June 1, 2023

Hi all, in Vlog 17 I talk about my experience with the anti-anxiety and anti depressant medication ‘Citalopram’. This is my first ever positive review of a medication woo!

I love old welcome to speak your mind of logs this vlog 17 citalopram so far so good i haven’t done a vlog in a few months so i’m feeling excited about this i’m in my bed my pajamas with my book it’s like i’m reading a bedtime story to you guys so what is citalopram since hella pram is an antidepressant it’s called an ssri which is a selective serotonin reuptake

Inhibitor serotonin is a chemical in the brain that we all have the influence it’s kind of good moods emotional balance being able to sleep stuff like that so an ssri essentially helps that the serotonin traveled to the nerve cells and hopefully increases our mood and helps us balance our emotions and things like that so what is it used for and how is it used

It’s mainly used to treat depression anxiety and less and anxiety attacks it is used for other things but i’m just gonna focus on the kind of mental house and yeah so you get it prescription tablets or you can get it in a liquid form when i was do my research i found that that you apparently like drop into water and drink but yet i have it in tablet form and like

Many other antidepressants it comes from 10 milligrams up to 40 milligrams i’ve was introduced to it on 20 milligrams and that’s what i’ve always been on but usually you get introduced on 10 milligrams and go up slowly and why found quite interesting was that okay let me just take a breath why do i not breathe what i found quite interesting with my research is that

Children over 12 can take it that’s kind of one of the things that made me have hope in it that if they can give it to children under 12 because the side effects are so minimal then hopefully it won’t turn me into a zombie or something like that the risk of the side effects are the same as all other antidepressants as we all know when you take out the little leaflet

When you first get your medication you know nausea vomiting dizziness sleeplessness increased panic increased anxiety increased depression for the first couple weeks there’s always that risk but those the risks are very low with citalopram for these side-effects more commonly reduced sex drive and ability to orgasm weight gain and initial kind of nausea for the

First couple of weeks so me when did i starts at her prom why did i start citalopram so if you are a regular vlog watcher of mine you will remember that i was in the ski resort maribelle i just come off paroxetine and which i’d been on for two years no sorry duloxetine i was really struggling without medication i’m in a really low place very weepy very sad found

It hard to find enjoyment in things yeah i definitely dipped into a bad depression so decides i wanted to go back on medication which is fine nothing to be ashamed of i’m a advocate for being proud of yourself to go in on medication so i was put on paroxetine which sent me crazy for first couple of weeks so i essentially wanted to come up with that but i knew the

Withdrawals could be really bad so i took a week off from my chalet hosting job went back to the uk to be with my family while i withdrew went to the doctors who said let’s try one citalopram i did my research this time which i beg you all to do just do your research ask friends and family if you feel brave enough do your research the research was really filled

With faith i yeah researched on the web and asked on my instagram as well my speak your mind instagram which is linked with it with these vlogs you know i said does anyone use sitaram would you recommend it please tell me your stories and i had such so many replies it was so good friends and family came forward and said yeah i use it it’s really widely used and a

Lot of people had good stories about it you know go to experiences where there were a couple of bad but that’s you’re never gonna get an antidepressant that’s works for everyone it’s just too good to be true so yeah you are meant to obviously with and not obviously might not know with antidepressants start feeling the effects after about four to six weeks it was

A horrible limbo for us kind of people we all have to be waiting in that it is the nature of the beast so yeah i started feeling the effects after about two weeks which was amazing because i was at about a really that place wait let me just breathe again yeah so i started feeling happier just started feeling more like myself was less weepy found enjoyment wanted

To go skiing again wanted to you know hang out with people again yeah from as little as two weeks it’s full effect took a you know good month or so i’m i did have a few sleepy days to begin with when i first started taking it but that could have been because of the position i was in and in you know and i wasn’t in a good place so it’s hard to tell if that was this

Is hell apparmor just me where am i now with citalopram not just with it i you know i’m in bed so i am very so happy to say that i am in one of the best places i’ve been in for about seven years which is just amazing to say i’ve been in the lowest place and and i’m so happy to say you can get out of it and i’ll go back and i’m sure well i’ve got you know solid about

You know seventy years to live i’m sure we’ll go back into it but i’m happy that i know i can go out of it again and i think that’s hugely iota citalopram if i’m honest i have changed my life in other ways you know exercise diet therapy just kind of being more positive doing these vlogs but i think citalopram has definitely helped me kind of be able to do this all

More clearly yeah i would highly recommend to tap ham to anyone can’t promise you it’ll work but you know whereas with paroxetine and duloxetine i would discourage anyone from using it so telepan i would encourage you to give it a go see how it works for you obviously there are side effects because it is what it is so i have when waned a lot of gait i’ve gained a

