January 26, 2023


What’s good youtube today i’m back with another video for medication madness if you’re brand new to this channel medication madness is a series where i talk about certain medications i’ve either been on certain medications that i’m currently on and they’re all from my personal experience a lot of the information here if it’s not from my personal experience then

It’s from research that i’ve done about the drugs and when i say research think of it more of like our literature review because i’m not really out there conducting studies and doing the research myself understanding that i am a huge proponent for taking medication please do not stop taking your medication based off what you see in this video please consult your

Doctor before doing any medication changes in this video i’m going to be talking about bipolar disorder comorbidities or the comorbidities associated with bipolar disorder and beusperone or buspar chances are if you’re on abuse part it means that your anxiety has impeded your life in some way it’s impeding your daily functioning it’s impeding your ability to live

Regularly if you’re living with anxiety or if you have anxiety anxiety that’s not coming from bipolar disorder as in you have generalized anxiety disorder you have ptsd you have ocd you have panic disorder essentially you have a comorbid disorder along with bipolar disorder meaning that you have bipolar disorder plus something else in your recently prescribed

Buspar or you’ve been on viewspire and you want to know more about it then this video is probably for you use par is an anxiolytic which means it’s specifically used to treat anxiety or anxiety disorders as an anxiolytic busbar works on certain neurotransmitters within the brain to sort of help regulate that anxiety and help you live a better life but does

It work for people with bipolar disorder as somebody who is living with bipolar disorder with multiple comorbidities i really hope i’m saying that right comorbid comorbidities it’s gonna be real awkward if it’s not right specifically i’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 1 generalized anxiety disorder panic disorder ocd tendencies developmental trauma

Disorder complex ptsd adhd anorexia nervosa restrictive type and body dysmorphia i’m not sure how many i just named but i have a lot going on as many people with bipolar disorder or any of the illnesses i just named do with all the disorders i have you can imagine the difficulty and the complexity it takes to treat all of them at once considering that you don’t

Want the medications to interact with each other like in a negative way instead you want them to interact with each other on a positive way to stabilize your mind on all levels so looking at buspar and specifically bipolar disorder buspar has been known and has been shown in studies to induce mania cause mania or at least has been seen or at least has been shown

And it’s been seen and studied that it might cause hypomania so how does it do this or why does it do this again buspar is anxiolytic which means it’s purely used to treat anxiety disorders or severe anxiety for those who take it it has the potential to help you think more clearly helps you relax helps you worry less which is an understatement like anxiety is not

Just about worrying it’s not like xanax or any other type of benzo where you can take it as needed it’s a medication that you need to take every single day so that it builds up in your system and you need to take it for about two to three weeks until you actually start to feel it or start to feel symptom changes if you don’t feel any changes within like a month

Four weeks five weeks then like you probably need to go up on the dosage or like in general you just need to talk to your doctor because after four to five weeks it should be working regardless though it needs time to build up in your system depending on the person you take it two to three times daily for me i was prescribed to take it twice i don’t think i’ve

Ever taken it more than twice daily i would take it in the morning and then i would take it in the afternoon most recently i would take it in the afternoon with my debicote and my railar beaspar is believed to increase those elevated feelings those potential feelings of psychosis manage moods in people with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia simply because of how

It interacts with dopamine and serotonin serotonin and dopamine there’s a whole other hypothesis on this increased rates of dopamine and serotonin or rather dysregulations with those two are linked to manic episodes or feelings of elevation feelings of psychosis simply put increases in when i say increases i mean abnormal increases of those two neurotransmitters

Are linked to putting your mood way up there so if you already have a predisposition to being way up there and when i say way up there i hope you all know i mean like manic elevated hypomanic all that jazz already predisposed to being there naturally then of course taking medication that enhances that does you no good potentially that’s how it’s believed to cause

Mania i’m like a 75 sure it gets a lot more complicated than that as you can tell by my baffling i’ve been on bus bar before um this was back maybe a year ago i’ve made two videos on it so far uh the first video was just like okay i’m on this medication and from what i can remember it worked a little bit it didn’t work significantly my anxiety was still there

But it helped dampen it if that makes sense overall it helped to dampen that i don’t know how to explain it think about if you’ve ever given like a public speech or like you’ve ever spoken in public um it’s that sort of nervousness feeling you get times 100 and you just feel that all over for like no reason or sometimes there is a reason but you can’t really

Pinpoint as to why it’s happening and it’s all over so initially when i started taking it it kind of dampened that suspension or dampened that nervousness to the point where like it wasn’t times 100 it was times 50. prior to taking this or the reason why i started taking this was because i thought that viewspar was going to just eliminate my anxiety sort of how

