February 8, 2023

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel my name is amanda if you are new um i really first want to start off by apologizing because i have not made a video in about three months which is not like me at all but i just want to let you guys know that i’m okay i’m well um i just really got in this rut where i just did not want to film and i promise i will try not to get

Back in a rut like that but um mental health wise everything is fine i’ve just been like in this mood where i like don’t know exactly what to film and so when you get stuck in a route like that it’s really hard to like pick up the camera and record something that you’re not really passionate about recording so i hope you guys understand and i am looking forward to

Making more content for you guys in the future um but today i’m going to be talking all about citalopram which is the anxiety medication that i’m on um so if you are suffering from anxiety or you are looking for an anxiety medication or you just need kind of some insight about ssris and anxiety medication you can go ahead and keep on watching so i have a whole

Video on why i decided to take style pram and i will go ahead and link that down below um that kind of explained all my symptoms and what i was going through and why i decided that this was the best for me and how i even got it prescribed so if you would like to know all the details then you can go ahead and watch that video first before this one okay so this

Is my anxiety medication i take 40 milligrams of citalopram um when i first started off i took about 20 milligrams and i realized that it really that dosage wasn’t for me i needed a little bit more and so they got me to 40 and i’ve been on 40 ever since so i’ve been on 40 for about three years almost three years now and i have not looked back um so just a little

Background i know i’ve talked about this several times in other videos but for those of you that are new and then i have just come across this video um i suffer from a form of ocd and it runs in my family um my anxiety just stems from simply genetics it’s nothing to do with my past you know my past like any childhood trauma or anything like that like it has all

To do with genetics a lot of people my family suffer from this in fact my uncle does and he actually takes the exact same medicine so that’s cool um but anyways i take one of these every single day and i take it at 5 p.m i have found that that time works best for me everybody is different some people take it in the morning some people take it at night um but 5

Pm is always good for me i usually take it with dinner um if not i take it after dinner but i always have a reminder sat on my phone to make sure i take it um and so i will go ahead and show you guys what it looks like what i love about it is that it is so small and it’s so easy to swallow because i don’t know about you guys but large pills freak me out i always

Am afraid i’m gonna choke and die um yes that is also an anxiety that i have like health anxiety and it’s so funny because i work for a hospital which is even more funny um anyways it is just a small little tablet like so so it’s super easy to swallow um i don’t have to worry about swelling a huge horse pill or like cutting it up or anything so that is amazing

Um and usually every dosage i um every dosage is 40 milligrams um that i am prescribed and they usually refill my medication so there’s about 90 in there so it lasts several months before i need another refill um but every every pharmacy is different so i’m just giving you all the details um but anyways i found that taking it um at five is always best for me

Because when i first started taking this i did experience some symptoms in the very beginning and i’ve done a video on it before but i’ll kind of address those just for those of you that are new um i was feeling a little restless in my legs um i had really trouble i had a lot of trouble sleeping actually um it was a couple of days of like no sleep but i managed

And after a couple days it went away and the restlessness in my legs went away and my appetite was kind of suppressed but it came back as well so those those um side effects were very temporary and i don’t want to scare you guys by any means but it’s really just your body trying to adjust to the new medication so um i still recommend it do not get scared by any

Means by those because if i can handle it you guys can handle it um but anyways so that was the side effects of this and i have not had any sense like none and my quality quality of life has been significantly better um i get anxiety every so often but it’s like very rare and um my kind of anxiety is a lot of like triggers like trigger driven so if one of my

Triggers bothers me um before i took the medicine i would ruminate on it over and over and over and over again and it would affect my work life it would accept affect my social life and it would just make my quality of life terrible and now that i take it it only um every so often a trigger will bother me but really not even that much anymore and when it does i

Ruminated it for like the most like 15-20 minutes and then it goes away so it has significantly made my life so much better um and i honestly don’t know if i will ever get off of this i guess the only thing that kind of worries me is one day i want to get married and have kids and um there’s always like you know iffy things about taking ssris while having a kid

However my old ob gyn told me that he said that this kind of citalopram is pretty safe for pregnancy um and you could like go back you can like lower the dosage or something um but like i have said before in many videos i am not a psychiatrist i am not a doctor obviously speak to your doctor if you were looking to become pregnant or you are pregnant and you are

