February 8, 2023

I was prescribed Trazodone and Risperidone, along with my Epilepsy drugs. I felt so off and crazy. It was just my personal experience. It could’ve been because I was on other medication as well. Just a verbal journal session. My mini story.

Hey everybody i haven’t done a video in a while um this one i guess i just want to talk about medication and like how i’m feeling things like that um good hmm i’m on a lot of medication right now i’m on like 20 pills a day so um i tend the mornington at night type thing i’m on like my study drug tigra tall um way late lyrica um lexapro tries it on and whispered oh

Yeah those are the the newer ones that they just added was that the risperidone in the trazodone which i don’t really know i think it’s good that i’m on him but then again i’m already on lexapro so i’m like okay but anyways i had like a really bad day yesterday i had to leave work early because i started feeling like dizzy and almost like a drunk feeling sort of and

I was unbalanced i couldn’t see crap like i was like blurred vision and everything and yeah i have to excuse me i just woke up so i’m like good but uh so that stuff was supposed to take care of like those two new medicines for most take care of like anxiety and paranoia types that makes most make me like take the edge off or whatever is what my nurse practitioner

Said but i don’t think it has um i’m going to therapy right now but apparently maybe it’s not it is helping it is like i really enjoy going but i guess i just have to work on things more i don’t know when i think of how many like medications that i take and all the different side effects and then going to therapy like i feel like a total whack job like i feel like a

Big nut but um i mean if any of you feel like this to please you know feel free to comment because it really sucks like you know sometimes i think the side effects are actually worse than taking the medic medication like when we yesterday at work i was like walking like unbalanced and i had to be i had to be taken home like i asked to be taken home because i work

At a place with a lot of people i really don’t want them to see me see me like that it’s kind of embarrassing and i don’t want them just to think i’m like some crazy person you know like what’s wrong with her and you know i mean it’s not my fault but still so i asked if i could leave and go home and wound up getting home about ten o’clock nine o’clock person like

That 930 and then fell asleep at 10 and didn’t wake up until four o’clock in the afternoon so but um i don’t know the more i sit here and think about all the medications and me going to therapy and people telling me things too i’m saying you need to work on this you need to do this i’m just thinking about really that bad like oh my but um yeah if anybody feels the

Same way plz plz comment because i want to feel like i’m the only one i mean there’s i know a lot of you out there that you know that either have epilepsy or even don’t have that blip see but like maybe have depression or anxiety or whatever you guys take prime eddication and if it ever makes you feel like this at all or kind of makes you feel like you’re alone

Or depressed or makes you feel like you’re crazy yes please jot it down because i having difficulty and on the comic i’m the kind of person that like i try to fake a smile when i’m actually like really upset and i have like all these thoughts in my head just racing over and over again boo and i’m i’ll hide it the best that i can some of my close friends can tell

Like hey something’s not right but um i for the most part i just try not to advertise like i don’t want anyone to be like oh you want to talk about how crazy you are or you know that you’re off or not all there so i shouldn’t say crazy ice best the way it makes me feel i know that i’m not like mentally ill because i just got diagnosed so i know that the lady was

Like well yeah i can tell you the trap mentally ill but you have social anxiety and you have this nasaw so i was like okay but anyways um yeah i canna had to vent and get stuff out cuz uh i’m not liking it that my friends to you’re saying you need to go and talk to your therapist um i don’t know yeah just not liking it and so you know i’d rather stay cooped up at

My house right now and just leave it be until i feel better yeah because i’ve made a mess in the past and with things so all right or just keep to myself for a little bit until i get everything situated with medication with therapy all that good stuff so anyways mmm this probably was a boring video but i had to get stuff out there and i just wanted to talk and

Help place maybe you guys will feel the same way and um yeah just comment please and let me know if any of you guys have been affected like this so i will talk to you guys later and bye for now

Transcribed from video
My medication made me feel crazy! On Trazodone and Risperidone, along with my Epilepsy drugs By Amanda Elizabeth