May 29, 2023

I can’t really tell if Buspirone is working for my anxiety – but it’s not hurting it… so we went up on the dosage. Makes sense? Or no?

Hey guys i’m back today with another video on medication changes i think i’m just gonna make this a regular thing i kind of like talking about my journey if like it keeps me accountable cuz like i don’t want to take these at all and hate these and i really want to stop but like i also like have to talk about them and tell y’all because they’re but if like it helps

You all so like i’ve been i’m like damn i’ll just like continue to take it and like they’re helping me i just like don’t want to believe it today i’m talking about an increase and you know i learned how to say it but i’ve recently forgotten and the buspirone in the abuse abuse abuse prone that’s what we’re gonna call it but it’s not called that i feel like i feel

Like it’s called something else and i remember what it was called but i mean obviously i don’t remember i was told what it was called i don’t remember so in this video it’s called the buspirone anyway um i’m sorry you guys ash here so i was recently on seven point five milligrams of the abuse run and i was you know so i just took that once in the morning and i also

Took it once in the afternoon so that was really hard for me adjusting to that because like i’m used to just taking medication really just in the morning and then like in the afternoons i would only take medication really eyes need it and that would be much like adderall if i needed an extra bump that sounds druggie if i would adderall if i needed like an extra

Pick-me-up or something if i was like if i had to go long even if i would take another adderall or like with like santa except i had a panic attack where i need to go to sleep or something like that but this it’s like you have to you can’t like miss a day so that was like really hard for me excite definitely missed lots of days and i think i’ve just now gotten it

Into the regiment of being like alright i have to take this before i go to bed it’s like important so now now with the buspar and i am on 15 milligrams so i am taking twice like we went up on the dosage i told my psychiatrist that like it’s not like my anxiety is gone it doesn’t feel like my anxiety is like mcqueen’s idea is still there still have anxiety over a

Like a lot of things if not more things it feels like actually but i can just deal with it and it’s not like it’s not like the biggest thing anymore i’m so no more panic attacks i had like just acting like forever i’m starving this idea attacks yeah i confused though sometimes but mostly their anxiety things i haven’t really had full blown panic attack and yeah so

Like it kind of helps but like so she said we can go up on the dosage and i was like you know what like like why not i haven’t scaled medicine i’m not sure that’s what you call it i haven’t like really gone up on medicine in a while because all my medicines i sort of just like started and then i it was like okay we’ll stay at this like level so we’ll see how this

Works i’m like kind of worried about like side effects i’m like kind of really bad about i’ve been really bad about this lately i’m i normally read about like what these things don’t what’s the the new medicine the new biss per the new this looks like xanax like look the pill it’s like a little bar so now i’m kind of nervous because the other ones that i took

That was 7.5 were this like a little oval shape so oh so y’all are problems like wondering like why doesn’t he know this i haven’t opened these yet i’ve been taking because i’ve just been taking two of these because i still have some of these left i’ve been taking two of these instead of taking these so i haven’t even taken a bar of you spring you just use buspirone

These firown’ you spread okay i’m just gonna stop i’ve been taken anxiety i haven’t yeah these look like xanax great so we’ll see how that goes um i’m excited because i having no anxiety would be great but i’m also not sure like i’m starting to come to terms with like i don’t think that like maybe my life is just not going to have anxiety and this week in therapy

I was talking about like my anxiety has been lately driven by trauma like in my past like stuff with my family and stuff that like i used to deal with like in high school in terms of depression and realizing that like you know it is still like they’re like even though i’ve dealt with it in like i am like a much stronger now it’s still there and it doesn’t like it

Doesn’t like leave or it doesn’t like you know it’s so like just no adderal i forget what i’m saying that as for you guys this is so bad see tapping again okay i don’t know why i just like forgot what i was saying yeah so let’s move on to talk about the other medications i guess uh-huh i’m still on the lithium i haven’t doing blood tests for those soon so i’m

Taking apparently i never did there was two different types of lithium so i’m not sure if anyone’s ever wondered this is the lithium carbonate carbonate carbonate yeah that one not the other with yet so i’m not sure but i moved to atlanta this pharmacy that i’m new now going to like sends these like little capsules so they look like these and i hate peas because

They make taking pills so much harder they’re like these and i just like taking three of those cuz i take three of those at night yeah that makes it tick it mixed wanting pick these like i don’t take these i’m so i requested tablets and there’s still different than the tablets that i used to have there these like the new ones the new lithium ones and these are 300

Milligrams each so i take three of those like i said at night but like now these are white and i feel like the other lithium ones i had or what kind of pinkish and like i mean i’m not saying that like they’re all have to be the same color there’s different brands and like different legs surely like supplies and like i understand that but just like kind of makes me

Like skeptical cuz i’m like what why is it like different like why can’t she go back to being the same in like why can this be in a capsule form in this being a pill form and why didn’t they give me the capsule form at first and like what’s the difference and then just like the way it’s like releases or is it to like you know i don’t know probably doesn’t matter at

All it probably just has to do with the way every is into the buddy don’t quote me on that i don’t know so yeah so technically iam talking about like whether or not you know it’s working my doctor died because i said i have been feeling depressed i’m feeling like really good today mostly just because it’s like a holiday or it’s getting ready to be like a holiday

I’m so i’m feeling really good but like this week i’ve been feeling honestly like really doubt so i was asking my therapist and my psychiatrist likewise in lithium working and i had been making some poor choices you know in the past in terms of my routine and everything so like it’s kind of on me and it’s kind of learning that like lithium doesn’t like fix you

Doesn’t make everything perfect it just makes it like okay for you to deal with like things and they don’t get perfect so like my mood like wasn’t great but like i also was kind of like a self-aware and knowing like what i needed to do it sucked but like yeah so i’m coming trying to come to terms with that but yeah the lithium still my best friend still on the 20

Milligrams of adderall i just you know didn’t want to take it today it’s kind of a light day at work cuz i said labor day is coming up i don’t want to be all hands on this um it’s like it makes me like i don’t know it makes me feel manic i don’t really know yet we haven’t really underside i haven’t understood that yet but still have it still subscribe yep and

Then i still have the eliza bram /sand x4 huge anxiety stuff i’ve only i think i have a prescription of 30 and it took me down i’m still know one milligram now i was on to remember but being in atlanta since being since be in atlanta i’m in one milligram and i’ve only used i think two of these pills like so i have a lot of like stocking up i guess i thought like

Illegal okay alright um so yeah so i’m excited mostly for the buspirone and i said that’s the main like update see how that goes my anxiety is like manageable like i know what to do it really just sucks like i have anxiety right now just talking to the camera because like i’m still dwelling on the fact that like i forgot something in the middle of this video and

I know i’m gonna remember what i’m watching it and i’ll be like oh you stupid idiot i’m not gonna want to record it that’s what i’ve been thinking about and like since since that moment and it’s just like killing me so obviously it’s not doing its job right now and i’m not really sure what it means when they say like it helps anxiety like help manage it or like

Get rid of it does it get rid of it because that’s kind of what i’m trying to do the only thing that does that is xanax and you can’t just be like on xanax 24/7 i mean like you can but like i don’t think it’s recommended alright remember like share subscribe comments yeah all of that jazz because you all are amazing alright a hit y’all back have an amazing labor day you

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My Experience with Buspirone for Anxiety 1 Month + Lithium Update By Juliuss | \A Series on Navigating Mental Illness\