June 9, 2023

Hello all!!! I am documenting my PCOS journey while taking Ortho TriCyclen, Metformin, and Spironolactone. This is my first week taking this medication and I’m excited to see the results. (Research shows it takes at least six months) Hop on this journey with me if you would like!!!

Hey guys this is my first time making a video and i am going to be making a series of videos just going over my pcos journey and just kind of explaining to you all what that looks like so it’s new to me i recently went to my hormone specialist and i was telling them my symptoms which is of course facial hair i was actually hair thinning then i’m overweight just things

Like that just expressing to them my concerns and they did some blood work and of course it came back that i have pcos so when that came back the doctor put me on three medications one will be birth control which is ortho trifling he also and i don’t know i don’t think it has a milligram or anything today he also put me on spironolactone right here and this is a

Hundred milligrams one time a day and then he also put me on meta foreman which is 750 milligrams a day this pill right here is a big i really do not like taking this pill every time but i’ve been on it for about a week now i’ve done some research and they do say that it takes up to six months for you to be able to actually see the effects of that and so that’s

That’s what i’m gonna be kind of going over like my journey with this because i’ve seen a lot of people posting things about their pcos journey most people just take meta for me or they just take the spiral act home maybe with a birth control pill but it’s really hard to find people who are documenting their attorneys who are actually taking all three so i was

Like well since i can’t really find anybody why not document my journey in that away if you are somebody who has been diagnosed with pcos and you’re going to be taking all three you’ll kind of know what maybe that could look like for you i know everybody’s body is different not a doctor so i’m just kind of disclosing that do see your doctor for medical advice so

I haven’t had a period in over three years so and then when i did have a period it was forced with us control of course because of the pco s and i think the main reason why i went into the doctor was because my hair is actually thinning a lot of people can’t tell because it’s kind of curly so or like a wave so it still looks very full but it’s pretty thin for me

Because you know i know my hair and on my body a lot of people were saying that taking the middle form in actually causes diarrhea for them or severe using the bathroom and all that for me it hasn’t done that and so i heard that our lap tone can actually cause constipation so i’ve been kind of using the restaurant like regularly i don’t know if that’s a concern of

Yours but taking these two pills together it’s almost like they’re balancing each other out so i haven’t experienced the side effects of the meta for me and making me go to the bathrooms like a lot or whatever and i have a release experience of constipation but i have experience like to suppress appetite so i still have been eating but it’s like i start eat like

My appetite is changing or at least within this week it has so i noticed that after taking the medication and maybe around lunchtime when it’s time for me to eat like i don’t really want to eat that much or it doesn’t sound very appealing to me so that’s one notice that it’s almost like a nauseated feeling i feel a little nausea so and but i don’t have to actually

You know release bodily fluids or anything like that but i do feel nauseated sometimes other than that i haven’t really noticed any much of a severe change but i did kind of want to let you all know like for me and my pcos journey i have so i’m severely overweight i’m almost 300 pounds and i am going to start chemo which because it’s it’s locarno carbohydrates

Or very low carbohydrates and then no sugars and things like that so i think that as i did my research they said if you have pcos that that is one of the best options as far as dieting so i’m gonna try that and just see how that works i’ll keep you guys updated on that so i’m probably gonna do like a video once a month if you guys have any questions or concerns

Anything that i didn’t go over because i don’t really know what else to say because like i said that’s really i mean it is what it is i’ll let you guys know on the next update excuse me which will be in about three to four weeks i have to go do some more blood work just i guess to see how the medication my body is taking so the medication so i’ll give you guys an

Update next time i go to the doctor and then if you guys have any questions i’ll write them down and i’ll be more than happy to answer them i know some people who are doing this they’re also doing electronics they’re seeing electrolysis and i’m actually not seeing electrolysis but i am probably going to look into it in the near future just for like my facial hair

Because i have like severe facial hair and then as you can see like even on my arms i just i’m very hairy so i deal with the hair and then my hair like i said is thinning so anyways this is the beginning of my pcos journey i have been takin this this medication like i said for about a week now and i other than a little

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My PCOS Journey (Ortho TriCyclen, Metformin, and Spironolactone) By Amber Fouse