June 4, 2023

In today’s video I’ll be showing you my hair loss routine and how I stopped my hair loss (after 12 years of hair loss).

Today’s video i’m going to be giving you a   hair loss routine and also mention why it’s   for those of you that i knew i had a massive  hair shed in june of 2020 so i went to a new   old one to get some new medication and see   i went to go see my dermatologist for a six   since june of 2020. i won’t go into too

Much   basically back in april of 2020 i had dengue fever   so to speed up the process i got  and then because i had started the topical  minoxidil it made my hair shed very intensely   so because of this massive hair shed and because  i wasn’t happy with my old dermatologist i’ve been   seeing a new dermatologist is the

Dermatologist  that i’m with now as of june 2020 and here she   diagnosed me with female pattern hair loss and  acute telogen effluvium from the dengue fever.   i were to straighten my hair it would look   video it actually just looks very sharp but   first off i’ve tried all the natural remedies such  as oil essential

Oils not straghtening my hair but   if you’re having problems with the hair follicle  itself then these things aren’t really going to   straightening your hair is not good for your   hair but that’s only going to cause your hair to  dry out and snap it’s not going to cause massive   amounts of shedding if you are shedding

Hair from  the follicle then you need to treat the hair loss   follicle itself first off i have a lot going on   with my hair and hair loss so you’re just going  to have to bear with me here so that you kind   of understand all the different issues going on i  want to stress that hair loss is very specific to   you

And what’s working for me isn’t necessarily  going to work for you everybody is different   everybody’s hair loss is different i’m just hoping  this can encourage you to maybe seek help if   you’re not happy with the solutions that are being  brought about for your hair loss so first of all i   take iron i have a blood condition

That leaves  me with moderately severe anemia so because my   causing my hair loss since i was 14 years old.   at the age of 19 i asked my doctor or could it be  my anemia this medical condition that’s making my   hair fall out and my doctor just brushed it off  they made me feel really stupid for asking and   they also

Didn’t even want to test my blood even  though it was part of my yearly checkup because   to be the same it doesn’t matter like you don’t   need to waste our time testing your blood and  yeah that made me feel really crap and really   effluvium from when i was 14 was because of   very low iron and once i got my iron up my

Hair  actually stopped falling out last year my advice   to you if you’re experiencing hair loss don’t  be afraid to get a second third fourth opinion   if your gut is telling you something is wrong and  doctors are kind of brushing you off and you feel   like the doctor is not taking you seriously then  you definitely need

To go and get another opinion,   just remember that these doctors they only see you  for a few minutes at a time whereas you live with   your hair on a daily basis you know what’s going  on you know how the hair fall feels you know your   hair and your body better than anyone else so if  you feel like what they are telling you

Is wrong   go get a new opinion. the first dermatologist i  was at in thailand it just brushed me off all the   time sold me snake oil products for lots of money  and eventually i just kind of felt this is wrong   they’re not showing me any scientific literature   so i left and now i’m at my new dermatologist  who is

Very good in june of 2020 i was prescribed   oral minoxidil, spironolactone, and zinc. i’m  not sure what the zinc dosage is but i assume   it’s a standard kind of recommended daily intake  of zinc and i’ve been taking these three tablets   along with my iron every day since june of 2020  and yet my hair has been growing back

The hair   shedding has stopped from the dengue fever and my  hairline seems to have gotten a lot better than it   was pre-dengue fever i’ve tried topical minoxidil  in the past but because i have dermatitis on my   scalp it didn’t really work well with my scalp  alcohol caused a lot of itching and flaring up and  

Flaking and it was pretty unbearable applying it  all the time so i did switch to a foam minoxidil   which was much better but i just prefer taking  on minoxidil you just put it in your mouth and   sure maybe eventually in the future i will   have to stop taking oral minoxidil because i’m  not sure if there are studies on

The long-term   effects of ingesting minoxidil orally. minoxidil,  spironolactone, and zinc are gonna be your friends   if you are experiencing genetic hair loss please  speak to your doctor about taking these even   if you are not facing hormone problems you can  still take spironolactone i had my hormones tested  

And everything was fine so originally i thought i  couldn’t take spironolactone and it was something   that i couldn’t use for hair loss but actually yes  you can again ask your doctor about it now as of   february 2021 i don’t need to take spironolactone  anymore my doctor cut it out because my hair is   growing very fine and

I’ll still be taking oral  minoxidil as well as zinc tablets and i will still   continue to take iron i’ve also been prescribed  a topical kind of solution for my scalp because   minute which has been causing my hair to fall   out a little bit because my scalp is inflamed  so i will be using that until the dermatitis  

Nizoral shampoo every time i wash my hair i   put it on for 5-10 minutes and really kind of  scrub my scalp to make sure it gets in there   probably for as long as possible because i always   have issues with dermatitis there you have it i  just want to know there could be many reasons for   your hair falling out it could be

Genetic and you  could have a female pattern hair loss apparently   a lot of women do suffer with female pattern hair  loss they just haven’t had it diagnosed so if you   have hair loss in the family you could potentially  have female pattern hair loss have hair loss on my   dad’s side of the family so that’s probably where 

I inherited it from your hair loss can be linked   to having low iron again this is what caused me to  have chronic intelligent effluvium for a very long   time my ferritin was at 45 and then when i got it  over 70 that’s when my hair stopped falling out   everyone says that 70 is the magic number i’m not  sure i haven’t really

Read much literature on it   it was falling out and 70 was when it stopped   falling out you can be experiencing hair loss  because of having a fever as well so obviously   i had dengue fever in april which caused my hair  to fall out massively so if you’ve had illness   or a fever would be why your hair is falling out 

You could have just acute telogen effluvium which   is only temporary and your hair will eventually  stop falling out and also if you have dermatitis   on your scalp this could also be causing your hair  to fall out so again buy some nizoral go to see a   dermatologist and get something prescribed to you  to help calm dermatitis down

Because at the minute   my hair even though i’m on these medications my  scalp is very sensitive to hair loss so now that   my scalp is inflamed i’m starting to lose my hair  just a little bit nothing too crazy like before   just little bits here and there that are more  noticeable than usual so hopefully once my scalp  

Comes down the hair will start falling out if you  are suffering with hair loss i really hope that   you can find a good doctor who listens to you and  actually takes the time to explain things to you   and show you the literature on hair loss and let  you know why they are prescribing you something   if you don’t like your current

Doctor go and find  someone else if your doctor is prescribing you   snake oil products then just leave go and find  a new doctor thank you for watching my video   if you found this video useful please give it a  like and leave me a comment below in the comment   section on some other hair loss related videos  that you would

Like to see i feel like i have   a lot to talk about when it comes to hair loss  and my hair loss journey as i’ve been suffering   you’re enjoying the content don’t forget to   subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss out on  anything else and i’ll see you in the next one

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My Hair Loss Routine | Do Minoxidil and Spironolactone Work? | Female Hair Loss By Jengira Begue