December 9, 2022

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Hi everyone i’m daniel johnson welcome to my channel recently i started taking sertraline and if you can hear that dog barking outside i’m very very sorry i think i started taking sertraline really late in june so i’ve actually been on it for a few months now but specifically for this video i wanted to talk about my first month or saw taking these tablets obviously

Of course you will get a leaflet about sertraline when you start taking it and you’re prescribed it which you should always look out obviously but with taking tablets that are new i think that it’s just a little bit of a a guess a guessing game and you don’t really know how you yourself are going to react to certain tablets until you’ve tried them so for those of

You who don’t know sertraline is actually a kind of like an antidepressant and it is prescribed to people who have bad mental health so basically it is used to treat people with depression anxiety i believe it also can be used to treat ocd as well sorry i’m in like a totally new outfit and stuff now it’s because i was like getting really really hot in them what i

Was wearing so i have with me here the leaflet that i got when i started taking search from he it’s double-sided double-sided the first two three four weeks are the worst in terms of side effects usually like in a lot of people that’s kind of what happens and now i actually started on 50 milligram of sertraline and i take it on a night and not long before i’m due

To go to bed or settle down to go to bed well if you’re looking to up the doors like for example i went from 50 to 100 milligrams when i made the jump from 50 to 100 the side effects did come back when i opted the dose and they weren’t as severe as women very first started out i’m going just read through some of the most common side effects and i’m gonna talk you

Through how i felt and what kind of happened with me dizziness sleepiness headaches feeling sick diarrhea dry mouth insomnia fatigue so i’m just gonna start off by saying i did not get diarrhea just saying my bowels are fine but i did get pretty much everything else on the list having the search raeleen did make me a lot more restless when i was trying to get to

Sleep and i since i started taking the search rodino move around a lot more trying to get comfortable than what i used to dizziness was definitely something that i had a quite a big issue with especially when i first started taking the search raeleen because for the first month or so every night the room would be spinning you know when you’re drunk and you just

You feel the whole room is just turning and turning it was very much like that in terms of dizziness as well you know when you stand up too quickly and you get lightheaded and a bit dizzy i had never really suffered from that previously but once i started taking the search relate like i have to sit down and stand up quite slowly now because i will get dizzy quite

Easily and lightheaded quite easily sleepiness yes oh my gosh sometimes i was so tired that i didn’t even want to speak to people um i felt almost too sleepy you know when you feel a little bit tired and you just like i can deal with it but this was like exhausted and drained and again because of my health conditions i feel like that a lot of the time anyways but

This was like taking it to like the extreme this next level stuff i was so so sleepy and i was so irritable headaches i tend to get headaches quite a lot anywhere and in terms of headaches whilst taking the sertraline or i didn’t really have too much of an increase in headaches feeling sick definitely the feeling that i was gonna be sick like all of the time for

The first like two weeks especially i was never actually sick i just very much felt like i was going to be sick fatigue and dry mouth yes i still get dry mouth quite easily like when i’m speaking now i’m just like oh god i need a drink and fatigue i am always fatigued with my other health conditions so i’ve not noticed too much of a difference in terms of fatigue

When i have started taking the sertraline feeling strange is definitely yes a big one and i couldn’t even describe it to my doctor she was like how are you doing on this search lane and i was just like this is some crazy stuff i don’t even like i did not even know how to describe what i was feeling i just knew that i was feeling off and i do still have days like

That to this day because of this sertraline nightmares i’ve actually noticed that i’ve been having strange dreams than normal really typically from day to day i’m someone who tends to just majority of the time have nice dreams rather than nightmares but since taking this actually my dreams have just they’re very very nightmarish and they’re very strange dreams as

Well you guys might know my cat calvin loved him to pieces and i am very much so since starting the search lane having dreams about him going missing or about him getting run over by a car things like that and and i really do often wake up in just a fright and a bit of a panic numbness and tingling a little bit i did get a little bit of that but it was nothing like

Over the top it was just something that would help anything go away i felt very out of it and sometimes like my partner would ask me a question and then it would take me like a good five seconds or so to register what he said and think of a response and actually speak and when i was speaking when i was first taking search rain i was speaking much slower than what

I would normally speak as well i couldn’t register things as quick so my body was just on a gauss law all the time sometimes i do still have those moments where it’s i want to i want to go slow that was like my experience and it’s been kind of like a whirlwind on sertraline and but my doctor did say to me that through time it’ll subside all of the side-effects

Will go away and you will be fine and for the majority of the side effects they have gone away the only time that i really saw the side effects come back was when i opted the doors from 50 to 100 milligrams and when i got from 100 to 150 milligrams it will probably come back again but for the majority of the side effects they have fully gone away and they were

Only there for around about the first month or so and but in particular the worst time for me with surgery was the first two weeks after that i felt like still off but i was dealing with it a lot better if your doctor recommends it to you you might want to give it a try well obviously it’s to do with you and everybody kind of handles things differently so i guess

I hope you found this video helpful have you guys had any kind of weird experiences with sertraline let me know in the comment section down below of this video thank you so much for watching if you like this video make sure to give it a thumbs up if you’re new here click on that subscribe button and i hope to see you guys in my next video you

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My experience on sertraline (the first month) By Danielle