At least from my experience my antidepressants the ssris that i used to take before i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder for the most part eliminated my depression it was a host of other things combined with the ssris like therapy and behavioral changes and blah blah blah but for the most part if i took an antidepressant after a month or so like i was pretty

Much good looking back on it though it was probably the ssri just making me manic but that’s a whole another story i thought beast part was just going to get rid of my anxiety completely and i wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore saying that beast bar dampened my anxiety we decided to go up a little bit on it going up on it though did the opposite effect of what

I wanted it to do going up did not further dampen my anxiety it actually increased it significantly and it was like not a fun time at all so i stopped it and kicked it to the curb the second video i made on viewspark talks about how looking back on the fact or at least reflecting on my initial experiences with it i’m almost positive abuse power made me manic in

Terms of elevating my mood maybe not manic but it definitely created changes with my mood potentially making me hypomanic in general overall making me more elevated at the time i was on lithium and i’m pretty sure i was also on adderall adderall and lithium together was a fine combination for me the amino adderall is a stimulant it did not really make me manic

As long as it was combined with lithium and i was groovy i’m not sure if it was the adderall plus the beast par that those two together was just too much and the lithium was not strong enough to stabilize both the adderall and buspirone and the fact that adderall was a stimulant and i was adding an anti-anxiety pill on top of that and it was a little bit weird

Because stimulants increase anxiety so it might make sense to get rid of the adderall first before adding anything else on but like i don’t know again i’m not a doctor that’s what my doctor gave me i needed the adderall because adderall is really the only thing that worked for my adhd regardless though i had not had a good experience with recently though now being

On railart and being on debit code and going through significant life stressors anxiety has become a problem in my life again so we decided to try buspar again for what reason i i don’t know well i had anxiety that’s why i just thought that maybe my doctor thought maybe and like we all just thought maybe we were wrong that did not work it made us hypomanic again

Up my mood in terms of progress and stabilization of the mood we got set back like a good two months and once again it didn’t get rid of my anxiety it simply dampened it so like what are the benefits it’s actually insane one study i was reading talked about how more than 75 of the people living with bipolar disorder have at least one comorbid disorder with it and

Over 50 of the people with bipolar disorder or those living with bipolar disorder have more than two comorbid disabilities so that means that there’s a ton of people who are living with bipolar disorder who also have not just one other disorder but two three four and so on essentially a lot of people look just like me well how the hell do you treat your bipolar

Disorder when you have adhd that’s acting up but the only thing that works for adhd is a stimulant or when you have anxiety but when you take an anxiety pill it makes you manic like how the hell do you do that i don’t know and unfortunately from what i’ve read neither do researchers and neither do psychiatrists and neither do doctors essentially it’s all just kind

Of a guessing game one of y’all in the comments have pointed out i think this was last year i forgot what video it was but y’all put it in the most beautifully sad depressing way possible but like accurate very very accurate y’all called it medication roulette essentially it’s a trial and error so you try one thing it doesn’t work you try another thing it doesn’t

Work and from that you just keep playing around with the different medications specifically you look at the chemical structure of the medications what has worked for you what hasn’t worked for you and eventually you’ll get to like the perfect middle ground the perfect balance and you’ll find the right flow for you the shitty thing about that is is that sometimes

You try medication and you know it doesn’t work other times you try a medication and it you up like you up and that’s the problem that i’ve been having in the sense that like i’m not trying to play medication roulette because the next time i take a medication like with lithium they say it’s extremely rare it’s not that damn rare y’all um we have a few thousand

Of y’all watching these videos and even within this population of a few thousand a lot of y’all say the same damn things and like if it was rare i would think it would be like maybe one or two of y’all not like hundreds of y’all saying these things when i was first diagnosed i was simply given medication um i was never really explained at least the explanation that

Was given to me was not explained very well i just knew that oh this will help you feel better no explanation was given as to how it works on the brain what it does for my brain what the side effects are what the long-term side effects are what the research says or like how much research has been done on these drugs none of that was given to me essentially it was

Just here trust us we’re doctors which 100 yes you should trust doctors like don’t trust me because like i didn’t go to school for it i am the least qualified person to prescribe or to treat anybody but at the same time i believe that everybody should be fully aware of what they’re taking should be fully aware and comfortable with what they’re taking knowledge is

Power so the more you know the more you can protect yourself against things i’m not against medication but like some things are real sketch

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