March 24, 2023

How i’ve felt taking Zoloft & any side effects i’ve come across. It’s been an interesting journey so far, with some ups and some downs.

Hey guys today i’m gonna be talking about my first week taking sertraline and zoloft i was originally recommended soloff by my doctor about a month and a half ago i was going through a difficult time after a period have been quite isolated and also a breakup which was unexpected on my part at least and yeah it hit me hard and i was stuck was suffering a lot with

Anxiety and yeah i’ll probably go more into the story in another video but i resisted taking their zoloft for for some time for a bit over a month i was just really trying to figure out on my own how to deal with the anxiety without the help of medication but over time it just saw just thought i’d start to think well if it helps me for that for the time being you

Know i’m not gonna feel this way forever and you know i’m not gonna need it forever but if it can temporarily help me then you know then that’s great yeah so i stopped i took it last week for the first date the first day it was interesting my pupils went like massive and stayed that way actually for about maybe three or four days and the first day i was i was maybe

A not quite manic but maybe near it i was sort of like on a high like buzzing around the house which which was interesting and yeah it was fine the second day i noticed i was i started becoming aware of being more spaced out i wasn’t buzzing around the house anymore i just felt like pretty spaced out and it it wasn’t helped by the fact that it caused insomnia

As well i was only sleeping maybe four to five hours the first maybe two or three nights i’m back to seven or eight hours now each night which is much better and it’s really helped me as well as that it’s what some other symptoms i’ve had yeah blurry vision yeah i remember to switch netflix on the first day and i was like can’t see but yeah i should have sworn

But that’s all right yeah i just couldn’t see i thought what’s going on i was like blinking loads and eventually it became a bit clearer i still have that somewhat it’s about a week in oh yes today’s day seven but it’s improved it’s improved a lot they’re spaced out feeling still here but it’s not as prominent as it was and i think it’s most likely always gonna

Be there to it to an effect because i see this drug is like a bit of a numbing agent in a sense just consult of numb things down a level in my experience that’s that’s how it’s been yeah i’ve noticed with the anxiety i was i guess i did have some depression but anxiety was the main thing i was struggling with and yeah i would be like just like in anxious anxious

States you know and then i’d be like crying at points yeah it was it was it was quite bad but i’ve noticed like it’s harder for me to cry now which is good well you know there’s nothing wrong with crying that’s all but yeah i guess you just don’t feel emotions to that exaggerated degree you know it’s just slightly toned-down you dim down the brightness of it and

Yeah i think that that’s been a good thing for me i have still had anxiety i think that you know like a few of the days you know life events still happen things still passed that make you feel anxious and yeah so i still have that so have still have had some even today even now making this video there’s such my first video so yeah i guess it’s understandable so

Yeah the anxiety still has remained but it’s not intense like it was it’s it’s much improved yeah what what are the other symptoms yeah i had no yeah it did have nausea 100% probably the first four days i’ve not noticed it so much in recent times i’m pretty sure it’s gone now so so that’s been a relief and one other side effect i know it was acne yeah i had a couple

Of spots just been treating them with my tea tree oil with my moisturizer that’s helped but not that’s not been a major issue it was something out what i’d worried about and one other thing which has not been so great is i think i’ve had like a slight i’m not sure i pronounced it might be spelt p ptosis where’s your eyelids are slightly droopy so yeah this one just

Droops a bit more as well as this one you know it’s not it’s not the end of the world and but so far i am pleased with how it’s going on zoloft but i’ve been taking them at the same time as sort of pushing myself to confront things and do things which were causing the anxiety or would have caused me anxiety just trying to push myself a bit more to not let the fear

Consume me but overall the first week has been good so so yeah i will keep you guys updated on on on how it all goes yeah almost i’ll you have another another weekly update or you know in a few days and yeah thank you for watching hit the like and subscribe if you can and yeah thanks for stopping by ok peace

Transcribed from video
My first week taking Zoloft (Sertraline) By Feeling Is Healing