January 27, 2023

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Hello everybody my name is kendra the introvert and you have probably never been to my channel because the topic of this video is not what i usually post i want to apologize for the background because i live very close to a street there’s traffic coming to and from and there is nothing i can do about it but i wanted to go ahead and get this video out and no

Excuses so i’m sorry today i will be speaking about my hormonal acne story that lasted almost two years yes almost two years and if you are watching this video you probably are going through the same thing right now this video is also a long time coming i have several pages that i have prepared when i say hormona acne story i wrote this down like a story

Okay because i want to help somebody now what you probably see on the screen is pictures of my skin before i started struggling with hormonal acne so enjoy those because it’ll change quickly my hormonal acne started happening around may 2020 at the end of may 2020 this is also when covet 19 started being very serious when everybody started wearing masks when

Quarantine happened so all of that was brewing at the same time also around the end of may i started using the flow app to log my pms and my periods because i was having very prolonged pms when i say prolonged i do not mean a week it felt like there was one week out of the month where i felt normal when i say horrible and prolonged pms i mean just fatigued all

The time extremely hungry my stomach felt like a bottomless pit achy arms achy limbs low heaviness in my legs and my pelvic area just felt like my legs had weights on them it felt like i was walking around with weights on my legs my ovary area i had cramps in those areas i was bloated my mood was also terribly affected i was it was summertime so may june

July i was going to the store with hoodies on i didn’t want to be seen i didn’t want to be talked to i just felt down like my mood was low i didn’t want to interact with people i didn’t want to talk to people i was very withdrawn very to myself and i’m already an introvert so times 10 i did not want to be seen i didn’t want to be talked to and also just didn’t

Want my body to be seen i felt like i had no personality at all so before i started struggling with hormonal acne i would have bumps here and there you know puberty all of that but my bumps never left a mark never left any hyperpigmentation so what made me notice that something was off was when i would get these bumps they would last for a really long time and

I’m pointing right here because that’s where it would form like right here jawline or right in the middle of my cheek and they would last for a long time they didn’t have a head on them it’s it was under the skin it was swollen it was painful this was when i started taking pictures because me i’m naturally a person who likes to research things i like to know why

This is happening what is making this happen i like to research i like to know the facts i need to know what’s going on so i definitely started taking pictures and started researching right away so in june i noticed that in that same spot when a bunk would leave it would leave the dark spot and then another bump would form right in that same area then it would

Leave and another bump would form right in that same area it did not give that hyper pigmentation time to heal at all and i was getting very very very frustrated i thought this was bad i did not know what was about to happen in the future so i went through that through july and at the end of july things took a change so instead of the big full assisted bumps

You know in the same area i started forming these very very very tiny and you will see pictures for all of this these very tiny bumps all around my mouth from here where you see my hand and below all on the jawline all around my mouth and it was so many of them and they were very very tiny and they had little white heads they were painful and sometimes they’re

Very itchy and that really started to impact my self-esteem i felt like people were looking at me i didn’t want to be seen i felt like people were going to look at me and think something was wrong with me think i had a disease and it really started to impact my self-esteem i took pictures for myself so that i could document this but i did not post on social media

I didn’t want anybody to see me looking like that moving on to august so those tiny bumps lasted all the way through the end of july and moved through august and i have down on my paper august 13th because this is when i started noticing that those bumps were disappearing and they were scabbing over and you’ll be able to see the pictures on the screen but yes

They were scabbing over and what replaced those bumps were the larger more cystic acne and it was painful i didn’t even have to touch my face to feel it it’s like i could just feel the bumps on my face that’s how painful they were they looked inflamed they looked red what i noticed during this time late august early september i noticed that the rest of my

Face was clear my forehead was fine my cheeks were fine everything was fine it was literally just the lower half of my face so when you wear a mask like if i was to wear a mask for covet nobody would know i had acne my skin was so clear up top and that is what helped me figure out what i was dealing with i started doing my research on youtube i started

Researching online reading articles and everything was pointing towards the same thing hormonal acne because of the location of it so it is october late october early november 2020 and i was definitely trying to fix the hormonal acne with topical products with different face washes different lotions things like that i thought that that was going to help me clear

