December 9, 2022

Remember I am not a professional – just a girl sharing her own experiences. I’m six months into citalopram now and I think it’s helping a bit so please don’t be frightened by any side effects I’ve mentioned. Much love!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel my name emma and today i want to talk about my experience on the tablet antidepressant and anti-anxiety to our prom i’ve been on citalopram about january i started to telephone for about a week in september but i ended up coming off because i saw the side effects were killing me and the trans i do born i had the same side effects

The second time around and today that’s why i want to talk about when the doctor described me to tell from what they told me was that a line whose life you would get worse for a couple days and then it was get better so i thought okay that seems a pretty good deal they said it was only going to get a little bit worse but for me it got a lot worse now my advisee

Was already pretty bad at the time i was already getting really nervous coming out in the car i was already avoiding friends because i was too nervous to speak to them and i was about to start a new job so my anxiety was already pretty bad but as soon as i might on these tablets it just changed i ended up being in bed one day i woke up and i was too scared to even

Move let alone leave my bed that i deployed surely still as a board and i thought i was going to die my heart was beating so fast and it was nothing like i’ve ever experienced it was like a panic attack like i’ve never had and i said to my mom like i think i’m gonna die can you see the little digit see if they’ll come here and i was like oh my god okay she was

Really worried about me because she thought like i was really shaking so she want a doctor and they were like oh well we’ll see freaking out doctor they ended up falling back and when they asked for me to be of the sort and so i did answer the phone which was a pretty big step considering my anxiety priscilla birthday and they were like oh well can you come in

To the doctors and i was no good well my eyes i see my social anxiety gets my worst feelings chelsea knows i’ll end up saying yes and just to get me there i had a 45-minute panic attack in the car park just to get me inside the doctors and they were like oh well probably the side effects will take you off it so i was all good okay well and they started me on the

Outcome for a while after that but it can’t be on so long term because it makes you really drowsy it’s what they sometimes give you to make you a bit woodsy if you’re going for a minor operation or something like that so that’s what they put me on and i was on it for about a week and then they took me off it and even that didn’t really help to be honest so i read

Through from about september to january on nothing i didn’t leave my house my mom only occasionally managed to get here in the car business i walked out in the car i had like a bucket in a plastic bag and i felt so ill and then had to go out in the car at night i will go out using the day in case anybody saw me i wasn’t putting on makeup i was barely brushing my

Hair i would really have a shower even i’m a very clean person so that’s completely unlike me my anxiety was just up to here it was so so bad so i decided to put myself back on next week hologram i wrote last year to the doctor in january and i said please can i have another go with the towel from i’m at my wit’s end here i don’t know what to do i maybe quit too

Early i know you said legs i did get worse i just didn’t think you meant it was me no it’s gonna think i was gonna die so my doctor is like yeah okay you can do that we’ll start you on 10 milligrams so i started myself on them and i knew what to expect this time so i wasn’t so bad i was dealing with it a bit better and i knew shakes were going to come i knew i was

Going to get heart flutters and hi i’ve been all that for six months now and i still do that heart flutters and i knew i was going to be worse so i was ready for this time i was braced for it and i’m knowledge to get through it but my second is to tell from i ended up getting horrific pains in my abdominal and we thought it was my appendix so i had to be rushed to

A me am i glad to you so bad i heard another four five minute panic attack between the carpark and just getting to the waiting room i hid in the bathroom because i didn’t want to collect because i was shaking and i could barely stand amanda done okay no wheelchair just to get rejected adopters because i my legs are shaking so bad i can walk and i fell so did the

Heat he my doctor he checked in case it is appendicitis and he said okay we’re going to put you up to general art but i’m what your anxiety because you seem like you’re in a really bad state and i was like well duh so i just caught up to general ward in terms i wasn’t appendicitis i was i was in about 20 no maybe 48 hours not quite 48 hours once i was lying down

In the bed and i actually ended up getting a blood test which was like my ultimate fear so i was having my exacty really jealous that day but i got i was fine and it turned out it was something called metal schmutz which is pain when you menstruate but i think i probably read it out with a better had i not been on two days of so tell from the reason i wanted to

Know the story it was because i had no resources when i first went on to telethon i was looking for youtube videos i was looking for blog posts on the first because to health i would just to convince myself over and over again i wasn’t gonna die it was just a short-term thing but nobody was having symptoms like i was for example i was getting like a pressure in

My head like i sometimes get up with my css anyway but this is worse it was like a constant crushing like someone go like that really hard in your head it was a sword just it felt wrong it felt like i was gonna have a brain hemorrhage or something and this was happening every day and it did for about the first months in citalopram but i could find no symptoms

For anybody who said they were having heart flutters who were having a pressure in head that was headache who said they were having ridiculous knowledge that like i couldn’t find anything and the way the doctor explained to telephone they made it sound like my anxiety can get worse not that i was going to think i was my life is ending you know so this is kind of

Like my research or if you’re starting to telephone please be aware this might happen it might not but if it does go honey it’ll pass soon enough further record telecom is a type of language present known as an ssri which is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor it’s often used to treat depression and also sometimes with panic attacks so telephone helps many

People recover from depression and it has fewer unwanted effects than older antidepressants so telegram is available as description as tablets are those liquid drops oh i didn’t roll up i’m the tablet by the way but the nhs is key facts are that it usually takes four to six weeks for the telecom to work side effects such as tiredness dry mouth and sweating or

Common yeah i’m i can agree with this i got tiredness anyway because of a chronic fatigue syndrome but the dry mind i completely agree with my throat like my mom says to tell cauliflower and we are constantly drinking and like having boiled sweeties to try and keep some moisture in around i think in america it sometimes called citronelle as well so just be aware

That that’s what i’m talking about but when i opened the tablet box has a look at the side effect because i always do this when i get a new tablet i guess part of the paranoia and making but what i like today it got a ridiculous list of side effects oh my gosh like experts every tablet does every tablet based cover in case like people see the hello but this one

Is like never-ending acid ala thought it might be worth knowing also goes by the name celexa i think it’s been exceptional and goodbye cheese big names is the most common one citalopram this another story time that i might do in feature is when i always on my first month citalopram i think it was in january we had a delivery man that tried to break into our house

And i was home alone and that was terrible i had to get my mom to come home from work because i was having a panic attack on my floor and i couldn’t move house is very bad as things well baby do story time and not one day anyway just about this video up i’m sorry this is a bit all over the place i just want to make this resource available for people who may be

Considering going on it or may be scared of a side effects that they’ve seen in the leaflet or if they’re not really sure what their doctor means by your anxiety you might get to fit towards i spawned this section for everybody i just felt like i should tell my side of the story because i like i said i could find nobody with the same side effects as me and as long

As gonna die so i thought i would just make the sheets available to anyone who’s very scared who is commonly on it or thinking going on it anyway that’s we’ve done this video i hope you enjoyed it and you learned something if you did please subscribe to leave like and all that does you catch me every thursday and sunday and i see you in the next video hey guys

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