March 28, 2023

What does Adderall feel like? I share the storytime of my first time taking prescription stimulant ADHD / ADD medication. I explain how I felt on the drug, side effects and whether it helped with focus and other symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Today i’m gonna be sharing the story of the first time i ever took adhd medication hey guys welcome to my first ever coffee talk we’re gonna do some real talk about adhd depression and anxiety while enjoying a lovely cup of coffee for those of you that don’t know i’m healy’s comment i make videos every tuesday and thursday tuesdays about mental health and then

Thursdays are just kind of like fun random things so if you haven’t already please go ahead and subscribe okay so like before medication i guess i didn’t really know that i was experiencing anything really different than anybody else once i was diagnosed i was put on medication like right away and the best way i could probably describe it is like putting on glasses

Like you don’t realize how blurry your vision is until you are given glasses and then you’re like wow how was i even getting by before like everything’s so blurry without glasses so it’s basically kind of what it was like my mind was just very like cloudy before and i didn’t realize it until i was given medication and then i was just like on it i was like wow this

Is the real world that i haven’t been living in because what do you have any hd8 it’s kind of like you’re living in like another universe like you’re in this world but like your minds off 12 million other places so like you see the world through like a blurry vision kind of yeah i guess i kind of realized like oh this is what the real world is like i was diagnosed

And then pretty much immediately they wanted to put me on medication my dad was the one who kind of talked to me about it and he was always like it’s your choice you can do whatever you want i was young at the time if you guys haven’t seen my diagnosed with adhd story time it was the end of my freshman year of high school and i guess i was just i didn’t understand

Why i wouldn’t want to be on medication it was just kind of like oh here’s this medication that’s gonna help you study better do better in school you know and just be more attentive so i was like well obviously i want to do it even though i was told the side effects i didn’t really absorb or didn’t really seem like something that could happen to me because i’d taken

Plenty of other medications before i’d never had any side effects so i didn’t really expect any of that stuff to actually happen so the first medication that i was put on was adderall pretty much the most common adhd medication out there i’m sure you guys have heard of it it’s a stimulant so it makes you like it’s intense adderall sentense and i can see why people

Become addicted to it so i just kind of took it i was very naive like i said i had no idea like what i was taking or how he was gonna act or anything i guess as i got older if i was ever prescribed something i would be a lot more cautious of what i’m being prescribed what are the side effects you know how’s it gonna make me feel etcetera but i was just so young

And i was so naive i just had no idea kind of what i was setting myself up for so just like okay yeah i’ll help me focus sure and oh my gosh guys i was absolutely wired the first day i took it i remember suddenly i needed it to clean i needed to move my body i needed to do things that’s out of beard but you know what i mean like i was just so wired so like most 15

Year olds i had a horribly messy room but i also had adhd so like my room was like extra messy like really bad i felt compelled to clean it for the first time in my life so i was running around my room like putting things into piles vacuuming organizing things like my room had never been cleaner than it was that day i was so focused and i wasn’t even necessarily

On things that were important after i finished cleaning my room i got my english book and i was really behind on reading this book we were supposed to read for class and i’ve talked about this in other videos but for those of you that don’t know it’s very hard for me to read because i don’t have the attention span for it now i’ve since found audiobooks which i

Absolutely love it sucks because i love writing and i love english and i love all of that but i just don’t have a big enough attention span to read or i do read but i only get like two pages in after like 20 minutes of reading so it was really behind on reading this book and you know a reasonable person would have used that opportunity to read the book and catch

Up right which i tried to do when i still didn’t have enough of attention span to read even though i was on this medication i still couldn’t focus long enough to like read at a normal pace instead what i did was i labeled the book that we were reading by every chapter and there was like sub chapters or like sections within the chapters so i put like one of those

Tiny sticky notes on every single chapter every single sub chapter so that way whenever the teacher would be like turned up you know chapter 12 section a or whatever i could just immediately like open up to it and like be the first one there i don’t know why i thought this was like a good use of my time but i spent hours doing this this will totally be useful

Later on how i got i actually read it it was insane and then i got to school the next day like super proud of what i did the kid next to me was like why did you do that though such a waste of time i was like you’re right but i felt really accomplished and you just ruined that for me so beyond that i was like not eating that’s a really big side effect of adderall

For those of you that don’t know is like you just don’t feel hungry ever at all it’s so weird i don’t know how a medication could make you like not feel hunger it’s so weird but i guess hungry is all in your mind if they say it’s like your brain signaling to you that you’re hungry no junker i would just if i’m hungry i’ll eat if i’m not hungry i won’t eat and i

Just never felt hungry so i was just not eating and it wasn’t even thinking about it i didn’t realize that i wasn’t eating only when was the last time you leave hey i don’t i don’t know so that first day was really intense and after that it was intense for like a few days and then it kind of trickled out i guess by like a week later it was not affecting me at all

Which is really weird because a darrell is like a pretty strong adhd medication but it just i don’t know my body got used to it or something and it just was not helping me focus it was not having any effect on me after like a week and a half i did end up trying another medication which i could make a video on if you guys are interested now i’m not on any medication

I definitely gonna make a video about that i’m not against medication but it was not the right choice for me i feel like there aren’t enough people who speak out and say the downsides of taking these like really strong drugs you know everyone’s like no one should feel bad everyone should take their medication if they need to and i’m like so anyway that is all for

This week’s coffee talk i hope you guys liked it i want to keep these videos kind of short i just kind of want to get my message out there and i’m hoping if they’re shorter maybe you’ll watch all the way through so if you’re still here comment in alien emoji down below thank you so much for watching please subscribe if you haven’t already check out some of my other

Videos and i’ll see you on thursday you

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