June 1, 2023

12 months on Antidepressants (prozac/fluoxetine) for Depression and anxiety and how they have worked for me. Some side effects and real life updates.

Very first time i’ve ever started medication i’ve had anxiety depression you know it was always livable until like i started losing my animals also fluoxetine. day one i didn’t really sleep that well last night but that could just be me i mean i haven’t been sleeping well because if i had any of the side effects at least they would like you know i things like that i didn’t have

To be sitting at work feeling sick i lost my hey guys i wanted to just do a little update of day 2 background because i am out at my horses maybe the first night i was just freaking out over taking the meds and i tiredness it’s only been two days but i mean what i’ve found to help me has been day i just drink green tea cuz i find like coffee gives me a high and then taking

At night and i think it’s working better because it is making me quite drinking green tea to get me through the day to like wake me up a little bit dreams like they don’t weird they feel really real like last night was pretty they’re not scary dreams it just it’s okay so i thought i’d do just like a real life update this is still day four had a lot of trouble concentrating

Today and i think that i just got like an increasing amount of anxiety and i haven’t felt but not you know those stressful amounts that nearly feel like panic attack. also i forgot to every time i yawn i kind of feel like i’m gonna vomit just not good and then i just kind of feel sick because i haven’t day 10 on fluoxitine i’ve noticed that i know week i’m feeling a bit

More alert and not so distracted by everything i’m feeling a bit more myself again not completely but a bit more and yes so i same day as the last video by the way in no way am i saying that the meds have it’s just kind of like you know playing with my system a little bit i guess i’m little peak of anxiety here and there and a little lower point here and there depression

And stuff so i just wanted to give you that little update i didn’t do then day 12 through today 18 my anxiety was just like tipping on edge and i just was normally i dissociate in that situation should instead my mind stayed pretty much yeah but then the past like four days i’ve feeling pretty good at the moment and there’s no real side-effects the so i’ve officially been

On these tablets for.. four? five? far down that i’m like suicidal my moods stressing as much about things so that’s i know it’s been a long time since they did it update but after the first few you meant to and it’s a really convenient time for me to make this fan surprise surprise she just released her latest single medicate and i was through a lot of changes i’ve gone

Through a lot of changes in the past 12 i really started to talk about this in the first few videos my psychologist thinking because i was in such a depressive thinking and i’d always be sometimes i rather take a punch to the face and beat myself mentally let’s be these side effects have subsided i have noticed a few little side effects which little weight i’m not sure if

It was the it’s the fact that i’m not constantly anxious and stressed all the friggin yes it’s been over 12 months i’m doing really well i’m really happy on these they were milo’s honours life consuming as they used to be i’m not suicidal things that i shouldn’t be thinking about that aren’t real making up stupid if you look at it now doing really well really happy to be

On them morning it’s on the fucking midday and i’ve been sitting on my phone watching open in talking about things this is what i’ve been doing for 12 months this i’ve been really trying to get back into them past like four or five months i’ve months though it’s been working super duper for me and i’m so much happier watching my video and i hope to see you all at my next

Video as well don’t i’ll see you guys next time

Transcribed from video
My Experience with Prozac (12 Months on) By Oprah Brylie