January 27, 2023

Everyone it’s your girl nick care um so today’s video is talking about um the medication gap pendant so i have taken it twice and in those two times i’ve taken it it has been a positive overall you know a pretty good experience it takes about very short time for it to kick in and to do its work on your anxiety and your nerves and your anxiousness that you’re

Feeling at that time it does a pretty good job taking care of that it actually um like i’ve seen in other videos on youtube here that it it kind of has like a mdma effect like a ecstasy effect and like in terms of um how everything’s just amplified and like super um like obvious like obvious reasons like touch you know feel smell taste uh i didn’t notice

Anything from like tasting and like smell but i guess like feel like touch i you know was in laying in bed um about to you know hit the sack and go to bed my blanket felt a lot more softer and i just felt like i was in heaven laying in bed like i felt like it was i was on a cloud and in terms of like how everything feels like you feel overall pretty good and i

Felt something a little similar to like when you would smoke marijuana like having everything be spacious you don’t feel so suffocated and i guess that just means not like it’s nowhere near marijuana or ecstasy but it is more so like it the drug calms your nerves basically and it takes away pain so anything that you’re feeling from like tightening your fist when

You’re anxious before taking the medication everything just like feels lighter your hands feel lighter your body feels lighter you don’t feel heavy and when i’m talking about the marijuana thing and how it makes you feel you don’t feel high from the drug at all it’s more so a feel-good type of drug it takes away all your anxiety um and going back to uh like

Perception it makes you perceive things like like you have no hurt no problems um because you’ve when it gives you like a boost of like self-esteem it makes you want to be talkative it makes you want to listen more so it makes you a good listener i guess it makes you just want to just enjoy the conversation you’re having and just enjoy the moment so when you’re

Anxious you don’t want to enjoy anything you just want to like feel okay you know so it definitely does all that um i’m on a pretty low dosage i’m on 300 milligrams and i believe that it’s the lowest dosage you can take so yeah it’s pretty good i like it i will definitely recommend this to anyone who is having bad anxiety problems bipolar problems it probably

Helps with um because you’re just more relaxed you know you’re not like have so much like pent-up energy you don’t you’re not like manic so i’m guessing it helps when you’re having mania but i could be wrong i’m not a doctor i am just the consumer who’s taking the medication so yeah um so overall i rate this drug maybe like a nine out of 10 and i don’t rate it

A 10 out of 10 because um i feel like it could have been its own type of medicine and not like similarities to like actual street drugs and recreational drugs um i don’t mind that but at the same time uh i wish that it was more so like a therapeutic thing which it is but and i just wish it was more um unique and people have said that this drug is very unique

In a sense it is unique but it kind of mirrors an image of like street drugs but you don’t feel high so it is not a drug it is just a medication to take when you have anxiety i recently got diagnosed by my therapist with ptsd i didn’t get diagnosed by my doctor yet but he just says i have like anxiety and so it’s linked with that so i’m still dealing with that

Right now it’s a little hard because you know when you’re dealing with ptsd you can have depersonalization disassociation and those are very uncomfortable feelings to go through so what i tried to do is i just splashed my face with cold water tried doing grounding skills coping skills and one of my coping skills is journaling and has helped me stay in the moment

Present so if you guys are going through that or something similar please feel free to message me i’ll be happy to answer any questions or you know please no judgmental uh post to me or to people that are watching my videos or you know communicating with me please don’t say that this drug that this drug is like terrible unless you’ve had that experience but if

You just don’t have any experience with it at all don’t just say stuff that you don’t know for sure and please don’t tell me that you know this is the end of the route for you that your life is like over basically because obviously i’m still standing you know i did my makeup today so i have motivation to live on and keep going forward i am dealing with mental

Illness and i have dealt with mental illness for a while but i am not down by it i have my down days but i’m human so please please keep it positive and i will keep continuing to make videos if you guys are interested so peace bye guys take care

Transcribed from video
My experience with gabapentin. By Nik flixnjoy