March 24, 2023


Hello i am recording this video very much on the fly and a little bit worried about putting this out there and into the ether but hey if it helps people then it’s worth it i hope what i want to share with you today is my experience of being on citalopram which is an antidepressant so maybe i’ll start at the beginning i was really reluctant to go on antidepressants

I thought that i should have the ability to pull myself out of my depression without any need to resort to medication but i was sort of desperate at the very very low point that i reached and so i took my doctor’s advice to go on citalopram and i’m really glad i did i started noticing the impact of the citalopram very quickly after starting taking it i actually

Remember noticing the first day i took it my lip went numb he could have been coincidental throat serve being to do with the tablets but that very quickly wore off and then how i found being on the tablets in general it was all pretty positive experience it’s helped me enormous lee in that it at that time when i was really not doing well at all it took the edge of

The extremes of the emotions i was going through it just not that back a bit so that i could cope with what i was experiencing a lot better being on it you aren’t a totally different person i think i’d been rick i was i was really scared of that you’re not a different person you’re you you experienced emotions you experienced ups and downs highs and lows but it’s

Like you put like a veil over them imagine you’re looking at a bright picture where the colors are really vivid and you just slightly mute the colors that’s sort of what it did to my experience i felt a little bit fuzzy headed but it didn’t seem to impact my work or my ability to do anything after being on citalopram for maybe four or five months i felt considerably

Better and that wasn’t just thanks to the tablets but i was also doing things outside of that seeing a therapist and also attending a course called mindfulness based self compassion i was an eight-week course i knew i still had a lot to learn in terms of how to handle these emotions and painful thoughts that i was experiencing and so i stayed on the tablets for a

Fair few months maybe six seven months after starting i went to see my doctor and talk to her about coming off citalopram and the advice is if you have been on it and you want to come off you need to win yourself off slowly so she recommended i have my dose for a couple of months and then last week i took my last tablet some of my friends who have tried to come

Out to teleprompt old me that they found it very difficult it’s not said to be addictive but they personally experienced like plummeting mood and they were advised to stay on a very low dosage just to keep them steady i haven’t really noticed any massive change in mood the main reason i decided to get my camera out was because i’ve been feeling very dizzy walking

Around and just sort of feeling like wow suddenly i need to sit down and there’s some sort of like i don’t know how to describe it but sort of like a feeling of lightheadedness or fizzing i guess in my head and it’s not particularly pleasant but it’s not particularly unpleasant i finally the withdrawal symptoms last for about two weeks if i experienced any changes

I will keep you up to date on that i guess antidepressants are another area where there’s pretty great stigma attached to taking them or even discussing them because none of us wants to admit that there’s anything wrong at all anyt yeah and that’s something i’d like to tackle when i first started taking 4 taliban i felt a sense of shame and then i mentioned it

To a few friends and many of them said me too a lot of people take them we still don’t really talk about it but there shouldn’t be a sense of shame involved should just be like wearing a plaster cast on a fracture as a sense of pride involved in that especially when he decorated them anyway so lots of people are on them people have different experiences i don’t

Feel like this has been a particularly well structured video sorry if i’ve been or rambling on this and everything i say on my channel is personal experience and i’m not making any recommendations that you do go on antidepressants or that you come off them for anything to do with that you should seek professional medical advice thank you for watching this i do

Genuinely hope it has been of some use to you do demantoid for any questions or if you have any comments write them below and it would be great if those of you who are interested in support this you let me know ideas for how we can further tackle the stigma associated with taking antidepressants and way of experiencing mental health issues in general bye

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