It and it only made it worse fast forward to december december 1st through the 31st i have down here on my notes that i was just really sad so my bumps you know they were consistent it was still the same as october and november but i was just really sad because i had never dealt with acne that long and it felt like it was just never going away if you are dealing

With hormonal acne you know how that feels it just feels like nothing works it feels like it’s never going to go away and you feel like why me what did i do and people who haven’t dealt with it do not understand how bad it can feel they don’t understand how deep that is it feels like nothing you can do is gonna fix it they will tell you okay just wash your face

More drink more water i had somebody um come up to me that i worked with and they pointed out my acne they pointed it out and said what are you using on your skin because i have something that i think will work on that but you know even though they were trying to help it still hurt my feelings that they were pointed out like that so it really confirmed what i was

Feeling it confirmed that okay people are looking at me people are looking at my acne and thinking something is wrong with me so that’s why i just felt really sad i feel defeated i also have down here for december that the mass mandate i had a love-hate relationship with it the love part was because like i said it covered up my acne so when i went out unless i

Showed somebody or unless i lifted my mask up to breathe or this or that nobody knew that i had acne because it was so clear up here so it was sort of like i was battling it in secret the reason i hated it is because i honestly do feel that the bacteria also the material from the mask definitely contributed to my acne being worse i feel like irritated it rubbed

Up against it made it itch and you just have something laying on your skin not letting it breathe all day moving on to january so didn’t find a solution in december in 2020 in general it was just me being sad and just trying to figure out what was going on with my body trying to figure out what was going on with me so moving on it’s january 2021 new year yay new

Year clear skin or so i thought so what was really bothering me in january 2021 is the dark spots and the scabbing and the lingering marks because the dark spots make it look so much worse even if your acne is a little calmer if it’s clearing a little bit the dark spots are still there so it makes your acne look worse than what it is i put january 112 2021 and

This was probably one of the worst hormonal episodes that i had with hormonal acne it was painful it itched that’s another thing mine itched so it also made me wonder was it what’s it called um it starts with the f fungal it made me wonder okay is this hormonal or is this fungal but because of the location and because of like my symptoms my prolonged pms all of

That i definitely knew that it was hormonal acne it was constant like with hormonal acne you don’t get a break if you don’t get a break out with hormonal acne it is constant you have bumps on bumps on bumps day one day we don’t like it is constant you do not get relief from the bumps that are on your face like you can’t even tell when those bumps go away and

You get a new batch like it’s just they just all work together just constantly just always there and i feel very very very very discouraged moving on to february this is february 3rd and this was another really really bad episode um the dark spots were bothering me and it was just painful i think that’s one of the worst parts it’s like you can just feel it

On your face it feels hot it’s like you can feel it right there in the crease of your cheeks you can feel it on your jawline and it hurts february 10th and this was a very important time in my journey because i started posting pictures and videos to my old instagram to show people what i was dealing with so i started opening up on social media where my friends

Were where my family was and i started opening up and showing them what i was dealing with and i had no solution at the time so i also want to note that i had already started doing things such as always changing my pillowcase to make sure i was sleeping on a clean pillowcase every night i was patting my face dry with paper towels so that the bacteria from the

Towel wouldn’t keep getting into my acne i was starting to take different vitamins and i wrote down a list here of things that i took and i tried out at that time i started taking them and you know they just didn’t work out for me and i i gave it a try like i gave it some duration i didn’t just take them for a week and like oh i’m not seeing any change no i took

These vitamins for a while and none of them worked for me but the thing about that the thing about hormonal acne they didn’t work for me but they worked wonders for somebody else you just never know it’s your body it’s your hormones it’s what you are lacking in your body and you have to figure out what that is so these things on this list i tried black cohash

I tried evening primrose i’m sure you’ve heard that one i tried vitamin a i tried vitamin c and i tried the flow vitamin gummies i tried the flow vitamin gummies none of this stuff worked for me and i tried it out for a while none of it worked but i was still on the hunt that was still on the hunt like it just made me want to go even more it made me want to go

Even harder it made me want to find a solution even more we are up to march 2021 and my life is about to change y’all my life is about to change

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My Hormonal Acne Story PART ONE | Adult Jawline and Chin Cystic Acne | My Journey + Pictures By Kendra The Introvert