December 9, 2022


Oh my god i look so tired anyways hey guys thank you so much for clicking on this video if you’re new subscribe wherever the subscribe button and i’m apologizing that you have to even look at this my face i’m gonna be doing my five week update of being on my hypothyroidism medication it’s evil knocks something linda want something i’ll put the name somewhere right

She’ll put it on this medication for five weeks now i first started in october 19 and i take it every day every morning before breakfast with a lot of water on an empty stomach not allowed to eat certain things being on this medication and of course you need like an overall lifestyle change well now that i’m able to have a medication that will normalize or level

Out my tsh levels i’m able to focus and truly lose the weight that i need to lose because in the past i’ve eaten really clean but it was never like consistent because my mind just was not there i don’t know what it was but i knew what i needed to do and i tell us today i know what i need to do to lose weight which is my mind couldn’t stay focused before i even found

Out that i had hypothyroidism i really didn’t feel like myself i felt like i just was going through some shit that i wasn’t sure what the hell i was going through and until i finally got diagnosed with hypothyroidism i talked a lot about how i discovered and how i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism so go ahead and check that video out yeah being on the medication

Really helped me focus and get my mind right back to where my mind used to be and i was able to lose almost since then okay i started my up with thyroid ism on the 19th of october first week i believe i lost 3 pounds and then i lost to maybe about 2 pounds after that and then recently i lost 7 pounds in a really healthy not a healthy way but like i’ve been a good

Amount of weight since i’ve been on my medication so i recently lost seven pounds and then this previous week i just lost two pounds i’ve been losing weight and not just being on the medication because the medication doesn’t help you lose weight but it does reverse the side effects of hypothyroidism and basically it’s very confusing if you don’t even know how but

There it is a moment god please do your research because i’m like not the best at explaining and i talked a lot about what what it was to me for my knowledge in my previous help with our readers and videos i do have a whole playlist on my channel so if you’re interested in seeing like my past updates go ahead and watch those videos it’s a whole thing so basically

When your thyroid glands are under working you have hypothyroidism and when it’s over working you get hyperthyroidism it’s the whole thing basically yeah i’ve been on my medication for five weeks now and i feel like it’s still doing me good but i do want to get my tsh levels checked just because i want to know what my levels are hot i am berk like recommended to you

Know get updated and get an entire like new tsh level blood test done in six months so like december january march april of 2019 but i kind of don’t want to wait at the same time i think i should because it takes time for the medication to like get your thyroid working the way it it normally should work i think a lot of it was triggered with stress because it’s time

That i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism i was going through it sometime i’m not gonna like just having hypothyroidism not knowing about it suffering with that itself and then life stressors and like finding yourself bettering yourself and like trying to lose weight other personal things that were going on at that time so i feel like a lot of it was triggered from

Stress because my stress levels was not in a healthy range i think that’s what effed me up and then it led to hypothyroidism and i don’t know because there’s i don’t know if i would say that because hypothyroidism can be it can happen to anyone it doesn’t matter if you’re like the healthiest person whose planet you can hyperthyroidism issues there’s like different

Causes for like autoimmune disease and stuff like that and like stress triggering hormones and just you know everything gets just insane and then your body just kind of like absa on the medication though i am using my second bottle now so like my second refill already high like my first meds and then it’s like my second bottle man same thing 50 mcg leno whatever

The name was i’ve been on it for five weeks now i feel good i feel like a lot of my fatigued went away a lot of like my brain for it’s went away even though i mess up on my words it’s i think it’s just me thinking too fast and like i’m thinking more than my mouth can speak how i f up on my words it’s how i stutter and say some crazy stuff and i don’t make sense

All the time it’s gotten a lot better so i feel that and i noticed that and then my sleep i’m able to sleep better i don’t have crazy insomnia like i used to fate lost i’ve been able to lose weight because even though i was being healthy a lot of people think oh you just need to eat healthy for your hyper to not to prevent hypothyroidism or to like get off to

The medication and to an extent that’s true but it’s not always a diet that triggers a hypothyroidism issue has definitely helped me lose weight easier it was hard like i was eating healthy i was doing everything and i was like oh my god i’m not losing weight what the help gaining weight if anything so that really effed me up um i was wondering what the hell am i

Doing wrong i was eating healthy like i said i’ve been eating really healthy before but not like consistently but i would feel like i was gaining weight instead of losing weight and i think a lot of it had to do with my stress excessive stress for some people stress can make you lose weight but for me i guess it makes me gain weight just the way my body works but

The medication overall has been great i feel like a lot of my fatigue it’s gone i’m able to sleep a lot better i don’t feel like foggy brain i feel like my hair is growing a lot if it was like the fatigue and then i’m able to lose weight so i’ve been losing weight so that’s the good side of the medication everything is okay okay i think i really need to just watch

Obviously continue eating healthy and beyond that a different lifestyle far as like my levels go i do want to get checked out my tsh level checked out very soon just to see where i’m at it’s only been five months i mean five months five weeks so maybe a month or so i want to get my tsh level checks i just want to see where i’m at because the level that i was at

Bill is considered hypothyroidism very under active and i think a lot of it was what i was going through at that time and i feel like i’m at a much better place and i just want to see where i’m at with my levels with that so i want to get checked out and see where i’m at as far as like my you know like healthy levels of thyroid functioning yeah i’m doing good so

Far i will teach you guys if i do do it early tsh level check i was logged everything about that and share with you guys my results and stuff i am gonna get back another set of blood tests this wednesday when i get my eyes checked up which is how i even found out i had hypothyroidism is i thought i had a pink eye but it’s something went wrong with like my left

Eye and it was like rad i thought it was pinkeye winning my bloodwork done found out that i woke up with irate is i’m on top of other things and a lot of it was like stress triggered and it was well i you know i have to work at it every single day with my stress levels and my worrying my stress and all that needs to be lowered obviously so that’s something that i

Have to keep under control and constantly work out which i’m not complaining i’m blessed but like it’s you know it’s a thing especially when you’re like going through things in life it’s really hard to like not stress out and not overwhelm myself and not feel worried and anxiousness but that’s been definitely my my struggle right now is trying to like maintain my

Peace keep my stress levels under control and keep my anxiety and worries and anxiousness under control i can definitely mess up with my medication and stuff so yeah that’s basically it that was my update i am doing okay i will probably do my weekly updates will see just here and there i guess and if i feel different or i experience different things and i’ll blog

It and talk to guys about it but other than that my five-week check-in is okay i can’t wait for my appointment though like i can’t wait to see my levels in a few months of nano and obviously it’s a lifestyle change on top of being on my medication and on top of like maintaining my hormones and like my emotions and stuff and my my brains state for my five week update

I apologize you guys if you guys have to like look at me like this let’s shower condition my hair it looks a bit oily but anyways you guys enjoy if you guys have hypothyroidism let me know your story down below in the comments i would love to get to know you guys and see your eyes point of view and like your rides a story i would love to learn and i’m guys in my next video bye guys

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