May 29, 2023

Hard work and faith in God truly pays off!

Well hey everybody it is me martika and i had to kind of get myself together before i got on here and told you guys the news that i got today so um as you know back in june i was hospitalized on june the second um for unknown reasons and the reason turned out to be that i had diabetes not only diabetes but i had uh ketoacidosis and also i was in ketosis at the time

So that’s a recipe for disaster so just let me back up a little bit and explain to you the danger that i was in um it was it’s something that can become fatal real quick so ketosis is basically your body burning uh fatness fuel uh what a lot of people want to do um when they do like the keto diet and things like that so that is what ketosis is that’s not necessarily

Just a horrible thing but it’s a recipe for disaster when you have ketoacidosis and ketoacidosis is caused by uh when just a short summary of it when the blood sugar is so high um everything basically i’m just going to put it in short summary form uh it just goes out of whack my blood was turning acidic inside of my body so um if that had gone any longer i could

Have my body could have poisoned itself pretty much and like i said it is it’s basically have has fatal results if it is not caught a lot of people who do have ketoacidosis are usually you see this in children with type 1 diabetes if they if they do get this a lot of times when children pass away uh from um diabetes it’s usually behind ketoacidosis a lot of times so

Um that is where i was i had a blood sugar of 769. my blood sugar was averaging out come to find out during that time period the beginning of the year the first three to six months my blood sugar was used to running on levels of somewhere between 250 and 300 in case on its own extremely high okay but 769 just took me off the charts so um i ended up in the hospital

My a1c when i was in the hospital on june the second was 12.7 okay um if you are not familiar with a1c with what a1c is i’m pretty sure if you’ve had blood work done from your doctor you have seen this test before so your a1c i’ma just tell you really quick what it is uh the a1c target for most adults with diabetes is less than seven percent okay remember mine

Was 12.7 okay um although you may have an individualized goal the a1c lab test tells you your average blood sugar from the past two to three months so this is your average over two a two to three month span and then the higher the a1c the higher your risk for complications such as kidney disease eye disease nerve damage stroke and heart attack you guys i did not

Suffer with any of those any of those mind you they told me that i should not have walked into that emergency room and i did so that within itself was a blessing so throughout this time the a1c is the numbers that we have been waiting to check to see where i’m at my average blood sugar has gone when i checked my glucometer last my average blood sugar is averaging

At about 98. okay that is coming off of like a 300 250 to 300 high okay so it’s averaging at 98 now okay that’s a blessing within itself um my a1c result went from 12.7 on june the second till i got my blood work done on this past thursday you guys my a1c is 6.1 yes 6.1 percent i am so happy um they wanted me to be between my my endocrinologist she said that she

Wanted me to be at at least 6.5 with an average blood sugar of 140. my blood sugar is lower and my a1c is lower than what she even wanted it to be now she doesn’t even know what the results are yet because this was our family doctor that did the a1c i don’t see her again until november but she will get these results and she will be calling me i’m pretty sure or

Her nurse so i went from very very high risk and you guys i’m looking at what they gave me when i was in the hospital this is what they gave me and so this can this shows you where i was on june the second and this shows you where she wanted me to be okay and where i’m at so i give god all of the glory you guys um i give i give myself a pat on the back because i

Made a commitment to my stuff that i wanted to live and i had to do what i had to do in order to live that means i had to give up some foods that i enjoyed that means i’ve had to find a different way to eat certain things that i enjoyed that means i had to get my butt up and i had to work out to lose the weight as of today i am 21 pounds down okay and i still still

Have more to go but i am feeling good i have to go buy new no yeah i have to go buy new clothes because i can’t make them all right now my time is limited but i will be making me some too but you guys it’s a blessing i feel great and i have the best support system which is my family my husband my daughter my mother my sister my brother my brother-in-law and we

Can’t forget that little grandbaby who keeps me going you guys family is everything so if you are a family and you have someone in your family with diabetes you got guys support them okay support them in their journey don’t beat them down okay every day is not going to be perfect all right all of my meals were not a perfect balance but i did the best that i could

With what i had sometimes because not all the time do you feel like running to the store and getting something or whatever um you just do the best that you can but for the most part we make sure that my meals are balanced all right uh sometimes i wanted other things you know that i knew that i couldn’t have so what do we do i wanted some fried chicken i cannot have

