January 26, 2023

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Hey you guys what is up welcome back to my channel my name is jessica aka sup gorgeous if you’re new to my channel welcome and if you’ve been here before and you’ve seen one of my videos welcome back sis today i am coming to you guys with no makeup absolutely nothing on my face clear nothing no tinted moisturizer no foundation cysts no anything no nothing on my

Skin i’m coming to you like this because today we’re talking about skin care today we are talking about hormonal acne yup that’s right hormonal acne the worst no i’m just kidding it’s not the worst thing but girl it is a mood killer okay period like you could really be like you could really feel really pretty and then one day wake up and have hormonal acne and

It’s like and i’m not saying that you shouldn’t be pretty that you should not feel pretty with hormonal acne because you should really be feeling yourself you know what i’m saying like you should really feel yourself no matter what type of state your skin is in but but will it knock you down a little bit will it try to take you off course yes and it did it to me

So this video is here for anyone that has experienced hormonal acne before or is currently going through it or is just seeing a lot of breakouts i’m here to talk to you today about my journey with hormonal acne one month in to me taking spiral naloxone and other prescribed topicals so if you’re interested in seeing how i went from this to this then just keep

On watching so before i start talking a little bit about um what i’m taking so far and what this past month has been for me i think it really makes sense to just quickly go through the backstory of my skin my skin type and how i realized that i was going through hormonal acne and what it looked like etc for the most part my skin all up until this year until

About september my skin has been pretty clear i have normal to oily skin or what you may refer to as combination skin so in the summer months or in hot weather my skin gets very oily but in the winter months or when i’m when i’m in a cold climate my face can get very dry but for the most part i’d say my entire life my skin has leaned more towards the oily side

I really didn’t start experiencing dry skin until i got older and of course was doing the wrong things to my skin and it was drying it out so that is a little bit of back context on how my skin was and kind of what it’s getting back to you today so in terms of a skincare routine i never really had a skincare routine that was like super fancy or anything like

That to this day i still feel like i have a pretty simplistic skincare routine although it’s starting to get up there i was that type of person that had oily skin that would try to dry out their skin so it really was not until this year that i started using moisturizer very consistently and now i’m to the point where i use it every single morning and every single

Night but i say all that to say i was not somebody that had a very in-depth skincare routine at all back in september i started to get these cystic bumps like all over my um cheeks and that’s sort of my mustache area so i would get like really big cysts right here um right here and then i would get like tiny bumps cystic bumps like all across my mustache area

Sometimes they would pop up on my nose but the first time i kind of knew that these were this was different was one i seriously would wash my face in the morning and then an hour later i would have three new pimples or the thing about this acne was that it was very painful like it would hurt honestly on my face like i could feel them hurting and so that was

My first sign that i was like what is going on but i kind of chalked it up to just having a bad diet maybe i was just eating a little bit too much during quarantine um i was just drinking a lot of soda i was like maybe this is just my body playing ketchup with the diet that i had but that’s when i was like okay no more eating bad no more soda i’m gonna begin

Eating clean and drinking a lot more water i started doing that and from september to october nothing really happened in fact my birthday is in october and this is a couple days before my birthday and this is honestly what my skin looked like at its worst at its peak i was still getting pimples every day all day like it didn’t matter what i was doing i would

Wake up in the morning with pimples that had heal overnight but then a whole brand new batch were like clustered together over here and so it was extremely frustrating and i felt very insecure and again like i said it was very painful it’s not like these were just bumps on my face like they were painful bumps that hurt another thing that i thought it could have

Been was my mask of course we’re in a pandemic right now you have to wear your mask everywhere you go and so i thought that maybe i was suffering from mask knee to this day um i’m really still not confident in that theory only because this started happening in september and i had been wearing my mask every day up until that point in march and nothing had happened

Like this before so do i think that maybe the mask can cause breakouts yes do i think that that was the biggest contributor to my skin no in fact i think it was probably like one of the last variables that was causing my skin to break out but i do not think that it was the biggest variable finally after about a month of me trying to eat healthier drink more

Water wear less makeup wear my mask less frequently i was still experiencing these really bad breakouts i had never been to a dermatologist and never been to an esthetician at this point i was still just washing my face and going going about my day or washing my face and going to sleep i was not moisturizing at all finally i decided to make an appointment with a

Dermatologist in my city and i want to just pause for the cause right quick it is a privilege to be able to just go to a dermatologist and you know get prescribed something go pick it up and you know pay whatever copay it is or pay the money that it may be so when i say that i went to a dermatologist i say that with the utmost grace that i understand not everyone

Has access to a dermatologist let alone insurance and so if you are someone that has thought about going to a dermatologist i feel you i feel you and i don’t mean this to be one of those people that is insensitive to access because again it is a privilege that i was able to book an appointment with a dermatologist not even think twice about it and be on my merry

Way so my graces to those that may not have that type of access back to me going to a dermatologist i made my appointment and when we did it it was virtual because of the pandemic but um she started off by just asking me a few questions she asked me what my diet was like she asked me if i was drinking what kind of what how much water i was drinking during the

