June 1, 2023

Hey everyone here’s the acne video I promised, the bags under my eyes look atrocious but I have a cold right now so my eyes are really heavy. Anyways hope you all enjoy the video and if you’re suffering from hormonal acne make sure you contact a dermatologist and get a blood test!

Hey everyone and welcome to my channel in this video i’m going to be showing you guys how i clear my breakouts so if you’re new to my channel make sure you like and subscribe and let’s get to it okay so first and foremost i’m gonna let you guys know that the beginning of this year i found out that i have pcos pcos is polycystic ovarian syndrome and what it means

Is that your ovaries is basically um it has a bunch of cysts on it now this can affect your reproductive system it can also affect your hormones or just other things that stimulate growth in your body so for example it can give you acne it can give you herculism which is too much hair growth it can make you prone to getting diabetes because you can become insulin

Resistant it can just cause a bunch of different issues and it usually happens to people who um eat kind of westernized diet so westernized diet is like american food european food indian food foods that have like a lot of fat in them that like we really shouldn’t be eating so all my life i basically been struggling with acne since i was in high school i’ve always

Been pretty but had like textured skin it’s so weird like sometimes my face would be clear and then i noticed like every winter like i get these tiny little bumps on my face so i didn’t try a thousand things from the dermatologist i was put on clindamycin which is the antibiotic obviously that didn’t help because i didn’t have an infection or something i don’t know

Sometimes doctors are just lazy and they don’t want to do their own research to figure out what you have and me being in the medical field is a nurse like i kind of research everything that’s going on with me to the t so my dermatologist i was put on accutane about four times and of course on accutane your skin looks like baby skin like it was so clear but accutane

Is not going to fix pcos it’s just going to mask the symptoms so every time i would get off accutane eventually the acne will come back and the goal is to clear the acne for good so um i started doing research and i i was like i think i had pcos like all the symptoms were just adding up except me being overweight and me having like extra hair but i definitely had

The acne syndrome and i knew it was something hormonal because i had one month where i wasn’t having sex and i wasn’t on birth control and my period just wouldn’t go off and then i had another month where this year of january where my face was breaking out so bad like it was breaking out so bad and then my period didn’t come on so then i was like okay it’s time

To contact the ob gyn or whatever and let them know like i was like i want blood tested i want hormonal testing i want everything like i want to see what’s going on with my hormones because my hormones are out of whack so i requested for a blood test to see what was going on with my hormones and basically what came back is that i had my testosterone level was

Really really high and my fsh level was really really low and that’s kind of like tattletail signs of pcos so then that’s when um my ob gyn was like you know you might be right basically based on the hormone test like you kind of have like what’s going on with pcos so at that point i made sure that i was referring to a pcos specialist at my doctor’s office her

Name is dr zaker she’s in philadelphia if any of you guys would like to go to her she is awesome so that’s when i had like an hour-long um telehealth appointment with her because at that time i was travel nursing and she said okay i think you have pcos but we can’t fully diagnose you until we do a ultrasound to see if you have like the tattletail pearl cysts on

Your ovaries okay so in the meantime between time i’m like yeah okay cool i got pcos but how can i clear my face like that’s all i care about is having pretty skin because who wants to be pretty with bumps on their face like that’s not cool at all so she put me on 50 milligrams it’s really cool or spironolectomy i’m probably saying it wrong if y’all know me y’all

Know i can’t pronounce anything so um i was on 50 milligrams a spironolactone and it just was not working like for two months and i told her like okay i want you to up my dosage because it’s not working so she tried to tell me like um oh just be patient mind you i had days to go on i’m like i got dates to go on my face is a mess like i need my face to clear up

She like just be patient if somebody like you then they’re going to like you for yourself listen here uh that’s true but i’m not trying to hear wrote it so i take 150 milligrams of spironolectome and i also take birth control because birth control can kind of help too if you have hormonal acne but i decided to take the birth control pills with the spironolectome

