March 28, 2023

I’ve struggled with neurological issues for the past year and was told by 8 neurologists that I was suffering from anxiety and needed psychiatric help and anti-anxiety medication. My stuttering, palsy, stumbling, fatigue, and the pins and needles in my fingers and toes were all the result of Wellbutrin, aka bupropion. Once I was weaned off Wellbutrin, my symptoms disappeared. WTF! Talk to your doctor if you have symptoms that can’t be explained. They may be coming from your medication. Read more about the side effects of bupropion here:

Hi tippi a clement here and as you can hear i’m no longer stuttering no more tremors i’m not stumbling when i walk i’m not shaking all my symptoms are gone turns out fingers crossed it seems to be the case that i was having a reaction to my antidepressant medicine wellbutrin wellbutrin comes with a low chance of developing parkinson’s like symptoms that seems to

Have been what i was dealing with eight neurologists later all of them telling me that i needed a psychiatrist and all of them trying to push anti-anxiety pills on me it turns out all i had to do was get taken off of wellbutrin i took my primary care physician to say let’s give it a shot now i asked everybody i asked every neurologist and they all told me nope

The chances of it happening are very low very few people have those kind of reactions well somebody had to have those kind of reactions for them to even record it in the literature but nope they all passed me off as because i’m women i’m hysterical there you go but i wasn’t and i wasn’t suffering from anxiety when i am suffering from now is depression because

Being off my antidepressant medicine is sending me down a rabbit hole of i don’t want to say chaos but yeah it’s getting pretty bad but i’m hopeful because i am going to start using cbd oil and i am not recommending that people go jump off their antidepressant medicine and start taking cbd oil no you follow your doctor’s orders but for me to be taken off of

Wellbutrin and have my symptoms abate is big i don’t want to go back on an antidepressant medicine i’ve been on them since my son was 2 and he’s 24 so for 22 years i’ve been on antidepressant medicine wellbutrin was new i got put on it six months before my symptoms started and my symptoms started a year ago march this month ooh celebration and i’m so happy to

Be back but i really need the darkness to lift because i do suffer from clinical depression i don’t know what else to say other than if you’re suffering from the symptoms that i was suffering from talk to your doctor if you are taking a medicine look at the side effects but don’t just look at the side effects for the majority of people look at the side effects

That are in the lower percentile i actually had to do some serious digging to find some of the problems with wellbutrin um i’ll keep you posted on how things go i’m hoping the cbd oil helps to lift my mood that’s what i’m being told maybe i’ll start writing again being weaned off of the antidepressant medicine i haven’t written for a while but hopefully i’ll get

Back into writing and painting and spring is coming and i’ll start gardening again maybe i’ll get my life back thank you for following my journey and i will keep you posted and i do hope that you’ll subscribe to my channel and follow me and in the comments let me know if you’ve ever dealt with side effects to your antidepressant medicine and let’s travel this

Journey together we got to stop medicating ourselves we got to start figuring out how to deal with depression thanks for watching ciao you

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My Neurological Journey and the Side Effects of Wellbutrin (Bupropion) By Tinthia Clemant aka River Lady