January 26, 2023

My experiences with the drug Gabapentin after taking it for close to 2 years. I take it mainly for ME/CFS pain, but it is also given off label for anxiety.

Hey guys so i wanted to make this video um since i’m just here making videos anyway about gabapentin specifically um and my experience with gabapentin so keep in mind of course i am not a doctor i am a person a lay person who is using this drug and i’ll tell you a little bit about my experience with taking it um so some people may know that gabapentin is used off

Label for anxiety and and the first time i ever took gabapentin i think i was prescribed it actually for anxiety this is like forever ago years and years and years a decade ago by a psychiatrist um and at that time when i took it it didn’t do anything for me for anxiety or anything like that so i only took it for a short while and then i stopped so that was my

First experience with gabapentin well gabapentin actually i think was created for pain for nerve pain and so it’s really a pain drug and i was prescribed it again a few years ago by a doctor for that reason for a pain that i was experiencing physical pain and so i started taking it and it worked for me so i’ve continued taking it so i’ve been taking gabapentin

For at least a year and a half probably close to two years now daily um i think it’s a good drug personally because of what i use it for now if i used it for anxiety i would say no it it to me does not feel like it does anything for anxiety um i’ve had other people tell me the opposite though i’ve had other people say to me that it worked for them so you never

Know it does work for my pain specifically i have muscle and joint pain that’s really like a truck hit me it’s that kind of pain where you can’t hardly move your arms and legs and so when i take gabapentin it it almost like loosens up my muscles so i would describe it and so i’m able to get around and i’m able to move without pain or without being kind of like

Incapacitated so one weird thing i would say about gabapentin is that for me when i first took it it made me high i got like way high like whoa up here for like three days and uh i didn’t realize it was the drugs i just thought whoa i’m like super manic right now um but then it wore off and i was like oh okay now i see what’s happening um gabapentin it has

Like a warning for people who have had addiction issues in the past that if you take gabapentin and you’ve had an addiction issue it can trigger that um like a relapse because of the way that it works in the brain and so that’s really kind of interesting and a good tidbit to know if you struggle with addiction issues you may not want to take gabapentin because you

May have more of a likelihood of becoming addicted to it it may affect you in a different way that it affects the majority so i think i am that kind of minority person because i do sometimes feel a bit high from taking it and it’s not the high like the really giddy like like i mentioned before it’s more of like your your head feels kind of loopy and you kind of

Feel a little foggy and a little slow and a little bit like uh dazed kind of so if i take a little bit too much of it i can get that feeling and uh another thing about it is that it’s sort of like alcohol in the sense that you develop a tolerance to it so i started out i think i was at really low dose at first like 100 milligrams i think is what it is i got it

Right here how much is this it’s milligrams okay so i started off at 100 milligrams and then eventually that went up to 300 and then to 600 so i take here’s the pills this is an enormous pill bottle by the way my daughter was like that’s the biggest pill bottle i’ve ever seen so this is like half of a prescription that i have for like a three month period um but

There are little capsules like this this is what they look like i don’t want to spill everything that’s what it looks like there you go it’s just a capsule like that the ones that i take anyways this is a 300 milligram so i can take one or two of those in the morning usually two and then if i need them in the evening i could take one or two again so it’s kind of

Like prn you know like as needed um i vary it a little bit from day to day depending on my pain uh so overall i would say i think gabapentin is a good drug i think it works for my type of pain um if you wanted to take it for mental health reasons i hit or miss maybe um it’s probably worth trying but i don’t know if it’s maybe strong enough for anxiety because

Also what i’m thinking of is like i’m used to like benzo type drugs for anxiety like ativan or xanax and those ones really like they they hit you and they bring you down and they make you like very kind of tired and kind of lethargic and like you know very dazed so like gabapentin can do that a little bit but it’s way way milder and it’s not like the same type

Of feeling that you would get um but it it’s similar at a high enough dose so that’s my thoughts on it that’s my opinions you know people want to know how it affects you that’s how it affects me that’s what i use it for and i will continue to use it on a daily basis because it helps me with my pain and that’s all i got to say for now about gabapentin

Transcribed from video
My Gabapentin/Neurontin Experience/Review After Nearly 2 Years By NicoleForReal