June 4, 2023

I wanted to document my first week taking the SSRI drug called Lexapro that is commonly prescribed to people diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

Hey how’s it going uh so i wanted to document um my first week on taking lexapro and uh yeah i thought it might be you know useful to some of you though i’m not a doctor um i can’t recommend that you take lexapro or anything like that but um i can’t let you know my experience on the first week and uh yeah maybe maybe some of you will relate to that but just

To give you some background information um i’m 28 and i was recently diagnosed with moderate depression as well as severe anxiety or general anxiety disorder and at this point in my life it pretty much inhibited me from doing most normal day-to-day activities um whether it was having strains on my relationships or my work focus and so it pretty much went

To the point where i needed to seek professional help through through the form of therapy as well as psychological help as well so i was diagnosed with those things and then prescribed lexapro and i’m currently on day three and for means specifically i was told to take half of the first dosage for four days so 2.5 milligrams four days and then bump up to five

Milligrams from there on out and the first time that i took took it uh took it at night fairly late around nine pm and i didn’t really feel anything at all on the second day because i’m trying to shift it to take it earlier and the reason for this is because i recently got a new job where my start time is five in the morning so one of the possible side effects

By the way those are chickens there so if you hear any noises the hands but anyways um what was i saying so the doctor or the other doctor said that possible side effects are nausea it might make you drowsy it might make you it might give you insomnia and so i started taking it at night in case you made me drowsy because i didn’t want to be drowsy um yeah so i

Had started taking it at night and then now i’m trying to move to take it earlier in the day um just because they they mostly recommend that you do take it in the morning but on the second day that i took it sorry i had to move locations the chickens were getting to that but anyways on the second day of taking it i did start to notice more sun right there more um

Side effects primarily um sort of like this spaciness in my mind like a little bit of drowsiness but more so of this like floating feeling um yeah kind of like floating and not being totally focused and i know that they said that was one of the possible side effects was trouble focusing and uh so yeah so the feeling’s a little more pronounced than day one and

Um and so i took that at night around 6 p.m about an hour and a half and then i really started to feel um feel it sitting in and uh so i ended up knocking out around 9 00 p.m so for reference i usually knock out around 10 30 11 it usually takes me about 30 minutes 40 minutes to fall asleep but yeah i fell asleep pretty easily i don’t know if it’s just because

Of the busyness of the day or or the side effects possible side effects of lexapro but in the morning when i woke up i did feel nauseous and i felt pretty nauseous for two three hours so i got up around 6 00 am 6 15 am didn’t really start to feel solid until 9 nine-ish somewhere around then but if i could rate the the nausea on a scale of one to five it’d

Probably be like a one um i’m not somebody who really enjoys being nauseous i don’t think anybody does but um it was certainly tolerable for me and yeah if i could rate it it was like a one out of five um didn’t make me like you know lose my appetite or anything it was just some more like a steady uncomfortable feeling and so it went away as i went with my day

So i had coffee so i stay hydrated i also did notice going to the bathroom a little more number one but i don’t know if that’s because i was just drinking more water or i did also read that you know some people were urinating a lot more so i was not too sure if that’s related but we’ll see as the days go on and then i just took my third two and a half milligram

Dose about an hour ago and i haven’t really experienced anything so far so i’ll update you guys if that changes i’ll um come back and record those symptoms but i’m about to get ready to go out and do some work do some driving uh just to do some errands and whatnot and i’ll probably come back in a few hours and if something happens something happens if not then

I’ll record day day four so it’s uh it’s day four now yeah day four uh last two and a half milligram today only felt nauseous for uh i think i don’t know 30 40 minutes took this one a little earlier around 11 a.m and uh feeling pretty good well feeling pretty good physically but mentally i think today was a little bit harder it was i did have some anxiety and

A little bit of depression and i wanted to take other things to kind of mitigate that but i know that they say that you shouldn’t be taking anything into this really settles in and just to give you some um some background i did used to take cbd for anxiety um and at the most i’ve ever taken was probably around 70 to 80 milligrams of full spectrum cbd so that