Taking this or you want to take this because everybody is different so um when the time comes i will probably do a whole video on that but like right now i’m not trying to get pregnant i’m not even married yet so we are not in that phase but once i do get to that phase i will 100 percent do a video because i feel like that is so important i feel like a lot of moms

Out there are really struggling um with something like this and even on this bottle it says to consult your doctor or feminist pharmacist before breastfeeding so this is something that you really need to talk to about to your doctor about if you are becoming a mom or you want to become a mom um and i will definitely be doing that when i want to all right and then

Another thing that i want to talk about in this video is um how long it takes to adjust in your body so um when i first took it it was a long process for it to finally work and i know nobody likes waiting waiting is the worst thing ever but when i tell you that it is worth it it is so worth it to wait um it took about six to eight weeks to fully kick in however

That does not mean within that week the range of the six to eight weeks i didn’t feel some relief um it did like i said take six to eight weeks and that is okay um but i just wanna make sure you all know that when you are taking this you have to be resilient you have to be strong and you have to push through because it is so worth it at the end um but i also do

Want to note that not every medication is going to work for everyone like i’ve said everybody’s body is different so um just try really hard to get through those few weeks to see if it is giving you relief it is releasing that awful anxiety that you’re i’m dealing with or your depression and then go from there so that is something that i do really want to add

Because i feel like i get asked this a lot from friends that are taking it or looking to take it and it does take time and i know nobody likes waiting but at the end of the day it is so incredibly worth it and i can totally vouch for that like so so so so worth it another thing i want to talk about is um the whole prescribing process now i know a lot of people

Um go and see a psychiatrist i do not have one but i do have a friend that takes anxiety medication and she goes and sees a psychiatrist so that is totally um up to you your personal preference i actually just went to my old doctor and got prescribed it there and now i’m at a new physician and he continues that prescription um so everybody’s different it does not

There’s no right or wrong to go to a psychiatrist there’s no right or wrong to go to um a physician i think my uncle actually goes to a psychiatrist so it is totally normal to go to a psychiatrist however i just went to the doctor and that is what worked best for me another thing i want to talk about is um eating while you’re on this medication um like i said in

The very beginning a side effect i had was um my appetite was very suppressed um however it is back and running we love to see it um but i do want to always note that eating while you are taking enemy any medication is so so so important because it can cause a lot of like you know issues along the road if you are you know taking a pill in an empty stomach or you

Haven’t eaten a lot with it um not issues down the road but i mean like sometimes i get stomachaches and stuff like that that’s just because like i have any in um and that’s why i kind of take it more at night with food because it’s easier for me so make sure you’re always eating something while taking this um like i said i’m not a doctor but i do recommend it

Because when i was taking it in the morning and i did try taking it at night i felt like i needed to eat something because my stomach would start to hurt and i think it was because of that so just wanted to bring that to the surface as well all right so i think that is everything that i could possibly talk about about my medication um i just want to let you guys

Know that i am literally always available to talk i actually want to give a shout out to one of my subscribers mary that watches my channel she actually reached out to me on instagram which was like oh my gosh it made my entire night and she actually um like talked to me all about what she’s experiencing and how she is just now taking it and has asked for like

Advice so guys literally i cannot express how much you guys reaching out to means to me um so please please please if you are about to take this or you are about to take any ssri or you’re about you know done with your depression you just need somebody to talk to like please message me it’s like one of my favorite things in the whole world like i cannot even tell

You how much they make my night my day my afternoon whenever i see them so i’m gonna go ahead and leave my instagram down below i would love if you guys followed me and i would love to see your messages just to know that like these videos are helping you guys uh because at the end of the day i do these for you guys i do these so your life is better because when i

First was struggling i didn’t see a lot of these out there and now i am seeing more but i feel like having my opinion out there um could help some of you guys um because i know everybody has a very different range of their medication stories and i want something uplifting and positive to show you guys that there is light at the end of the tunnel so like i said go

Ahead and dm me on instagram if you have any questions whatsoever if you just want to talk if you just want to you know ask how my going totally do it i love responding to people i will respond to you um i am not some sort of famous youtuber instagrammer so i will respond um and i think that is pretty much it so thank you guys so so so much for watching i will

See you guys all in my next video bye

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