January 27, 2023

I was trying to avoid a hysterectomy . My story is one for the books. Heavy periods, anemia and an enlarges belly were my symptoms. Please ladies get yourself checked.

Is hey y’all probably haven’t seen my face in a little bit um but y’all know i’ve told y’all about me and pmdd and right now it’s that it’s it’s that week um seven days out from a cycle so i’ve just been in a rut but i came to talk to you guys i have to get another surgery you guys are well unaware of that i had to get another surgery because of the um silicone

Removal last time when i was in columbia i did have a little bit of complications with the silicone removal not with the surgery itself but afterwards because i deal with um heavy periods because of the fibroid um up here it came on two days after surgery and it was so heavy it was so you guys remember me crying to y’all the nurse had to change my path like it

Was just i was very embarrassed and it was it was bad um my nurse checked my blood pressure she said my blood pressure was very low so i was on like a real strict geek and iron regimen you know to get myself back up so it’s actually time for me to go back to columbia and get my second removal but the fibroid has grown so big it is taking up my entire uterus um

It’s almost 12 centimeters and i honestly believe it’s bigger because every i’ve had like several ultrasounds and every time they tell me that it’s bigger um and i just want it out so i’m getting a hysterectomy but they are keeping my ovaries so ah this video is just about endometrial biopsy because i’ve watched a lot of videos about this and women was saying

How that hurt and i was scared so i took 0.5 xanax the night before and i took one an hour before appointment now i only took 0.5 that’s like a half a milligram now i ain’t telling y’all to be you know if it’s strong and that’s not something you do then you take half of it and take half the next day but um i had a great experience it didn’t hurt at all like

When she said it was over i was like really like because what i was reading on the internet y’all had me scared as hell ms so i’m about to take a shower with this i took a shower with it last night as well it doesn’t really lather that much but it’s to clean the skin important hey guys meet the guy who’s beating me up before surgery get your ass off for real

For you is doing the most let’s go let’s go we late cause of you i need you to be i’ll be late because you you want coffee and all that stupid so yeah i’m headed out the door it’s about six 13-ish something like that why you wanna let me kiss you because you was being mean come on man you being me um it’s six you got your wallet so i’m heading in last night

Um i didn’t tell anybody but i was having a really really bad panic attack and um of course i’m a cannabis user so i knew i couldn’t do that um and i couldn’t take anything so all i could do was just some control breathing and go to sleep foreign okay when was the last time you had anything to eat or drink last night yesterday about i got home like maybe

Eight something good morning old she nervous i can see that foreign what’s your feeling why are you crying is this over i don’t know she told me to tell you that i wanted pictures just to remember that’s fine absolutely i’ll be like don’t forget those pictures that goes on you to keep you nice and warm on seriously come here i’m gonna call like 20 times so

My dear lady i’m gonna have to sign this one this is the sterilization for men which election thank you i just want to confirm with them yeah i know she’s b plus but we just want to make sure your blood type is b plus no no no let me check to make sure because i have left last week through the files foreign some compression devices on your legs okay my dear

Here’s your normal stuff this is just the i don’t care medicine it’s not gonna make you fall asleep just kind of like having a shot this is to prevent blood clots while you’re in the under anesthesia okay but this takes like 10 minutes to kick it see you later mama love you oh yeah give hugs and kisses hey everyone um it is now 705. i’m really just waking

Up anesthesia had me knocked out um my husband fix me some soup i just ate that and um not in a lot of pain uh i just took some ibuprofen because i don’t i don’t feel like i need the opioids i think ibuprofen is fine um the nurse kind of showed me a picture of the fibroid and it was big it looked like a baby uh i was kind of in and out of surgery i in

And out of sleep from the anesthesia but i do remember her telling you that they found additional fibroids as i assumed um tell me it was big i hit i hit it well but it was big so i’m so glad that that’s over um i was kind of sad even though i’m 43. but me and my husband doesn’t have any kids together he has to and i have to um and we have been trying for

Five years so before surgery i was a mess i literally cried um i think i cried until they knocked me out um but i’m okay and this is also my week for pmdd now the sad part is even though i no longer have a period i’ll still have to deal with pmdd because they kept my ovaries and it’s the ovaries that releases the hormone that causes pmdd so that’s not gonna

Go away um and i think i was emotional too because i hadn’t took taking my medicine i wasn’t sure that i could and the nurses was like why did you stop taking it which they told me the same thing in colombia but colombia uses a different type of anesthesia um the hospital is general like two down your throat um sleep like i don’t remember nothing i remember

Them i don’t even remember them uh taking me to the operating room they said that i would get on the bed myself and they just gave me something to relax me i think that’d be a lie because they just don’t want you to be afraid so i don’t remember my husband leaving i remember nothing um all i remember is telling him oh i can feel it now and the nurse gave me

Two warm blankets um but so far so good i do feel a little gas pain um so in the morning i’m going to get up and just um to walk outside not like down the street i’ll probably just walk like two houses and come back um just so i can release the gas pain um but i’m actually not in pain which i knew i would wouldn’t be i’m a soldier yeah i remember when i got

My silicone removed i was walking the next day so i didn’t expect to be like down but because i am a cannabis smoker they do have to give me a little bit of um they have to give me more anesthesia than a normal person would but the anesthesiologist was so cool like uh everybody was so nice um he was from colombia as well and i had stopped smoking and he told

Me he was like um i said i do smoke marijuana he was like oh that’s not a problem when you go on google they have all these uh don’t smoke cannabis if you’re getting anesthesia and all of that so i am good uh my voice is a little scratchy just because they do put a tube down your throat once you sleep so it’s a little irritated um my husband has like a little

Folding table next to my bed um he has been amazing they didn’t give me a belly binder uh which i thought i was gonna get um so i i did order one on amazon but because it’s seven o’clock at night um i can’t get it the next day so it’s gonna come saturday and that will help with the uh um that will help with the pain and you know help with the inflammation

So it’s not and when i cough you know there’s certainly pressure or anything like that but other than that i am um i’m okay i’m about to watch me some hulu because um bt plus got some good movies i’ve been watching and that is about it so i will update you guys tomorrow on um how i’m feeling and how everything is going they didn’t give me any antibiotics

Because they put a lot in my iv while they were before the surgery the first thing i did when i woke up i was like uh did they have the company and a lady was like no we didn’t have to put you so that was great so yeah i’m freezing i don’t know if that’s like a part of the surgery but my husband is always hot so he won’t he turned the ac down but i’m still cold

And he was like i’ll turn it down some more but i don’t want you know inconvenience him so i literally have on socks uh compression socks a long dress a sheet um comforter and the rope and i know this robe is not like aesthetically pleasing but i’ve literally had this robe since 2015 and it is my favorite robe my friends hate it i think i told y’all this

Before they said it’s childish and i need to get another one but i’m good

Transcribed from video
My Hysterectomy Story By Damasterstylist