March 22, 2023

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This is something that i started taking about three months ago, i believe. if you missed my mental health update, i will link it down below. i go on medication, and that was something i’m open to and was open to. my psychiatrist bumped me up to a hundred milligrams. so for the first few weeks, nothing really was happening. and i noticed because i wanted to start doing

Things again. before, i couldn’t concentrate or do anything, really. and when i was talking to my therapist about i mean, it got to a point where i told her try to get an appointment with a psychiatrist was booked. i knew that i needed help, and i knew that help was there somewhere. actually my therapist found exodus, and it’s called exodus recovery. when i walked in,

I was like the first person there. so it was a walk-in clinic so that i could if you’re someone looking into a medication, this isn’t anything weird or scary or anything like that. like if you’re feeling down and you’re like, that’s why i want to show off my medicine i just think it’s ridiculous, and it’s time and you have to look after yourself to the best of your ability.

I wanted to talk to a psychiatrist because i knew i needed help. and she suggested, she listed like five medications i could take. if you’re looking into this with your psychiatrist, for my side effects i noticed, and my psychiatrist bit of weight loss, which i have noticed, now, i only felt extreme…i felt extremely nauseous one day. and that was within the first month of

Taking zoloft. and with zoloft, it’s cool because you can and then you can kind of like gauge how you’re you have to know that it’s not going to work overnight. i should say, i’m not a mental health professional. but you and your psychiatrist might want to gauge what medication it is and also the milligrams had to watch was how am i feeling week to so those were the only

Two honestly side effects other than i’m feeling better. and i kicked ass and it has been a great experience and that’s why i’m like advocating for, hey, if you need a little boop! i noticed a little bit of weight loss, that like everybody was like, “oh yeah, that’s kind of cool.” but yeah, i’ve noticed i’ve lost like three and also i was feeling a little bit nauseous,

I’ll link below a website that lists other side effects of zoloft. i should mention, there was a couple of days also, i was sitting there eating a salad in i’ll update you guys if any changes happen, if i notice anything else. about this mental health journey with me, i would love to hear your thoughts, and yeah, medication because i know sometimes it can seem like a

Scary thing. it sooner because i mean, i can’t go back i would have started this sooner because i have been feeling so much better. so i really like it when people open up and experiences, especially regarding therapists, if you struggle with ptsd or depression or really important for us to all speak up about everyone feels down from time to time or extremely i really

Like videos online where people open found this helpful and i’ll list some resources can check that out as well, but i hope you

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My Experience with Zoloft (Sertraline) By Sarah Rocksdale