Day and then she also asked me um if i was experiencing any stress that was the second kind of pain in my ear that this might be caused to stress caused by stress another big indicator that she gave me that i was going through hormonal acne was a type of acne it was cystic acne and like i kind of shared i was only experiencing it right here where essentially a

Man would grow a beard like i literally was growing it i mean the acne was happening where a man would get facial hair and obviously i can’t grow a beard so um that was another big indication to her that this was a hormonal thing and no matter what type of skin care i was using or products i was using it would have to be resolved from the inside out all that

Being said her conclusion was that i was going through hormonal acne and she prescribed to me three different things the first thing she prescribed to me was spironolactone at 50 milligrams per day and spiral lactone basically the main use for this is for people that have high cholesterol but it can also serve as a remedy for hormonal acne or acne this helps to

For some people that go through this on the acne side they have an over production of estrogen i think that’s the hormone it’s called so as i was recording this i realized that it is not called estrogen it’s called androgen yeah but they have an overproduction of it and that’s why you notice it on areas as a woman where a man would grow a beard and your body is

Just over producing this hormone and so what the spiral and nalactone does is block the over block the production of that and then she prescribed to me tretinoin cream at 0.025 percent and then she also prescribed to me clinton clinton clinton you had you you what you could you do she also prescribed to me a clinic dyson benzoyl gel i probably didn’t say that

Correctly sorry my first reaction was just like an oral treatment like i did not want to take anything orally i did not want to take any type of medication because i really felt like once you’re on it and if you stop taking it who knows what’s going to happen to your skin and so i just really didn’t want to take any type of medication she was telling me about the

Side effects and was like oh but this only happens to one percent of people and i’m like girl what if i’m the one percent okay now that you guys know a little bit of backstory on my skin type and what my skin was like before this what my experience was like when i was beginning to see the hormonal acne and finally going to the dermatologist and now i’m going to

Talk a little bit about what it’s been like this past month using these products and how i use them and how they were prescribed for me so the first thing like i said she prescribed to me was spiral naloxone and i take this at 50 milligrams fun fact you can be prescribed at a higher dosage depending on your acne but this is what my dermatologist said that would be

Good for me i take this every night with food on the instructions it tells you that you can take it with or without food but i take mine with food at night the biggest thing to make sure you don’t do if you do decide to take it at night is to not take it too close to bed as spiraling naloxone is a diuretic so you want to make sure that you’re drinking plenty and

Plenty of water but with that it is going to make you go to the bathroom more potentially so that’s how i take my spiral in the lactone when it comes to the clindamen benzoyl peroxide gel i use this i was prescribed to use this every single day in the morning so i use it every morning after i wash my face and what this does if i remember correctly is help to begin

Fading your dark spots which it has definitely helped um fade some of my dark spots so we’re going good here and then the last thing that i was prescribed was the trent annoying cream and if you know anything about tretinoin cream it is very very strong so you have to be prescribed this you can purchase it online but if you’re buying it online just be very very

Careful because you don’t know the types of side effects i can come cause on your skin and the fact that it’s normally prescribed is you know a key indicator that a professional is telling you to use this so you don’t want to just slap it all over your face and you don’t know what it’s going to do so all that being said i use this every other night and i mix it

With my moisturizer um and yeah i know too people may be a little bit um curious on if i experience any side effects with spiral nalactone as it is a diuretic one thing that people one of the side effects is that you begin to use the restroom more i have not seen that at all like i said i take mine at night and i have not really seen any uptake and frequency of

Me using the bathroom or using the bathroom in the middle of the night i think it really depends on my experience on how much water you’re drinking during the day but in general it’s kind of hard to tell because if you start drinking a lot of water during the day of course you’re going to be using the bathroom more i don’t really think that i began experiencing

A whole lot of side effects from any of these products another thing i want to add about spiraling the lactone outside of it being a diuretic and me not seeing any side effects is that it normally takes about up to three months for you to really begin to see it work i will say that when i began taking it i had these tiny cystic bums on like my chin area you

Could not see them but i could feel them and i knew that they were there the next night after i took this for the first time they were gone so it’s not to say that i have not gotten any pimples since taking spiral naloxone however in this first month i’ve noticed that i have not had any cystic bumps pop up um i did have a small bump that popped up in terms of

When i got my period but outside of that i have not gotten any big cystic acne bumps or anything like that on my face it’s just been tiny tiny bumps um in the very very first two to three weeks that i was really beginning to use this every day so that is the one month update on me using spiral and the lactone and these other topical treatments as shared spiral

And the lactone usually takes about three months for you to really really see the full effects so i’m going to be documenting this from month one like this video month two and then month three and hopefully by that point my skin will have been seen its worst days seen its darkest days and it will clear up but here is my skin today it is about three o’clock and

I put on i did all my um i did my morning routine with my skin and it has come a long way well that is it for this video i hope that this was super informative for anyone that is going through hormonal acne or maybe has been prescribed some of this medication and is weary of taking it or maybe you try to perform the past and you’re maybe thinking about giving it

Another go um more than anything i just hope that this was helpful and i will see you guys in my next one

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My Hormonal Acne Journey | Spironolactone (1 Month Update) | Side Effects & Routine By Jessica