a little bit more focused so hopefully that means that it’s like slowly starting to work um so yeah i mean those are like the main things i’ve noticed um what have you guys noticed i mean if you’re taking wellbutrin um what has been your

Experience um if you’re thinking about taking it hopefully this has helped you you can let me know in the comments um but yeah let’s just um talk about it together and i promise i will update you um in the next couple weeks okay thanks guys bye

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