The deep fried so what do we do we put it in the air fryer or we shallow fried it in like a really healthy oil like a almond oil or something like that uh fried green tomatoes i couldn’t really fry them the way that i wanted to but i got that uh not almond oil i got that avocado oil or grape seed oil and i shallow fried it in that i made sure that i had a healthy

Flour like a whole wheat flour i finally found a cereal that i could eat and enjoy and not worry about my blood sugar levels so you know some things take a lot of research and some things you know you just have to say i i’m not doing it it’s not that i can’t eat it it’s that i refuse to eat it in the fight like this you cannot let things like food rule you you have

To have control over it and that i mean seriously that’s some serious self-control you guys it is not easy um it is not easy to get up and work out but if you know that it’s what’s best for you and it’s what’s best for your heart because my heart was in a lot of danger heart disease already runs in my family okay on my father’s side so i had to really really watch

That so i knew that i needed to do the cardio did i feel like it had no i didn’t feel like it but you do what you got to do if you want to live and it was a matter of life or death it’s still a matter of life or death this is not something i did for a little while to see great results this is a lifestyle now this is what i have to keep doing this is what i should

Have been doing you guys so i am here to encourage you if you are dealing with diabetes or anything else any other illness or whatever and you know you know that you need to exercise you guys get up and exercise seriously um i found a girl on youtube that i enjoyed find somebody you enjoy youtube is free okay i found her her name if you want to know her name her

Name is grow with joe g-r-o-w uh w-i-t-h-j-o and uh she may work she make working out fun she’s a fitness trainer uh as a profession so she makes it fun she makes me want to do it and that’s what you need to look for who can i find that will help me and make me want to do this somebody where i don’t have to work out on hours on top of hours and still get results

You guys a lot of my workouts are 12 to 15 minutes and it’s a wrap okay so do that find somebody you can do it you can do it don’t let food rule you you be the ruler over it i’m not gonna let any food take me to my grave i’m just not gonna do it you guys it’s about self-control and it’s hard but it’s worth it so um yeah i am really really pleased about this no i’m

Not announcing that i have this thing in total remission it i can’t do that until my doctor tells me that it is going from the uh research uh the reports that she sees that will happen through time uh yes i am still on one medication i take my metformin i do and um i don’t have any issues with it i really don’t so you know some people have told me that they have

Like the side effects and things like that praise god i don’t okay so uh it is what is helping uh control my liver to keep it from producing too much sugar to get into my bloodstream so um as my diet has changed my body is starting to take over again and do what it’s supposed to do my pancreas is beginning to act the way that it’s supposed to act so you give your

Body what it needs it will definitely be good to you and give it back to you you guys so look at me if you are struggling let me tell you you have got to make a commitment to yourself and if you can’t do it for yourself you do it for your family not only do i want to live for me i want to live for my husband i want to live for my daughter i want to live for that

Grandbaby okay i am not trying to to sit up here and let some food uh still uh rob me of my time okay i’m not doing it so i encourage you to do the same you guys make a commitment to yourself you can’t do it for yourself do it for your family find somebody do it for a friend but find somebody to help you make that commitment find somebody to help keep you accountable

Seriously because that is needed when you are on a journey like this but you can do it you just have to make the decision to do so so i hope that that has encouraged somebody uh i’m gonna go eat because i’m hungry so and it is dinner time but i thank you guys i thank you for your prayers uh i have seen them all uh to let me know that you’re praying for me let me

Know that you’re cheering for me i appreciate each and every one because you guys have been a great support system as well so i love you and uh yeah when this thing is in remission i’ll be back uh oh one last thing a lot of people are asking me like what do i eat what do i work out to i i’ve already told you who i work out to um but you do what’s best for you um

You do you do it’s for you okay um but just get out there and do it but i will share more meals i will share more uh ideas and things you know because sometimes i’m moving so fast i can’t post everything uh when i want to but i will share more i i really will and uh thank you nephew thank you so much for praying for me i really appreciate it and i feel your prayers

I really do so um yeah you guys i’m my family’s eating so i’m gonna go join them and uh be blessed and i will talk to you soon bye-bye

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My Diabetes Praise Report! By Martika J Makes