January 26, 2023

many feels, many feels

Hey guys it’s manny um before i start this video and this one say there’s some fireworks going out going on outside because i was fourth of july so apologize for that and hopefully this video too much um yeah so i just wanna make this short and sweet um without going into too much detail because i don’t wanna bore you guys too much but uh basically um it’s gonna be

About while what what my experiences with bobbie chen will be having an eating disorder so basically i was prescribed bobbie train when i haven’t heard for a year and my psychiatrist knew about it i had been diagnosed i’ve been on various i have known various antidepressants and mood stabilizers since about 14 i think and this was supposed to treat my depression

Which gets very very bad so my psychiatrist knew about my eating disorder i was at like a minimum healthy weight i should have been gaining but i kind of was able to push that off which i’d regret of course now because you know maybe if i had done the course of treatment that was recommended they things have gotten better i don’t know who knows if anyway like in

That that i’m 22 i don’t know that’s another video but it just wasn’t receptors for recovery anyway so basically built and it basically i was at a minimal healthy weight bmi eating relatively stable ii not as much as i should have been or as bounce as i should have been but enough to like maintain my weight and so yeah i had approached for about a year and yeah

Things were sort of stable not not good stable but stable that make sense and so i was prescribed by butrint i was told that it i discuss with my doctor i was like hey like shouldn’t i not take this cuz i ain’t a circus i did some research online and he was like no it’s fine like you’re not purging anymore it’s fine and i was like okay so but now i know that like

Wasn’t okay because i had a history of purging so number one if i had started purging again that would have been super dangerous because the electrolytes purging is already super dangerous but all you can just sort of do may be sure super dangerous it goes without saying but when you and rub you shane gets even worse because like the electrolytes and whatever um

Get up so poor btran lowers your is the antidepressant that lowers your seizure threshold so when you’re purging that also lowers your shizer threshold and i believe malnutrition dehydration all that other eating disorder behaviors do affect why beechen also but the main thing is the purging so i had a purge me year and that’s what he said it was alright so

I had taken my beachner for a couple of months i don’t really noticed it like increase or like a benefit in my mood or anything but i was still on it and i actually did end up having a seizure um excuse me and again i wasn’t good and i was i’ve been told every time that you know i had to put on my medical forms and stuff like that and excuse me every time i say

That that happened people always like you shouldn’t have been on it you should have been on it and i mean i agree i don’t think i should have been on it considering everything i know now and i mean i did have a seizure i got an eeg i don’t have epilepsy which is good but i did have a seizure i was a grand mal seizure it could have also been due to malnutrition

Or dehydration or anxiety but once i was taken off the beach and i haven’t had a seizure and it’s not gonna wood so that was definitely a main component to that it also said that i could have been fainting with convulsions but i’m pretty sure that it was died as a grand mal seizure but that was something they were also considering but it was contingent on the

Wellbutrin as i made part of it so yeah the thing is like for people out there having disorders who are considering being a magician and maybe are deciding whether or not to tell their doctors or their psychiatrist about their past in disorder their current eating disordered behaviour i really recommend that you do that um because things can get serious really

Quickly and i understand that what beach and might feel like it’s her only hope and it’s easy for me to say that you should do that because i already had tried wellbutrin and they didn’t really work for me but i can see how if you’re on it and struggling with eating disorder behavior you have a past of eating disorder behaviors and like talking to your doctor about

It now and like knowing it works can be really hard but i would really recommend to be honest with your providers because you can get serious really quickly and to definitely do some research on your meds um before you take them and have just quality providers hopefully that you can be honest with to know it’s easier said that done with insurance that healthcare

Um i hope you guys are all healthy and staying well and i hope this helps that you know you can be relatively stable in your eating disorder not purge for a long time and still get a seizure have a negative side effect from a medication because of your past okay vibrance

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my experience being on wellbutrin with an eating disorder By selflove-vs-selfhate