Lot of weight and i do fluctuate i’m a person that i thought my weight and constantly but this time it’s been quite uncontrollable and just kind of hasn’t stopped yet but that for me i’ve turned it around to see it positively that i’ve taken more time to look at my diet and my exercise because obviously those two things are you know necessary for a good mental and

Mental well-being so yeah i can’t you know it’s not easy for everyone when you’re in a bad place you can’t always be like proactive in every single part of your life but i thankfully i’m looking at it there yeah just trying to exercise more and more do more yoga and eat better to try and just not gain too much weight also my sex drive has gone down considerably

That which is the most common side effect of citalopram i mean that doesn’t as you can see him i’m extremely single so it’s not a huge issue but yeah the ability to orgasm and the sex drive have gone down to about zero which is a shame but it’s um it’s something that i’m quite willing to give up for good mental health but you know for some people that’s if you’re

In a relationship especially that can be a really difficult thing to deal with so just be aware of that one if you think him out going on citalopram and i yeah i can happily say that i will be able to terraform so teleprompter teleprompter happily not regretting that not upset about it yeah so i want to talk about quickly other people’s stories which if you again

If you watch my vlogs you know i like to always hear what you guys have to say share your ghost stories as well is more widely used than older antidepressants just because of the lesser side-effects the less risk of having any side effects and the severity of them when when i asked yet like i said so many of my friends and family used it so many of my followers on

Instagram message me about it and it seems that more often than not people have had really good experiences with it which is reassuring there’s i’d take people’s experiences over web research any day or what a doctor says definitely i was speaking to a friend about it and she was telling me she used to be off her pram came off of it and he’s now back on it she has

It had a good experience with it because the sentence she said that really stuck out to me was it made her feel more stable which i really related to it didn’t make me it hasn’t made me from now i’m i don’t feel like a zombie or i don’t feel really hyper manic which some pills do make me feel and yet it’s maybe from very stable so i completely agree with her i came

Across in women’s instagram today called joyous positive i highly recommend go and follow it posts are really uplifting and helpful and she’s i just really liked her insights and yeah i’m definitely gonna be an avid follower from now on so she put a post up about citalopram and she said she’s had quite a bad time with different ssris so the kind of medication it

Is for on and off so but she said with the taliban it lifted her out of the fog which i can completely relate to you that exact sentence like if you i think if you if you’ve been through that kind of fog i think that will relate to you and then also it’s a teleprompter get well address what was wrong and thrive not just survive hour by hour that sentence i just

Thought was perfect how i feel about citalopram it helped me get to a place where i came yeah address my problems address it and start to try and create a life that it’s all about for me mental well-being whereas the other ones kind of didn’t make me feel like that they did kind of make me feel like they were numbing anxiety depression but also me a little bit

Perhaps yeah and yeah going i will link her instagram down there so finally if you’re thinking have taken to tell a problem with last couple of things i would say do your research just always always always do your research if you watch my other vlogs about duloxetine and paroxetine where i’ll link at the end of this video i didn’t do my research and i paid for

It big time don’t think of medication is pleased every lie on it it was for me it was a last resort i tried to sort out my mental health by myself he didn’t work so i did therapy and medication together again i’ll link that vlog my therapy vlog please try other things please try therapy try finding someone to confide in trying to change up your exercise your diet

Yoga water more sleep surrounding yourself with non-toxic people just try everything i wouldn’t just go straight for medication it’s not a bad thing being on medication like i said don’t be ashamed there’s not we take vitamins to make sure our bodies are in the best shape so why do we feel ashamed to be taking medication to make sure our minds in that best shape

It can be i don’t think you should be ashamed of it at all yeah don’t just go straight to it if you’re starting to feel down if you’re watching this video because you’ve only just started feel down have you’ve only just started to decide you want to seek help or change your life try other things first before medication because it can be a bit life-changing and it

Can change with a person a little bit and lastly please just remember that it is different for every single person medication is not ever the same for two people and just because it has worked for so many people unfortunately doesn’t mean it’s gonna agree with you and finding medication that works for you especially with when it comes to mental health can take

Years you know it’s just take me four years to find three three yeah four four years to find one that works for me and don’t we just hunted this heart and if it doesn’t work for you it is a long process and the limbo of waiting was drawing going back on dealing with the side effects can be really long but don’t be disheartened if citalopram doesn’t work for you

You will find them yeah so it feels good to be back over login and i hope to see you all again soon

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My journey with Citalopram – so far so good! By Speak your mind M.h