March 28, 2023

my experience so far taking Buproprion (Wellbutrin) 150 mg and preworkout while at the gym

Hey what’s up everyone it’s um i should probably see what the day is today um these videos are pretty raw so let me see if i can find out for you real quick oh yeah it’s january 4th it’s currently 10 20 a.m i just got back from visiting my friend out of state went to the worked out and went to the gym time i went twice because i went like in the morning and

Then i went afterwards uh when i met with my friend so i went to the gym twice so it’s just intense i forgot my sweatpants so like so i i had to be that guy and lift wearing jeans so you know that kind of sucked but you know what we still we still got it done um tried going home um i thought being home by like 8 a.m back in new york i uh it would be easy to

Find parking but where i live it’s it’s like it’s crazy now it’s a whole bunch of construction and more buildings being made probably more condominiums so there’s gonna be even less parking which is no no sometimes i have uh maybe i should get out of here yeah because my friend when we went to jimbro it had a swimming pool um a basketball court like a grassy

Like fitness thing and it was like 25 bucks it’s like a place like that here in new york no you would oh you would not find that here for 25 bucks never um or maybe you wouldn’t i just don’t know but yeah unless it’s like the recreation center banana it’s like i don’t know it’s like that it’s like sometimes it’s like really ratchet because it’s like it’s

Like i have like like teenagers like just like playing around with the weights and and we’re like the poorest like you know like naked old people yeah it’s um but yeah so pre-workout and wellbutrin so you know i’ve i’ve been ranting for a while so for me personally um if you saw my previous video it’s to get like an outlook of like the type of person that

I am taking walbotrin um i’m currently taking 150 milligrams i actually just picked up my prescription so i’m going to 300 now so i’ll make an update soon but to cut to the chase 150 mg and uh and pre-workout it’s awesome that’s it like if you um if you just wanted to like like find out sorry it’s uh my allergies are acting up hopefully not the wrong

Nurona but i think his allergies because my friend’s dog he has a cool dog but i guess i haven’t been around pets and stuff for a while so i guess my my allergies but yeah to go to chase bulbatrin pre-workout awesome it’s like it’s crazy like so for me for with wellbutrin currently at 150 milligrams and um it’s like i do feel slight irritability that’s what

I’ve mentioned in my past previous in my last video and personally like i’m not the type to really get like upset or pissed off it’s either i’m sad or i’m extra sad and i don’t know if it’s whether maybe i just like suppressed it and now i’m finally like tapping into like like the rage or whatever um but with the pre-workout it definitely like it it does

Make me like angrier but more energy like i’ll be at the gym and it’ll be like i’ll start getting tired and then all of a sudden it’s like like something just like oh you know why can’t i why do i feel this way and then it’s like i just you know keep going it’s and then the recovery time um i mean i don’t want to pat my well yeah i’m gonna pat myself in the

Back it’s uh yesterday it’s been uh the end of week three that i’ve been going to the gym like consistently um well fake consistent it’s like i try to go when i can because of working stuff but i do my best to not to not not go for more than two days consecutively um and that so far so good to be honest um like just the weightlifting and then ending it with

Cardio now i’m starting to implement abs once a week so it’s like you know i’m slowly getting into the motions of it i’m i’m proud of myself so yeah i’m trying to it’s a new year and i’m trying to i let myself go a lot and so right now i’m like 225. um yeah so it’s like i wanna i need to get out of this 200 zone because that scares me that really scares me

And 225 that’s too close to comfort for like 250 you know so in a way it’s like i’m at a point in my life where it’s like by any means necessary aside from like you know doing like other things but you know people always talk about like pre-workout i’m like i was like screw it i’m taking i’m if it helps people like motivate them to go to the gym it i’m taking

Pre-workout and it works um specifically i’ve been using uh uh the red con um it wasn’t special so i have a i gotta buy one get one free for like black friday um let me see if i can pull it out i hope i didn’t leave it at my friend’s house or else i’m gonna be really upset i’m gonna get pissed off super pissed off crap i think i left it on my phone’s house

Damn it i left it in this house i left that ass house um well it’s called redcon total war and it’s flavored like the ice cream like the like the popsicle the red white and blue popsicle um the equipment that i have i can’t really you know like cut or splice the videos to like post a photo maybe i can but these type of videos i’m just going to keep them raw

And unedited so yeah um if you want to search it up that’s what it’s called um but now since the pre-workout is all the way in my friend’s place in a whole nother state now i have to use the backup one hopefully that won’t work so you know if that one works i’ll make another video about it and uh and yeah actually hold up let me let me pause this and like see

All right thank god it was in the corner of my book bag oh man because freaking first i leave my sweats at my house and i’m all the way in another state and now i left my pre-workout on the whole different another state but no thank god we got it um it’s probably in reverse so let me actually switch the camera so you can see it so this is currently what i’m

Taking another friend of mine that i had told him about it he bought it as well so the packaging might actually be different um it might come in like a red in the red uh jar i mean in the black jar i should say and it might just say total war without all like the drawing and stuff but honestly even the drawing was cool like bro like i’m pretty sure this is like

Poking like fun at like i think like the soviet union or something um because it wasn’t isn’t like this astronaut supposed to be holding like a hammer and a sickle or something but yeah this is a this is what i’ve been taking

Transcribed from video
my experience with Wellbutrin & preworkout By Larry X