Would be i think it was 2.4 milligrams of thc for every 100 milligrams so just to give you an idea and that would help me uh immensely in the past but it just wasn’t one it wasn’t cost effective and uh two uh it’s not doesn’t look good if you’re trying to get a job in the drug test because regardless of whether the cbd is an isolate or not some places just won’t

Hire you if you’ve got any trace of cbd or any small trace of thc so so yeah um i will be talking to my doctor in a few months or weeks um and see if i can be taking cbd oil or pills to kind of help with some of the some of the downtime i have if if if lexapro isn’t working like i think it should but i think it should work just fine so yeah day four and tomorrow

We start taking the full five milligrams and we’ll see we’ll see how i feel after that all right so uh we’re on day six today and i didn’t actually record anything for days four and five i think because those are actually really difficult days and um i’m not sure if it has to do with side effects or what but um well today and yesterday have been particularly

Difficult emotionally and mostly with just feeling depressed which usually it’s the anxiety that is is a it’s a huge issue for me but um i’ve been doing a lot with depression and hopelessness and things like that so i really didn’t have the energy to even document that yesterday but i am today i’m feeling slightly better i don’t know could be have to do with the

Weather it is a bit cloudy here today in california um it might not it might be you know vacation it might not i don’t know i’ll have to talk to my doctor about that but i will say that um today and yesterday i have had several panic attacks but they were significantly different in that they were minor meaning i don’t usually have a minor panic attacks usually

They are 20 to 30 minutes long and very if not longer and just very very hard very hard to go through but these were i guess manageable and shorter so the anxiety that i have felt um and this is only you know day six i guess has been either non-existent or just somewhat manageable and i think the i think the defining feeling even in these last six days um has

Just kind of been numbness not not necessarily being okay or happy or normal but just sort of an emotional numbness and um you know i can’t decide if that’s good or bad obviously a lot of people will say that they would they don’t want to feel normal or zombie-like and i wouldn’t describe it as a zombie-like but definitely a sort of numbness so i’ll be interested

To see after week one uh i’ll keep documenting you know if anything interesting happens um i’ll record it but i’ll be interested to see when that initial hard week or two begins that i’ve mostly read online usually some people it’s week two week three some people it’s week one that it’s just um all of a sudden very hard and intense side effects some people don’t

Experience them at all so we’ll see what ends up happening in my case but yeah seven days tomorrow and then i’ll keep recording for week two week three so on and so forth really until i i guess i could notice a change so all right so it’s officially been uh one week on lexapro and um i am up to five milligrams uh now and um you know i’m pretty much the same that

I have been the last two days um again day day five and six were were significantly difficult emotionally um i know i i that might be due to some triggering um things that i went through like there were there were a couple of instances both those days that are very likely to have just triggered that those panic attacks and those bouts of depression and i think

That with the combination of the weather you know here in california it’s going to be a colder week and it was just warming up again so i know that i tend to do better during the warmer months of the year um and today was uh slightly better than the last two days but still um still struggling a bit to to hang in there and i do want to note that i was feeling a

Little drowsy like i had a couple dips of drowsiness throughout the day and i’m now taking my my doses same time every day 10 a.m i’ve been doing that for three days now but i felt a little about this dip of drowsiness around eight in the morning during work and then again around noonish one o’clock just it’s really low kind of wanted to have coffee but didn’t

Really feel motivated to and so now i’m heading this video to upload uh tonight for the you know for whoever to see um but yeah thank you guys for watching this video um if you found it interesting please feel free to like it let me know that way i know you know maybe keep filming or keep uploading um all your comments are welcome just you know keep it appropriate

Um and um i’m trying to do my best to you know to upload what i like and what i think would be useful so thanks for watching guys feel free to subscribe if you want and i’ll see you next time

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My First Week on Lexapro (Escitalopram) By SoCal Explorer