June 4, 2023

I went to the dentist and he noticed my high palate and extra-stretchy cheek! It was so random, but it’s cool how EDS can sneak its way into other areas of your body where you don’t even have symptoms. Has anyone else had 18 cavities???

Hey guys so today i went to the dentist and i asked him if he thought my palate in my mouth was high because apparently it’s a feature of some people with eds and he said it was pretty high and he asked me why and i said because of my ehlers-danlos syndrome and he was like oh right right right and so i don’t know if it’s because of my eds i don’t know if it’s like

Actually high you know like that high but maybe it’s kind of cool also he said that when he was filling i had three cavities today when he was filling them he put this thing into my mouth to keep my teeth open because it’s hard for my jaw open it’s hard for me to keep my jaw open because of my tmjd so like i can rest my draw on it and he said something funny he

Was like whoa like your teeth get like when i put it in i just realised stretches further than like it normally does like for somebody else and i was like oh that’s so funny so it’s cool you know you can find these tiny little eds things but they don’t really have any impact on you think it doesn’t matter that i have a high arch or that my cheek is stretchy or when

You put something in there but it’s just kind of funny there are a bunch of different features that people can have with eds in their mouth i know that some people have high palate some people also have very now narrow ones so then they have to get a palate expander my palate is totally not narrow at all it’s perfectly normal a lot of people also have like deep

Grooves and their molars which is interesting i don’t think i have deep grooves my molars i think they’re normal grooves but i don’t know this is my this is my high palate i also wonder if cavities are something that people with eds or more at risk of because i’ve had now i’ve had 18 cavities filled which is a lot of cavities and when i was younger i definitely eat

A lot of candy so i’m not going to say that i wasn’t partially at fault but i did brush my teeth and i always fought at night and so especially like now and i don’t really eat candy at all i can’t really handle it i do eat chocolate though but i feel like the amount of chocolate i eat and knowing the fact that it’s chocolate and not gummy candies are like second

Candy’s like how much could that really be impacting my teeth especially if i brush my teeth and sometimes i brush them even after i eat that so i think that i just happened to have like weaker teeth that are more susceptible to cavities but i wonder if it’s a feature of eds i don’t know probably not but i wouldn’t be shocked since i was definitely collagen in your

Bones in your mouth that sounded weird there was definitely collagen and bones and your teeth are made of bones so there yeah anyway i have a test tomorrow in chemistry too and i am not looking forward to it but it shouldn’t be too hard i feel like it’s the first test and it’s also a summer class so it’s like if you lie feel like there’s just less material so i’m

Just hoping it’s not too hard of a test and it’s only three hours well it’s an hour and a half and i’ve double time so it’s three hours after my double time and yes well anyway as random as that was to talk about my mouth and my palate i hope you enjoyed it and i’m wondering if you have ets or you know somebody with ets or something can you comment below and let

Me know if you guys also have like a high palate or if you have really deep molar grooves or if you have cavities a lot because i do feel like eighteen cavities is like a really high number of cavities to have so i wonder if it’s just me with eds or it’s like a like a lot of people have this do alright bye guys

Transcribed from video
My Dentist Noticed My EDS Mouth Features By Izzy Kornblau