Because when i first started spironolactone alone it was making me bleed so the birth control pills yes it can help with hormonal acne and it also stopped me from bleeding because yeah i got stuff to do sometimes when i’m not filming it’s because my face broke out and it’d be because of me like i’ll forget to take my pill every day um and it kind of messes you up

Makes your period come on and it was even at one time where i wasn’t taking it for a month because i had issues with getting a prescription and things like that and then it will come literally right back because i have a hormonal problem like so um it’s kind of like a medication that i have to take for the rest of my life to balance my hormones my hormones will

Probably balance out on its own when i’m going through menopause i know a lot of people don’t really like birth control they don’t want to take birth control and they might not want to take spironolactone to help cure the acne the natural way is just changing your full blown diet and taking a bunch of vitamins is really really hard to get into so i did try that

But like it’s really hard to stick to so for right now i’m taking this spirulina lecture so what else i did to help clear my to help clear my breakouts fast is i use this stuff called pan oxy so it is an acne foaming wash which is benzoyl peroxide 10 maximum shrimp so if it’s 10 benzoyl peroxide that’s really really strong at first when i um started using it it

Was burning my face like really bad because it was so strong so then i would like use it like maybe once or twice a week and then my face kind of got used to it so now i just um i use it daily i probably use it like every morning and especially if i have a makeup i use this to get all of the makeup off another cleanser that i use that’s a little bit more gentle is

Neutrogena rapid clear stubborn acne i kind of use this one at night like i don’t use the pen oxy twice a day and if you do use the pan oxy be careful if you’re using a dark washcloth because it does bleach like your washcloths so i would use it with a white washcloth um but the neutrogena rapid clear stubborn acne cleanser is very gentle it treats stubborn acne

It says maximum strength but like my face never burnt or anything um using this one and then you have to make sure that you moisturize your face daily so if you use a wash in the morning make sure before you go outside you’re moisturizing so i moisturize with this bottle is like a little dirty because i keep it in my makeup bag but i moisturize with this oil-free

Moisture make sure you’re getting something that’s oil-free because if you’re acne prone you don’t want to put a bunch of oils on your face to clog your pores so this is oil-free moisturizer for sensitive skin by neutrogena and especially if you have like comedonial acne or like textured skin you don’t need anything else clogging your face and you don’t need your

Face to like be dry because if your face is super dry that can make you get more acne because then your body is trying to rehydrate your face and produce all those oils that you’re stripping your face up another thing i always make sure i use a retinal cream at night taking the pills plus doing external work so the pills is kind of internal work for your hormones

And then the external work is washing your face moisturizing your face and make sure you’re using the retinol y’all this is how much i use the retinol like i sleep in this i live by the stuff this stuff works so good so retinol is kind of good for like preventing acne scars or if you have an acne scar and you keep putting your retin-a on it whatever the scar goes

Away so much faster than if uh you don’t use it um at first when you use a retinol it’s gonna make your skin like flaky and stuff but then you’ll get used to it and you only need a dab i use like i’m not gonna lie i put a dab right here that right here did right here and then right here but it’s recommended that you only use a pea size and put it all over your face

I’m just a little dramatic but you don’t want to put way too much on your skin like you don’t want to put a whole bunch of your palm and just put it all over your skin because you can burn your face that stuff is really strong but it works wonder a lot of people have things going on with their hormones that they do not know about and a lot of times that’s the cause

Of your acne um i just feel like if you have acne if you’ve consistently had hormonal acne and it’s not going away by anything that you’re doing topical or externally then obviously it’s something going on internally that you need to um take care of and it can be your diet as well like all of the foods out here that’s just like pumped up with hormones and things

Like that like that can affect us and it is affecting us obviously that’s why so many diseases and conditions that’s out here so it’s just all about taking care of yourself making sure you go to the doctor and you have to be stern with your doctors if you’re telling a doctor something and you feel like you’re not listening you need to not be scared to let the doctor

Know hey listen i really think i do have this and i want you to test me for it because a lot of times you’re probably right like nobody knows your body like you so thank you guys for watching i hope you enjoyed this video on how i clear my face and those breakouts and that ugly textured skin if you want to see more videos from me please like and subscribe and stay tuned for more you

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