March 28, 2023

Dexamphetamine is the first med i ever tried and it has helped me hold focus so much which as you may know is massive for ADHD people, overall my personal experience with Dex was really good!

Another day and now video okay hey guys so you already know what this video is about but the meds that i take is codex and feta mean and i started to take these about jewish i think months ago or maybe fresh months ago now i have my script right here which on days that i felt like i had to write down stuff like to help keep track of it i did write write down so

I will try not to really read off the script so around the time i started this script i did go to my gp which you have to do in order to get i refer to go and see someone who diagnoses adhd and then get medicines get take your meds of adh of the adhd doctor wow and i did do a ton of research beforehand like watching adhd management and hearing other people’s like

Stories of adhd and their experiences and just doing so much research before i went and saw anybody and even my boyfriend’s like i think you have adhd which that’s was the recent main reason why i went and wanted to go see if i had it i didn’t really like the person who i spoke to i felt like a lot of the questions 180 do i dhd related then later on i found out they

Were what i have my feelings changed about the doctor right now the only thing i don’t like about the doctor is he is so hard to get ahold of like it takes but like it feels like forever for him to reply i also didn’t tell him that i didn’t want to do meds cuz i just forgot about it and i was terrified of doing meds back then like the support of it just scared me i

Started to look into treatments and but when i wrote this i said that i still am right now when i’m finding the lord of medications popoff and like i just said i’m scared of taking meds but i ended up to take meds started with five milligrams for three days and then up the dosage to two pills in the morning and one at midday so i was taking 15 milligrams i’m glad

I started meds and they didn’t even change me like that much i thought they would i thought i’d be like a whole different person but focusing came so much easier like when i first had dex like the first day i noticed how much easier it was day one with the meds i felt funny come down who was really bad i go very depressed on the mid like i realized a house with my

Focus like i just said but my head that really funny which is i got towed by other people that that’s normal when you start taking meds see i’ve never taken like a med in my life that was like an ongoing everyday type myth i was like what’s going on but no that was completely normal and it’s because the chemicals in your brain changing they tried to come down do

Was really bad i like what ira’s hated i still found very odd in the head they free to come down was good and there was no odd feeling in my head they full free pills now and felt good and then got sad which lasted about an hour i think i’ve been really getting emotional in these pills it’s been so rocky i don’t know if it’s my mental state that was acting up or

Not they fire sadness in the morning but keeping focused really good at least they six took one med since that’s what my gp told me to do until i spoke to my doctor i thought happy you’re doing that i took only one because i turned him down i started to get a lot more upset and i was like i don’t know if it’s these meds i don’t know if it’s my mental state day 7

Which was the 26th of april i took a break on the 26th and the 25th to see if it was actually in meds making me sad tomorrow i want to try free again so that would be so on the 27th of april i wanted to try freegan to see if it actually made me feel worse they ate i did go back to free and i was good i wasn’t having any back come down i kept going on and off then

Due to forgetting to take them in the morning ordo i hide them in the in the sink i do i had them on the sink like right in front of me but it was one of those things where you would see it and then you would walk out the door and you we just forget the 18th of may is where i said that i had no idea what the hell was that which i’m chilly it’s trying to figure

It out but i didn’t like to take meds on my sad days because i wasn’t sure if they were making me feel worse or because when i was feeling bad and meds had me focused like hyper focus a lot um i don’t know why do that but they had me have a focus a lot i realized that i was focusing a lot on when i was sad so i hated doing that so i didn’t really like taking them

Into my stat days of course a few days i think after that or maybe oh sometime around that time i was like i’m just gonna take it no matter what i need to try and learn how to get used to being taking these meds and learning how to just direct myself to be able to like focus on something else with the meds i realized that it wasn’t actually that making me sad it

Was my mental state was really bad i do like the meds they do work haven’t had any side effects the only thing is that i lost my racial script today was the first day in a while that i fully felt the difference of not having my meds it has been so hard to not keep focus and it’s been so hard to just calm down like i’ve tried meditating not that much i will admit no

Just saying it out loud it wasn’t that much but i don’t know what else to try but that was how two men sweat for me and they’re really good if i had to say too i recommend recommend them for people or not i can’t say yes or no i would say if your doctor says that they want to try you on dex do be very careful about it just because you don’t know how your body will

React to it but i’m sure you notice and you pulley had plenty of other say it but i just wanted to give that reminder i’ll see you guys in the next video bye any comments by the way – don’t forget to leave and down below and i we’ll probably even reply to your comment or i’ll just chuck them in maybe a future q&a video let me know if you would like to see if

You choo-choo in a video for the adhd and if i forgot to mention anything i know that you guys are just curious about to rip it below i think i said the same thing twice i’m gonna go hi hey

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My experience on Dexamphetamine for ADHD By SkyeChats